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March 8-12, 1999

B98-1898. Head Start Partnership; new building for day care; 1051 S. Grant; 340,214.

B99-0236. Gerald L. Stockdale Sr.; addition; 2313 W. Chestnut; 5,000.

B99-0216. John Q. Hammons; infill; 901 E. St. Louis, 14th floor; 30,000.

B99-0234. Christine Schilling; remodeling; 330 E. Commercial; value n/a.

B99-0240. Wilhoit Properties; partition walls for infill; 1730 E. Republic Road; 6,485.

B98-1902. Blackstone Group; new Walgreens; 1930 W. Grand; 900,000.

B99-0180. Rod Hughs; infill; 1339-H E. Republic Road; 5,000.

B99-0155. Brentwood Branch Library; parking lot expansion; 2214 S. Brentwood Blvd.; 25,000.

B99-0241. Greg Off; SFR; 739 E. Lakewood; 220,000.

B99-0122. Gannett River States Publishing Corp.; new elevator; 651 N. Boonville; 72,250.

B99-0242. Donald Ihrig; SFR; 2237 W. Page; 70,000.

B99-0243. Donald Ihrig; SFR; 3323 W. Page; 70,000.

B99-0205. Battlefield Mall; remodel Taco Bell; 2825 S. Glenstone; 20,000.

B99-0245. Lloyd L. Becker; addition; 1228 S. Airwood Dr.; 8,000.

B99-0246. Carleton Building Co.; SFR; 3731 W. Kay Pointe Blvd.; 80,400.

B99-0247. Carleton Building Co.; SFR; 3737 W. Kay Pointe Blvd.; 96,100.

B99-0207. Empire Bank; renovation; 1436 S. Glenstone; 60,000.

B99-0042. Casey's General Stores Inc.; new store; 4124 W. Chestnut Expwy.; 89,923.

B99-0161. Craig Bills; addition; 615 W. College; 5,000.

B99-0090. Casey's General Stores Inc.; new store; 949 S. Grant; 200,000.

B99-0084. New Prime Inc.; fire suppression; 2744 N. Mayfair; 75,798.

B99-0250. Dorothy Stoner; SFR; 2527 E. Verona; 73,000.

B99-0251. David House; SFR; 2509 E. Verona; 73,000.

B99-0252. David House; SFR; 2508 E. Verona; 73,000.

B99-0200. Medicine Shoppe; alteration; 1474 N. Boonville; 25,000.

B99-0255. Anita Smith; addition; 206 E. Swiss Lane Ct.; 1,900.

B99-0044. Robert N. Smith; addition; 1330 N. Nias; 75,000.

B99-0168. Robert N. Smith; fire suppression; 1330 N. Nias; 9,950.

B99-0258. Jack E. Ennis; pole barn; 3015 W. Catalpa; 5,000.

B99-0260. Amalia Jean Russell; addition; 2234 E. Cherry; 6,000.

B99-0264. Cletis L. Martin Jr.; new workshop; 1263 E. Edgewood; 10,000.

B99-0015. Noble & Associates; new elevator; 2155 W. Chesterfield Blvd.; 33,155.

