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Lori Rook

Ozarks Elder Law

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Leadership Lessons
The most difficult leadership lessons I have learned are the result of not going with my gut. As unscientific as it sounds, the adage “go with your gut” should ring true if you are in tune with your business and team. It’s been a hard pill to swallow while looking back and analyzing these lessons because in most cases, the hard reality is that I ignored my instinct. Over the years I have tried to be intentional in turning these lessons into “how can we be better” conversations. While those lessons were difficult at the time, the truth is, they have really become opportunities. Capturing these moments in order to implement change has correlated with turning points in the firm that paved the path for growth. Change is good and our team knows not to be afraid of it because the end result has repeatedly demonstrated our ability to provide a better legal service and a stronger more resilient firm.

Personal Leadership Style
My leadership style is a combination of factors. I would say I am a doer and a visionary concerned with the big picture and goal setting. I am a risk-taker, more than willing to get my hands dirty to move things forward. I realize the importance of our team’s personal and professional growth which directly correlates to accomplishing our goals as a firm. I value the personal connections with our team which I think ultimately boosts morale and retention. However, with that said, I think it’s important to know your audience as a leader and acknowledge that different situations may require a different leadership approach.

Leadership Moving Forward
I believe transactional leadership is a thing of the past. Gone are the days of micromanaging and dominance—leadership is not a dictatorship. I think the workforce is changing and people want to provide meaningful contributions and enjoy where they spend the bulk of their days. Keeping heads down and punching time clocks for a paycheck isn’t what people want anymore. Being transparent and engaging my people on a personal level while genuinely caring about their goals and development has resulted in more motivation and team members ignited to fight alongside me to carry out our mission. Moreover, allowing our team to identify necessary changes, solve problems together, and stand unified in our purpose has resulted in internal camaraderie and an overall better experience for our clients.


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