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FDA panel backs Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for kids

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A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted to back Pfizer’s lose-dose COVID-19 vaccine for children.

Members of the panel said the benefits in preventing COVID-19 among 5- to 11-year-olds outweighs potential risks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention next week is slated to decide whether to recommend the shots.

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We are witnessing a level of evil we have not seen in this country before. There is not one single health or scientific reason for a child to shoot this experimental gene therapy into their bodies. Just as their is not one single health or scientific reason that Joanne’s Hardware was forced to lockdown but Menards, Target, Walmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot could stay open. If you do not see whats going on by now? You are married to an Ideology or so gripped by FEAR you can’t think! Better go READ the “FDA approval” as they lied last time when they said “the vaccine has been approved”. It had not. Emergency use was approved. I have done all I can to attempt to wake up the readers of the SBJ! For whatever reason, SBJ will not pursue the truth for their readers? I would LOVE to be wrong about the EVIL but I’m not! If you want to know the truth, start looking up those Doctors and Scientists who just a year ago were the leading EXPERTS in their field but now have to be silenced and disappeared! Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Zev Zelenko, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Simone Gold (America Frontline Doctors). In this group are NO NON VAXERS! In this group you have 2 Nobel nominees, a Presidential Medal of Freedom nominee p and the inventor of the mRNA process. Its NOT a “vaccine” folks! They had to change the official definition of “vaccine” to even accommodate the immune system killing experimental gene therapy shot! FIND THE TRUTH YOURSELF!!

Wednesday, October 27
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