March 8-12, 1999

46215. Bobby Harlin; SFR; 6798 N. State Hwy. V, Ash Grove; value n/a.

46216. Michael and Rhonda Powers; SFR; 4550 Oak Crest Lane; 160,000.

46220. Daniel T. Lingle; SFR; 4075 E. State Hwy. CC, Fair Grove; 85,000.

46221. Coatney Construction; SFR; 4655 W. University; 99,900.

46222. Coatney Construction; SFR; Hattiesburg, phase IV; 97,000.

46223. Edward Quellette; garage; 10174 N. FR 177; 9,000.

46224. Greg Off Construction Co. Inc.; SFR; 997 W. Shadowlawn; 225,000.

46227. Frank Moore; garage; 10050 N. FR 149, Pleasant Hope; 3,000.

46229. Billy J. Young; garage; 4850 S. Oxynard Dr.; 3,500.

46231. Morelock-Ross Builders; SFR; 3600 W. Shawnee Dr.; 90,900.

46233. Morelock-Ross Builders; SFR; 3612 W. Shawnee Dr.; 90,900.

46234. Morelock-Ross Builders; SFR; 3648 W. Cardinal Dr.; 90,900.

46235. Morelock-Ross Builders; SFR; 3564 W. Shawnee Dr.; 90,900.

46236. Morelock-Ross Builders; SFR; 3576 W. Shawnee Dr.; 90,900.

46237. Morelock-Ross Builders; SFR; 3588 W. Shawnee Dr.; 90,900.

46241. Dean McClish; garage; 9065 State Hwy. AD, Rogersville; 10,000.

46242. Harold Henry; SFR; 4486 N. FR 249, Strafford; 53,000.

46243. Mark Hawkins; garage; 621 Daniel Lane, Willard; 900.

46244. Jim Poindexter; SFR; 810 Daniel Lane, Willard; 52,000.

46245. Jim Poindexter; SFR; 808 Daniel Lane, Willard; 52,000.

46246. Jim Poindexter; SFR; 804 Daniel Lane, Willard; 52,000.

46247. Jim Poindexter; SFR; 802 Daniel Lane, Willard; value n/a.

46248. James R. Ganges; SFR; 5687 S. Belgravia Dr.; 147,500.

46249. James Nickols; remodeling; 323 E. FR 76; value n/a.

46254. Steven Lind; SFR; 13920 W. State Hwy. TT; 118,000.

46255. Robert Perreault; garage; 902 S. Lloyd, Rogersville; 8,000.

46256. Stephen Plymire; garage; 346 W. FR 36, Pleasant Hope; 1,500.

46257. Scott & Sara Boschen; SFR; 3960 N. Williams; 200,000.

46259. Junior Pruiett; garage; 10025 W. State Hwy. TT; 6000.

46261. Jeff Archer; SFR; 4409 S. Mary Ann; 135,000.

46262. Jeff Archer; SFR; 3691 S. Mary Ann; 135,000.

February 1999

4223. Tammy Parrish; 411 N. Ellen; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4224. Bob Wade; 158 Shady Oak Dr.; SFR; 3,000.

4225. Brian Buster-Hayes; 145 Amy Lane; SFR; 1,960.

4226. Alert Plumbing &; 1105 Falconcrest; infill; n/a.

4227. Burger King; 315 N. Massey; business; 4,570.

4228. Matthews Construction; 849 Rippling Creek; SFR; 2,540.

4229. Gene Flood; 204 Gate Lane; SFR; 1,726.

4230. Jerry Gange; 808 Southridge; SFR; 1,718.

4231. Jerry Gange; 812 Southridge; SFR; 1,883.

4232. Jerry Gange; 718 Eastridge; SFR; 1,812.

4233. Gene Flood; 511 Montauk Dr.; SFR; 2,588.

4234. Scott Faught, Budget Framer; 212 N. Massey Blvd.; infill; n/a.

4235. Max Stewart; 203 New St.; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4236. Jerry Gange; 804 Southridge; SFR; 2,075.

4237. Gregg Tripp; 1040 W. Kathryn; infill; n/a.

4238. Ron Dupreau; 1093 Falconcrest; infill; n/a.

4239. Dan Roff, Radio Shack; 308 Massey; infill; n/a.

4240. David Damanskis; 679 & 681 Kings Carriage Blvd.; PatioHome; 3,164.

4241. Shannon McMurdo; 831 Brook Forrest; SFR; 4,520.

4242. Scott Carpenter; 712 Ridgecrest Ave.; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4246. Lee Jernigan; 410 Kendall Ct.; SFR; 2,627.

4247. American General; 332 N. Massey Blvd.; infill; n/a.

4251. Jack & Cini; 671-673 Kings Carriage Blvd.; duplex; 3,164.

4252. Brian Buster-Hayes; 514 Pepper Hill; SFR; 3,210.

4253. Brian Buster-Hayes; 148 Cedar Heights Dr.; SFR; 1,860.

4257. Lawrence Davis; 512 Slim Wilson; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4258. George Allen; 206 W. State; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4260. Brian Huges; 104 E. Mt. Vernon; infill; n/a.

4261. Lawrence Davis; 512 Slim Wilson; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4262. Dalton Ham; 813 Zachary Cir.; SFR; 4,808.

March 1-5, 1999

4265. Scott Whitlock; Deerfield Apts.; addition/remodel of business; n/a.

4266. Gordon Bates; 412 Southgate; SFR; 1,771.

4267. Ronald Frazier; 611 Coventry; SFR; 2,160.

4269. Joseph Ruane/Classic; 105 S. Village Ctr.; infill; n/a.

4271. Don Brinkey; 1089 Falcon Crest; infill; n/a.

4272. Juan Montiel; 206 E. Elm; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4273. Vivian Bruner Hallmark; 302 N. Massey; addition/remodel of business; n/a.

