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Survey: Global consumers skeptical of paid online content

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Percentage of global consumers who say online content of any kind will have to be considerably better than what is currently free before they will pay for it, according to a Nielsen Analytics survey across 52 countries: 71

Percentage of people who would no longer use a Web site that charges them: 79

Percentage who think that once they purchase content, it should be theirs to copy or share with whomever they want: 62

Social media demographics
Median age for a Twitter user, according to a Pew Internet and American Life Project poll: 31

Median age for a Facebook user: 33

Median age for LinkedIn: 39

Online activity
As of the first week of June, number of tweets that had been sent by Twitter’s 105 million users, according to the findings of a Harris Poll: 15 billion

Estimated number of active users on Facebook – more members than the populations of Japan, Mexico and Russia combined: 400 million

Percentage of online Americans who use social media: 64

Facebook nation?
Percentage of the active U.S. Internet universe that is reached by Facebook, with an average usage of six hours a month per user, according to Nielsen’s 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet: 56

Technology life spans
Percentage of people who do not expect their technology devices (mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, printers) to last more than five years, according to a global survey on behalf of Lexmark International Inc.: 78

Percentage of respondents across 21 countries who think the materials used to construct devices could be made of better quality, suggesting that gadget failures ultimately lead people to abandon brands: 60

Percentage of people worldwide who feel guilty when they dispose of a device rather than seeking repair: 67

Percentage who admit they will trash an out-of-warranty device rather than having it repaired: 48

Not ready for e-readers
Percentage of consumers who said they would miss aspects of reading paper books if they switched to reading e-books, according to 41

Ranks of touch (36 percent), portability (13 percent) and making notes (13 percent) on the list of the top aspects consumers said they would miss most: 1, 2, 3

Point, click, shop
Reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the first 27 days of the November-December 2009 holiday season, according to ComScore, a leader in measuring the digital world: $10.57 billion

Percentage increase this represents versus the corresponding days last year: 3

Connected, but lonely
Percentage of Americans who say there is more loneliness in today’s society than there used to be, according to research by Kodak: 67

Percentage who feel it is easier to connect with friends and family today than it was five years ago as a result of increased use of e-mail, text and social networks to keep in contact: 80

In spite of this technology, percentage who think they have fewer meaningful relationships than they did five years ago: 60

Percentage of business leaders who say they spend three or more hours a day reading, writing, sending or receiving e-mail, according to a survey by NFI research: 45

Economic outlooks
Ranks of Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, providers, search engines, e-commerce and online auctions, online dating and matchmaking, and tank and armored vehicle manufacturing on the list of the best performing industries of the past decade (2000–09), according to IbisWorld: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Ranks of VoIP providers, retirement and pension plans, biotechnology, e-commerce and online auctions, and environmental consulting on the list of best performing industries in the coming decade (2010–19): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Company talks online
Percentage of Americans who said they have shared a negative product or service experience with others on Facebook, YouTube or another social networking site, according to a survey sponsored by the Chubb Group of Insurance Cos.: 20

Percentage of respondents who said their company had no policy for talking about the company on social networking sites: 64

Of the 36 percent who said their companies had a policy regarding talking about the companies online, percentage who said they were encouraged to talk about the company: 18

Communication trends
Percentage of Americans in the 18-to-29 age group who say that high-tech communications devices such as BlackBerrys and iPhones represent a change for the better, according to Pew Research: 72

Percentage of those ages 30 to 49 who agree: 62

For the public as a whole, percentage who say these hand-held devices are a change for the better: 56

John MacIntyre is a Nova Scotia-based author and former city magazine editor. His “Figuratively Speaking” column, launched in 1989, is published in more than 40 newspapers and magazines.[[In-content Ad]]


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