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Quote of the Week

“The thing that I learned is that if I want to get good work done, it means my name is not going to be on it.”
—Betsy Fogle of the Missouri House, on challenges she faces as a Democrat trying to get a bill passed

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Prepare for the Unexpected

Barak Hill gives advice based on what he learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affected his business. He says we should all have a backup plan ready to use.

Booked: The E-Myth Mastery

Sandy Higgins, owner of the Crackerjack Shack, recommends the book "The E-Myth Mastery" by Michael E Gerber. She says it changed the course of how she runs her business.

Family Business Culture

Aaron York describes the work culture he tries to foster at Donco3 and why he attributes to it a part of Donco3's success. Rachel York is a co-owner of Donco3 and Aaron is the General Superintendent.

Schools and Economics

Hollie Elliott, executive director of the Dallas County Economic Development Group, explains how local schools factor into business decisions and affect a local community.

Don't Expand Too Quickly

Rachel Barks, owner of Artistree Pottery, says an important lesson she learned was not to over-expand and to do her research before hand. She gives examples from her experience as a startup business owner.