4274. Don Spring; 1714 Sara Ct.; residential remodel-garage/storage; n/a.

4275. Patrick Joyce; 705 Bentwater; SFR; 5,180.

4276. Dick Sherwood; 683-685 Curtis; SFR; 4,444.

4277. Tim Harrington; 435 White Ash; SFR; 1,953.

4278. Tim Harrington; 403 White Ash; SFR; 2,325.

4279. Norman Hicks; 1334 Stone House Road; SFR; 1,920.

4280. Gordon Bates; 414 Southgate; SFR; 3,084.

American Aerobic Kickboxing Association; 309 N. Jefferson, Ste. 354 65802; same; 883-8860; exercise and health studio, retail merchant.

Fast Stop Tire Shop; 2611 W. College 65802; 819 W. Commercial; 832-0661; retail merchant.

Columbia National Inc.; 1520 E. Primrose 65804; same; 877-8813; loan company and agent.

Grammy's Fudgery; 104 N. Calhoun, Ash Grove 65604; 1923 E. Kearney; retail merchant.

Stan's Asphalt Sealing; 2316 N. Tyler 65802; same; 869-4608; special-trades contractor.

Rina Records; PO Box 2607 65801; 1001 E. Madison; 837-7215l; sound-recording service.

Advanced Data Research Inc.; 3769 N. State Hwy. H 65803; 1441 E. Kearney; 868-8383; service agent.

Havenly Creations; 3925 S. Jefferson, Ste. 41 65807; same; 889-5787; service agent.

Exquisite Touch Cleaning; 4945 S. McCann 65804; same; 823-7207; cleaning and maintenance service.

Watkins Professional Weatherproofing; Rt. 1, Box 25, Ft. Scott, Kan. 66701; 869-1011.

Enhanced Hearing Aid Center LLC; 3004 E. Sunshine 65804; same; 883-2400; service agent.

Security Storage Service; 7001 Merion Dr., Nixa 65714; same; 725-4611; special-trades contractor.

Farnsworth and Wylie; 2101 W. Chesterfield, Ste. B105 65807; same; 882-2635; service agent.

Pu Ting Shihk Kung Fu Academy; 309 N. Jefferson, Ste. 354 65803; same; phone n/a; business and trade school.

Morgan's Auto Sales; 208 E. Kearney 65803; same; 865-8887; used auto dealers.

Clean Sweep; 731 N. Lone Pine 65802; same; 866-6278; cleaning and maintenance service.

Nothing Butt Roofing; 3007 W. Water 65802; same; 832-1922; special-trades contractor.

Hagen Electric; 2702 N. Skyview Lane, Ozark 65721; same; phone n/a; electrical contractor.

Specialized Plastics Inc.; 820 N. Cedarbrook 65802; same; 862-6512; manufacturers.

Herbert Construction Co.; PO Box 1100, Ozark 65721; 1971 W. Hilltop Road, Ozark; 581-4130; special-trades contractor.

Raines Construction; 1252 Blue Grass, Nixa 65714; same; 725-5038; construction contractor.

Shires For Hire; 2567 W. State Hwy. CC, Brighton 65617; same; 742-3001; service agent.

Water Heater Specialist; 538 W. Lynn 65802; same; 865-5237; plumbing and mechanical contractor.

Dirt Bikes Unlimited; 1876 N. Glenstone 65803; same; phone n/a; retail merchant.

American Access Systems; 4001 E. 138th, Grandview 64030; 1566 E. 565th Road, Brighton; 376-4009; special-trades contractor.

Schendel's Pest Control; 1828 S. Kansas, Topeka, Kan. 66612; same; 883-3400; pest control agent.

Fast Freddie's Inline Pro Shop; 1221 S. Paula 65804; same; 886-0778; distributor.

JMJ Roofing; 535 W. Ildereen 65807; same; 863-7901; special-trades contractor.

Office Cleaning by Faith; 2336 N. Bolivar Road 65803; same; 869-3431; cleaning and maintenance service.

On Call Cleaning; PO Box 1024, Nixa 65714; 115 Castle Lane, Highlandville; 830-0583; cleaning and maintenance service.

Robert Cirtin Investigations; 3957 S. Meadowbrook 65807; same; 889-6906; detective agency.

Bob's Lawn Care; 2282 S. FR 115 65802; same; 831-2257; florist, nursery and greenhouse.

S & S Sales Co.; PO Box 4, Pocola, Okla.; 2510 S. Campbell; furniture.

