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Paula Dougherty

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Being Present

Owning and running a business is probably a lot like learning to fly. The takeoff is not nearly as important as being able to continuously adjust to the conditions around you.  

You have to be prepared for just about anything to happen by equipping yourself with the right people, resources, technology, education, and mental attitude. 

There are going to be sunny skies some days, and strong headwinds and thunderstorms on other days.  

Trust your instincts, serve with your heart, and listen to your inner voice. Seek advice from people you trust with values that align with yours.  

I believe you have to be a living example of what you hope to share and spread to others in helping them to become their best self. In this world of texting, social media, and emails, I believe you still have to show up, be present, and learn to listen. Do not underestimate the importance of relationships.

Certain people are leaders for a reason. It is a lot like parenting in that some days it will be the most challenging thing you could ever imagine and then in the next instant, the most rewarding.  

It is important to understand the impact you can have, positive or negative, if you take on the responsibility of leading someone else. 

The power to make a positive difference in the life of another human being can have far reaching effects. You have to be respectful of that right and use it wisely. 

Paula Dougherty 

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Tim Fursa

I think Paula has it absolutely right. The relationship is most important, and their is no more meaningful way to build trust than the ability to truly present to another.

Thursday, April 19, 2018
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