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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

Dec. 4-11, 1998

B98-1808. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 1151 N. Golden; 70,900.

B98-1809. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 1145 N. Golden; 70,900.

B98-1810. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 1157 N. Golden; 70,900.

B98-1811. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 1203 N. Golden; 70,900.

B98-1812. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 3057 W. Webster; 70,900.

B98-1813. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 3107 W. Webster; 70,900.

B98-1814. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 3063 W. Webster; 70,900.

B98-1815. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 1209 N. Golden; 70,900.

B98-1818. William Compton Jr.; addition; 1117 E. Talmage; 20,000.

B98-1816. DT Industries; alteration; 1949 E. Sunshine; 50,000.

B98-1754. St. John's Regional Health Care Center; fire protection; 2055 S. Fremont; 6,900.

B98-1821. Hudson Foods Inc.; alteration; 405 N. Jefferson; 20,000.

B98-1733. Kraft Foods Inc.; fire suppression; 2035 E. Bennett; 9,400.

B98-1820. Robert D. Cumley; addition; 892 E. Turnbridge; 25,000.

B98-1822. Larry Williams; alteration; 4312 W. Helen; 1,400.

B98-1749. Litton Precision Products Inc.; alteration; 4811 W. Kearney; 20,000.

B98-1746. Brad R. Parrish; addition; 4166 W. Kearney; 188,359.

B98-1752. Kimco Spfd. 625 Inc.; addition; 3370 S. Glenstone; 286,140.

B98-1826. Jennifer Vineyard; addition; 1835 S. Franklin; 4,500.

B98-1827. Chris D. Dill; alteration; 425 E. Dale; 16,000.

B98-1830. Stancer Development; duplex; 1750 W. Bennett, 12B; 54,000.

B98-1831. Stancer Development; duplex; 1750 W. Bennett, 4A; 61,113.

B98-1832. Stancer Development; duplex; 1750 W. Bennett, 12A; 54,000.

B98-1833. Stancer Development; duplex; 1750 W. Bennett, 4B; 61,113.

B98-1834. Dogwood Trails Girl Scouts; alteration; 210 S. Ingram Mill; 8,000.

B98-1835. Dan Holt; SFR; 4830 W. Burbank; 73,000.

B98-1836. Celvester Buss; alteration; 1908 N. Lyon; 1,450.

B98-1770. Thomas Burton Phillips; infill; 323 South Ave.; 20,000.

B98-1838. Joe Goodman; SFR; 803 E. Lakewood; 206,000.

B98-1767. Burlington Northern; alteration; 1625 N. Lexington; 100,000.

B98-1839. Charles D. Chadwick; storage building; 3037 N. Pickwick; 3,456.

B98-1840. Danny C. Burris; garage; 2812 W. Madison; 10,000.

B98-1702. Roy Roberts; car wash; 1718 W. Woodland; 171,699.

B98-1782. CJR Commercial Group; infill; 1262 E. Republic; 70,000.

B98-1783. CJR Commercial Group; infill; 1266 E. Republic; 70,000.

B98-1784. CJR Commercial Group; alteration; 1270 E. Republic; 50,000.

B98-1785. CJR Commercial Group; alteration; 1274 E. Republic; 50,000.

B98-1786. CJR Commercial Group; infill; 1278 E. Republic; 70,000.

B98-1842. Debbie's Design and Floral; inspection; 1332 E. Republic; 270.

B98-1741. Dr. Mike Horan; infill; 3820 S. Fremont; 300,000.

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