March 1-5 1999

Arvest Mortgage Co. to Daniel R. Voss; 186,400; L15, Diamond Park, phase I.

Arvest Mortgage Co. to Dennis C. Jacobson; 183,200; L3, Spring Creek, phase III.

Arvest Mortgage Co. to Jon P. Facklam; 104,000; L26, Prairie View Heights, second addition.

Arvest Mortgage Co. to Scott J. Loveland and Penny Wells-Sims; 175,000; L23, Cherry Valley Estates.

Associates Home Equity Services Inc. to Reynaldo A. Deguzman; 199,651; L3, Southern Hills of Springfield.

Banc One Financial Services Inc. to Stephen M. Payton; 110,633; L6, Killian.

The Bank to Gerald A. Lemon; 170,000; sec. 17, twp. 30, range 20, NE.

Carl I. Brown Mortgage to Brent Swanson; 269,000; L219, Emerald Park, phase VI.

Carl I. Brown Mortgage to Kenneth R. Jones; 100,235; L39, Abbey Lane.

Carl I. Brown Mortgage to Connie R. Huff; 175,000; L178, Emerald Park, phase IV.

Carl I. Brown Mortgage to Richard L. Chapman; 105,900; L3-4, Bluegrass Addition.

Carl I. Brown Mortgage to Danny C. Hayes; 134,000; L55, Greentree Hills.

Citizens National Bank of Springfield to Kevin J. Barksdale; 100,000; L43, Southland Village.

Citizens National Bank of Springfield to Bill Wynes; 113,600; L82, Emerald Park, phase II.

Citizens National Bank of Springfield to Duane Johnson; 225,000; sec. 19, twp. 28, range 22, NW.

Commerce Bank to Stephen Cory Ownby; 120,000; L55, Oak Knolls.

Commerce Bank to Jeff Robinson; 142,700; L3, Miller Estates.

Commerce Bank to William P. Brandt; 137,784; L38-39, Harwood Lisenby and Boyd's Addition.

Commerce Bank to Sunshine Apartments LLC; 2,000,000; L41, Latoka Heights.

Commerce Bank to Bristol Manufacturing Corp.; 450,000; L8-9, Stafford D & C.

Commerce Bank to Edward Gwin; 160,500; L7, Wildwood Estates.

Commercial Federal Mortgage Corp. to Paul D. Parker; 100,000; L1, North Springfield Original Plat.

Countryside Bank to Bert Stone; 113,400; L6, Hickory Ridge Estates.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Randolph D. Lauthern; 163,000; sec. 12, twp. 30, range 23, NE.

Empire Bank to Jimmie L. Willis; 108,000; L8, Lakewood Hills South.

Empire Bank to James L. Evans, trustee; 171,580; sec. 21, twp. 28, range 22, SW.

Empire Bank to James C. Davidson; 121,550; L7, Marlborough Manor, first addition.

Equity Mortgage Centers Inc. to Raymond D. Ruby; 118,000; L7-8, Timbercreek, first addition.

First Community Mortgage Corp. of Springfield to Paul E. Rucker and Howard G. Norback; 117,792; L9, Southern Hills of Springfield.

First Community Mortgage Corp. of Springfield to M. Albrecht and F. Kenneth; 139,200; sec. 31, twp. 29, range 20, NE.

First Interfinancial Mortgage Corp. to Barry G. Horn; 123,900; L4, Kay Pointe, phase I.

First Nationwide Mortgage Corp. to Stephen C. Garde; 107,000; L27, Oak Tree Place.

First Nationwide Mortgage Corp. to Mark G. Burmeister; 118,500; L6, Carriage Park, second addition.

First Mortgage Co. to Kenneth R. Jones; 100,235; L39, Abbey Lane.

First Mortgage Co. to Connie R. Huff; 175,000; L178, Emerald Park, phase IV.

First Mortgage Co. to Sam Hammock Jr.; 183,470; L32, Twin Oaks Place.

First Mortgage Co. to Richard L. Chapman; 105,900; L3-4, Bluegrass Addition.

First Mortgage Co. to Danny C. Mayes; 134,000; L55, Greentree Hills.

First Mortgage Co. to Jonathon J. Ames Larsen; 102,000; L3, Live Oaks.

Great Southern Bank to Mitchell Building Co. Inc.; 180,800; L15, Chimney Hills Place.

Great Southern Bank to Leslie Brandenburg; 106,800; sec. 19, twp. 30, range 21, NW.

Great Southern Bank to Jacqueline M. Wilson; 125,000; L28, Chimney Hills Place.

