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Ready. Set. Give. - Ep. 6
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Ready. Set. Give. - Ep. 6

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“Ready. Set. Give.” is a seven-part series that helps companies create a culture of giving. “The first thing I think a company needs to do is assess the individual interest of their employees and make sure that they are finding organizations that fit those interests,” says Kelly Baldwin with Cents of Pride. Cents of Pride is devoted to fulfilling student needs through a rewards system that reinforces positive choices. Students earn currency through attendance and positive behavior and can use this to purchase items ranging from clothing to toys to larger items like bicycles. People can volunteer, help with fundraising, donate items or money to support the program, or even serve on the board of directors. This is sponsored content.

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Video Transcript:

- Sometimes you just have to get a little creative to cultivate a culture of giving back in your company. Hi, I'm Sarah Russell from Arvest Bank, and I'm here with Kelly Baldwin from Cents of Pride. And we're here to share a few ways you can start giving back. Kelly, what suggestions do you have for a company that wants to start giving back?

- Well, Sarah, the first thing I think a company needs to do is assess the individual interests of their employees and make sure that they are finding organizations that fit those interests.

- That's a great idea, Kelly. It always helps if it comes from the employees themselves. Tell us a little bit about Cents of Pride.

- Well, Sarah, Cents of Pride is a unique program here in Springfield dedicated to fulfilling student needs through a reward system that reinforces positive choices and empowers students. We are typically in Title I schools, and students at these schools purchase items with currency that they earn for positive behavior and attendance.

- What a great program. If a company wants to get involved, how can they support Cents of Pride?

- Well, Sarah, we have 4500 shoppers per month, and we're always looking for items to stock our stores ranging from basic-need items, like hygiene and clothing, to wish-list items, such as toys, games, and larger items like bikes and Nintendos that are new or nearly new. And if individuals can volunteer either during the workday or on their personal time, they are certainly welcome to do so.

- [Sarah] If an individual wants to give a little more of their time, what opportunities do you have?

- Well, it takes about five hours a month to coordinate a store, less if you just want to volunteer. When you coordinate a store it means you use the money that you get through the organization and actually work with the volunteers and purchase items for the stores. We are also looking for members for our fundraising and events committee and also people to sit on our board of directors.

- Thank you so much, Kelly. If you'd like to get involved with Cents of Pride, visit or visit their Facebook page.


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