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2022 Men of the Year: These faithful men make life better

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Have you ever asked yourself, “What is a man?” Well, I did. Then, I googled it! I found, of course, a few dictionary definitions, some articles and all sorts of websites. It didn’t answer the question though: What is a man? Truth be told, I have been asking this question my whole life. 

Honestly, I want to be a man. I want to have what it takes for others to say, “There goes a man.” It’s a picture of what a man is in my head. And I’m not talking about John Wayne and Chuck Norris.

Here’s what I know, and what I have heard, seen and learned from other men in my life. Men want something for those around them. They want to inspire and lead with confidence and believe they can truly effect change in the world.

I want to come through for those I love. I want to stand up for what is right and true. I want to create a space where people can thrive under the small earthly kingdom I call work or home. I want those around me to understand they are safe because I was there. In one word, a man is faithful. Not dutifully bound up with rules and regulations, but someone who can faithfully fulfill the call on his life by loving well, showing up and believing in others to do the same.

The Men of the Year are faithful men. They are faithful to what has been placed in front of them. It may be employees, students, those needing assistance or individuals ready to work hard on the job site. The men on this list are here because they showed up. Yes, there were days they might have wanted to stay in bed. They might have wanted to quit. They might have wanted to yell and scream. But they continued to build something for those around them and those in this community.

The men on this list create space for those they serve to grow, thrive and develop. As a judge for this year’s awards, I read the applications and the things the men are involved in. This is a group of men who serve others. Not just the job and career, but they are involved on boards, volunteer at churches and organizations, and show up for their families. They are impacting lives.

Because they stay, they show up and they are faithful, we all win. Because they are faithful men, our companies, schools and communities are better. To the 2022 Men of the Year: Well done!

Please continue to build, teach, lead and develop those in this community. Please continue to be men who are ready to leverage their influence and fight for those without a voice. Please continue to be a man. This is your thank you and your challenge to keep doing what you do. Keep on going. Someone is looking for you to come through. 

Jason Hynson is the executive director of Victory Mission & Ministry and a 2021 Men of the Year honoree. He can be reached at


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