Great Southern Bank to James R. Metz; 122,055; L2, Twin Springs Estates.

Great Southern Bank to David R. Huffman; 152,000; Cooper Estates.

Great Southern Bank to South Campbell Properties LLC; 880,000; sec. 11, twp. 28, range 22, SE.

Great Southern Bank to South Campbell Properties LLC; 403,000; sec. 11, twp. 28, range 22, SE.

Great Southern Bank to Dennis P. Dobard Jr.; 155,500; L59, Quail Creek, phase I.

Great Southern Bank to Nicky R. Golden; 113,280; L53, Eldorado Place, fourth addition.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to John Randall Perryman; 115,000; L4, National Place, phase III.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to South Creek Development Corp.; 258,400; L31-32, Villas at Marlborough.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to Carleton Building Co.; 108,000; L39, Kay Pointe, phase V.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to Carleton Building Co.; 106,400; L35,Kay Pointe, phase V.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to Jeffrey H. Davis; 178,386; L31, Marlborough Manor, sixth addition.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to Greg Off Construction Inc.; 184,000; L6, Ironbridge, phase III.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to Ronald E. Bateman; 184,000; L20, Diamond Park.

Guaranty Federal Savings Bank to Rose Ann Barber; 153,900; L1, Marlborough Manor.

Home Finance of America to Preston A. Baldwin; 101,000; L32, Glendale Hills.

Homecomings Financial Network Inc. to Carl W. Donica and Jill A. Crawford; 103,700; L80, Parkcrest Heights.

Homeside Lending Inc. to Michael R. Sublett; 117,300; L1, Old Farm Estates.

Liberty Bank to Mark J. Holmes; 100,000; L4, Willow Wood Estates.

Liberty Bank to Gregory G. Delong; 240,000; L30, Ravenwood South, sixth addition.

Liberty Bank to Culpeppper Court Townhouses Inc.; 150,000; Bradford Park.

Mercantile Bank to Brent A. Sechler; 120,000; L13, Prairie View Addition.

Mercantile Bank to John B. Crim; 117,600; L3-4, Woodside, first addition.

Mercantile Bank to Danco Investments Inc.; 295,575; sec. 36, twp. 30, range 23, NW.

Mercantile Bank to Magers Lodging Inc.; 1,897,822; L5, Deerfield Office Park.

Mercantile Bank to Magers Lodging Inc.; 2,063,281; L4, McCullah's.

Mercantile Bank to Randal J. Reinkel; 725,000; L91, Millwood, phase III.

Mercantile Bank to Mark D. Brown; 109,090; L4, Kearney St. Commercial Park.

Metropolitan National Bank to Thomas W. Messner; 120,000; L2, Ironbridge, phase III.

Metropolitan National Bank to Springfield Office Supply Inc.; 100,000; L2, Downtown Expwy. Addition.

Metropolitan National Bank to Gerald W. Popek, trustee; 165,000; L4, Allendale Estates.

Metropolitan National Bank to William A. Graham Jr.; 125,000; L27-28, Catalpa Place.

MidAmerica Mortgage Services of Springfield to Tommy C. Turnage; 196,000; L59, Coppermill Estates.

Mountain Pacific Mortgage Co. to Dwight D. Millikan; 132,000; sec. 16, twp. 29, range 24, NW.

NationsBanc Mortgage Corp. to Mark E. Chamberlin; 117,800; L20, Mission Hills, fourth addition.

NationsBanc Mortgage Corp. to Chak Kong Fok; 104,000; L44, Del Prado Hills.

NationsBanc Mortgage Corp. to Melissa S. Burnett; 184,000; L1, The Timbers.

NationsBanc Mortgage Corp. to Arie Ashkenasi; 195,500; L39, Ravenwood South, second addition.

NationsBanc Mortgage Corp. to Dan R. Heironimus and John P. Lusk; 100,000; L94, Parkcrest Heights.

NationsBanc Mortgage Corp. to Charles H. Lipscomb; 191,000; L18, National Place, phase VI.

NationsBank to John Calhoun; 119,500; sec. 21, twp. 28, range 21, NE.

NationsBank to Charles C. Nuccio; 140,066; L14, Twin Springs Estates, first addition.

NationsBank to Richard F. Bennett; 100,000; L4, Spring Creek, phase VIII.

NationsBank to Don Wessel Oldsmobile Inc.; 1,000,000; sec. 12, twp. 28, range 22, NW.

NationsBank to Battlefield Storage LLC; 751,000; L3, Battlefield Business Center.

