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Joplin to develop rules for short-term rentals

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Joplin's City Council asked the municipality to craft rules impacting short-term rentals.

City officials are seeking ways to make short-term rentals via Airbnb and other websites more safe for guests and neighborhoods.

At the forefront of the issue is some property owners who have been found to operate short-term rentals without a city-required permit.

Read more from the Joplin Globe.


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Wayne Humbyrd

The local Joplin Govt just wants to make it “safe”? Who could possibly have a problem with that? This is exactly where we go wrong. Expecting Govt on ANY level to do what the people should do for themselves. The rentee and the renter are the only ones who belong in this transaction. Having to have a “permit” is bad enough! I don’t have to have a permit to buy a house and rent it for a year? My guess is we have some hoteliers who don’t want the competition? Hey, thats our Govt mindset! Always “promoting” the free enterprise system! Never missing a chance to grow and regulate the people who pay their salaries! What we need is serious enforcement of a few reasonable regulations for businesses. We also need accountability and severe consequences when catching elected officials padding their pockets Speaking of padding your pockets, we need to get ALL money out of our local,state and federal politics. There should be one mission and one mission alone. “What is best for AMERICA and her legal tax paying citizens”? Simple. When rules are broke, swift and severe consequences for that individual! Instead, we ALL are punished. We get endless regulations and expenses that make it harder each day for the small to mid -size business person! Each election we should be electing those who have verifiable character and that will CUT regulations,taxes, the size of Govt! Officials who will be tougher than nails on crime and punishment! You want “safe”? Lets start by making our cities “safe”. That is what spurs economic activity not bigger fatter Government! GOVT produces nothing! IF we were really serious about making America GREAT again (and we are) this would be a no brainer. Instead we have to spend our time fighting corrupt city and school board councils across the country for the right to breathe, open our NON big box store businesses and to stop teaching racism in the schools! In our very own city, last check, we had over a 100 people earning OVER $100k per years working for the Government of a town with a Median household income $36,856*? Just saying.

* 2015-2019. Data USA.

Tuesday, September 14
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