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Opinion: Are you sitting on a diamond mine?

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Russell Conwell gave a speech – the same speech – more than 6,000 times.

In it, he described a young man who gave up everything he had, including the family farm and the family, to travel the world to find his fortune. He searched far and wide. Alas, he died penniless. His body was returned home, where his heartbroken family dug his grave.
And there, they discovered the world’s largest diamond mine.

You have probably heard this story before. In 1890, the speech was transcribed into a book. Proceeds from the speeches and book sales helped Conwell build a fortune. With it, he founded Temple University in Philadelphia. He also founded two hospitals in the City of Brotherly Love, where no one was ever turned away from health care for lack of money. He found his fortune doing what he loved, right where he was.

I don’t buy every point of Conwell’s pro-wealth, anti-poverty argument. And don’t get me started on the diamond industry. However, this book is a self-help classic, and you might want to form your own opinion about his philosophy.

On this we agree: All good things are possible. And I also believe that we have everything we need to create a fortune offering our unique gifts and services to our fellow man.
How about you?

Are you searching far and wide? Are you chasing the latest management fad? Are you looking for the one thing you might be missing that will make it all better, the magic bullet?
Or maybe you’re just on the “hamster wheel” trying to get different results from doing the same things faster and faster.

I am finding that the clearer I get about what I want, the easier it is to move in that direction. It’s easier to turn down things that don’t align with my vision.

We can ask ourselves: Is it a lack of information? Or is it a lack of willingness? Are you willing to take action on information that will move you to your dreams? Because the information is available, and you already may have it. Certainly, you can get the information you may be missing.

How about if we just quit talking about the things in life that are going wrong? Of course, you’ll notice them. As you notice, ask yourself, “What would I rather experience?” Think about what you want and gain clarity on it.

Here’s an exercise that can help. Create your “perfect life” on paper. Take a deep breath. Let it out, and calm your mind. Then, ask yourself, “What do I want?” and listen for the very first thoughts that come to mind. Write them down without judgment. Notice your feelings as you write the words. If it feels good, you are on the right track.

Acknowledge what you have created already, and be grateful for it. Lots of things are going right for you and are just perfect as they are.

Next, look at what you still want to create. Could you take action in this direction? Could you find the information you need and act on it? Sure you could.

If it feels good just imaging this life, then imagine it. Stop focusing on or obsessing about the areas of your life that aren’t working. Notice how many elements of the “perfect life” you already have going for you.

Isn’t the reason why you want what you don’t have is that you think it will make you happier? What if instead of waiting for the diamond mine to appear, you chose to be happy right now?

Ellen Rohr is an author and business consultant who offers systems for getting focused and organized, making money and having fun in business. Her latest book is “The Bare Bones Biz Plan.” She can be reached at[[In-content Ad]]


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