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Have you received your COVID-19 booster shot?

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This poll is not a scientific sampling. It offers a snapshot of what readers are thinking.


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Good luck with your new jab subscription service. Can I ask, WHAT are you afraid of? Can someone please express it in words? All the lies. The 24/7 corona fear porn from local and national media. Bought and paid for by Pfizer! I’m sorry you never watched the Project Veritas videos from inside whistle****ers.

You should seek out the censored doctors and listen to them before shooting anymore of these experimental drugs into your body over a 99.87% survival rate. The only people who should have been offered this experimental shot were the ones who are dying. Avg age 80. 68% with 2 or more co-morbidities. The CDC has admitted the following. “PCR testing was worthless”. “The real death numbers are actually 6-19% of what the CDC reported”. Do I have to list all the tyrannical democrat leaders who were caught not following their own insane mandates? We would be here all day. At some point you have to step back away from the ridiculous fear and THINK! These people didn’t steal power because they care about your health! They are not flooding the country with untested, unvaxed illegals because they care about your health! The truth will rise. It was Faucis refusal to allow early treatment and proven medications that killed all these old people. People were sent home and told to come back if it worsened. When they did, many were shot up with Remdesivir and then slapped on a ventilator?

Those whistle****er videos and censored doctors are available on Rumble and duck duck go. Can google them. Dr. Zev Zelenko, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Ryan Cole. “Experts” in their field until they spoke out against the “vaccine”. 2 Nobel nominees and the inventor of the mRna in this group. Makes perfect sense we would censor and then disappear them in the middle of a “deadly pandemic”. THINK!!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Monday, December 13, 2021

Since the SBJ is going to use a communist America hating rag like “The Atlantic” to “fact check” me then please allow me to retort!! The Atlantic is as credible as “Facebook fact checkers” which are not credible at all!! We learned that this week as well. They admitted in court their “fact checkers” were just “opinions”. Duh! Most of us didn’t have to be told this. Dr Robert Malone has worked on every vaccine over the past 30 years. He is NOT a anti-vaxer!!! He was on the initial team working to develop this. HE IS the inventor!! EVERY doctor who has disagreed with FRAUDCI has been censored and or disappeared! Much like old people were murdered in democrat governed states. I am not a anti-vaxer either. I AM a critical thinker though!! And I have lived with every virus since 1958. Under NO cir***stances would one ever shoot experimental gene therapy drugs into your body over a 99.87% SURVIVAL RATE!! Fact check that SBJ!! The Atlantic is owned by Steve Jobs widow. Nothing but cash and Marxist, elitist Anti American agendas to spend it on. Shame on you SBJ. Just showed tour true colors. Ive know it all along because NOT ONE TIME have you ever had an article or interview from one of the thousands of censored healthcare workers!!

How many shots will be enough? Up to #4?

Tuesday, December 14, 2021
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