NationsBank to David M. Harper; 105,600; LE, Arrowhead Estates.

North American Savings Bank to John E. Litzsinger; 106,300; L33, Rosemount Estates, first addition.

North American Savings Bank to Cheaves L. Scott; 105,010; L11, Jackson Place, phase II.

North American Savings Bank to Xiaoming Zhang; 1,013,000; L75, Southland Village.

Norwest Mortgage Inc. to Richard Wilson; 112,800; sec. 13, twp. 30, range 23, NE.

Ozark Bank to Anisa C. Brashear and Richard A. Pendleton; 800,000; L93, Millwood, phase III.

PHH Mortgage Services Corp. to Edward L. Stevens Jr.; 240,000; L24, Stone Meadow, phase I.

PHH Mortgage Services Corp. to Drew S. Albert; 127,500; sec. 33, twp. 31, range 22, SE.

Request Mortgage to Larry A. Gaches; 107,200; L19, North Springfield Original Plat.

Rural Mo. Inc. to Southwest Regional Stockyards Inc.; 682,000; Pleasant View Addition.

Sac River Valley Bank to William A. Cox; 293,625; L10, Prairie View Heights.

Signature Bank to James C. Roebuck; 100,483; L10, Enterprise Park.

Signature Bank to Tim Weston; 143,980; L4, Evergreen, phase II.

Southwest Community Bank to Claude Daniel Empire; 100,000; L63, Oak Knolls,

Southwest Mortgage Co. to Scott L. Leven; 100,000; sec. 5, twp. 29, range 22, NE.

Standard Federal Bank to Will H. Shepard; 101,250; L20, Latoka Heights.

State Bank of Southwest Mo. to Joel W. Mixon; 122,400; L3, Brentwood South.

State Bank of Southwest Mo. to Eugene C. and Ruthie S. Bybee, trustees; 100,000; L23-26, Woodland Heights Addition.

Suntrust Bank of Atlanta to Atlantic Financial Group Ltd.; 77,600,000; L2, McCullah's.

Systematic S & L Association to Robert E. Wallin; 116,000; sec. 7, twp. 30, range 21, SE.

Union Planters Bank to Tim Robbins; 265,000; L4, Rose Farm Estates.

Union Planters Bank to Herbert S. Griffin, trustee; 130,800; L12, Blackman Woods.

Union Planters Bank to Gary S. Burgess; 134,250; L3, Allendale Estates.

Union Planters Bank to Raymond G. Kirk; 118,500; L33, Quail Creek, phase II.

Village Bank to Kevin M. Fitzgerald; 259,000; L228, Emerald Park, phase VI.

Westmark Mortgage Corp. to Bobby Joe Edwards; 105,000; L40-42, Cedar Hills.

Wood & Huston Bank to Harold D. Hemphill; 223,200; L17, Ravenwood South, fifth addition.

Feb. 17, 1999

B99-30101-Chap. 7. Joseph Martin and Suzanne Kelly; and ;1426 Ozark Dr., Neosho 64850.

B99-30102-Chap. 7. Charles Ray and Katherine Estelle Holcomb; and ; 314 W. Commanche, South West City 64863.

B99-30103-Chap. 7. Carrie Leigh Sanders; ; 3512 Newman Road, Apt. 308, Joplin 64801.

B99-60260-Chap. 7. Brian J. Hicks; ; 417 N. Talcot, Apt. 3, Mountain Grove 65711.

B99-60261-Chap. 7. Steven D. and Rebekah G. Poe; and ; 313 E. Harker, Mountain Grove 65711.

B99-60262-Chap. 7. Steven Paul and Elizabeth Marie Greenfield; and ; Rt. 1, Box 5519, Norwood 65717.

B99-60263-Chap. 7. Edwin J. and Eugenia D. McClure; and ; 209 E. Clouse, Mountain Grove 65711.

B99-60264-Chap. 7. James D. Garrett; ; 777 W. State Hwy. 17, Houston 65483.

B99-60265-Chap. 7. Bryan Sean Owens; ; 415 Maple, Apt. 2, Marshfield 65706.

B99-60266-Chap. 7. Donald Wayne Haguewood; ; 1537-A E. Commercial 65806.

B99-60267-Chap. 7. Terry Lee and Hannah Naomi Jones; and ; 873 S. Timberridge, Nixa 65714.

B99-60268-Chap. 7. Barbara Jean Woods; ; 1433 W. Broadmoor 65807.[[In-content Ad]]


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