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On the Record: May 20-26, 2019

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Springfield Building Permits
Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.
May 3-9, 2019
BLDC2018-00123. n/a; KCI Construction Co. Inc.; residential remodel; 1423 N. Jefferson Ave.
BLDR2019-00181. n/a; Chanse Colvin Construction; residential remodel; 2012 N. Main Ave.
BLDC2019-00168. Casco + R5; Ross Construction Group LLC; commercial remodel; 3860 W. Washita St.
BLDR2019-00180. Colton Homes LLC; same; SFR; 1644 E. Lombard St.
BLDC2019-00016. n/a; Newland Interiors LLC; commercial remodel; 3527 W. Kearney St.
BLDC2019-00051. n/a; Newland Interiors LLC; Courtyard by Marriott fitness expansion; 3527 W. Kearney St.
BLDR2019-00177. Hawkins Spousal Trust; Robert Hawkins; SFR; 3634 S. Glen View Ave.
BLDR2019-00183. Bryan Householder; n/a; residential remodel; 2128 N. Broadway Ave.
Greene County Building Permits
Listed here are Greene County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR: single-family residence. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
May 3-9, 2019
4663. Ronald G. Ekins; Robbs Portable Buildings; accessory building; 9599 E. Valley View Road, Strafford 65757; 44,500.
4670. John N. Forrest; Forrest Construction; SFR; 6872 W. Farm Road 60, Willard 65781; 175,000.
4668. Gregory S. Wheelen; Marshfield Buildings; accessory building; 12576 W. Farm Road 156, Republic 65738; 21,000.
4674. Jade and Tahne Puckett; Shannon Humble; accessory building; 8801 W. Brook Lake Lane, Walnut Grove 65770; 20,000.
4696. Swearengin Trust; Kenson Goff Homes; SFR; 2802 S. Farm Road 203 65809; 550,000.
4691. Tom Fowler; Rick A. Esry; residential addition; 8219 E. Panther Hollow Lane, Rogersville 65742; 186,000.
4679. Aaron Woods; 417 Contractors LLC; SFR; 8699 N. Farm Road 145, Pleasant Hope 65725; 175,000.
4658. Blaine Banfield; Steve Piper; SFR; 7667 E. Farm Road 50, Strafford 65757; 135,000.
4669. Jeremiah B. Hamilton; same; accessory building; 2121 S. Farm Road 45, Republic 65738; 95,000.

Newly Licensed City Businesses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in the city of Springfield filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business.
May 3-9, 2019
417 Gatherings; Ami Williams; 1950 S. Glenstone Ave., Ste. B 65804; same; (417) 631-8700; service agent.
A&M Outdoor Sales LLC; same; 458 Highway Y, Eldon 65026; 1914 E. Blaine St.; (573) 434-9225; retail merchant.
Abundant Light Center; same; 1709 W. Westview St. 65807; same; (417) 827-9217; retail merchant.
Ace Refrigeration Inc.; same; P.O. Box 741, West Fork, AR 72774; 15695 Seely Road, West Fork; (479) 839-3912; mechanical trades contractor.
Arrow Lock Shop LLC; same; 1445 E. Division St. 65803; 1942 E. Meadowmere St., Ste. 112; (417) 877-0600; repair.
Bespoke by Angelique; Paula Penick; 1504 W. McGee St. 65807; 3636 S. Campbell Ave.; (870) 291-0430; service agent/beauty shop.
Cooper’s Heating and Air LLC; same; RR 2, Box 2601, Seymour 65746; same; (417) 830-2453; mechanical trades contractor.
Cravens Collectibles; James Cravens; 2442 N. Cottage 65803; 826 W. Commercial St.; (417) 619-8609; retail merchant.
CRJ Aviation LLC; same; 5025 Cascade Pools Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89131; 2300 N. Airport Blvd.; (417) 209-4769; service agent.
Demster Lawncare & Landscaping; same; 1028 E. Linwood Circle 65807; same; (417) 693-9873; florist/nursery/greenhouse.
Donna Emrick; same; 351 Morning Glory Drive, Marshfield 65706; same; (417) 224-4773; massage technician.
Duct Work Supply; same; 2025 W. Sunshine St., Ste. 132 65807; same; (417) 863-8880; mechanical trades contractor.
Dwight McConnell; Christy, Heather, Jesse and Dwight McConnell; 13638 W. Wild Rose Lane, Ash Grove 65604; 911 E. Powell St.; (417) 343-0135; service agent.
Elite Device Repair LLC; same; 882 W. Crestwood, Nixa 65714; 4406 S. Campbell Ave., Ste. 114; (210) 542-7826; retail merchant.
Extreme Electrical Contractors LLC; same; 18 W. Industrial Drive, O’Fallon 63366; same; (636) 925-2988; electrical contractor.
Grace Capital LLC; same; 4134 E. Washita St. 65809; 1903 S. Robberson Ave.; (417) 818-2182; service agent.
Greenhouse Photography & Marketing LLC; same; 3561 W. McKenzie St., Brookline 65619; same; (417) 894-9839; service agent.
Hair Design by Lauryn; Lauryn Peters; 636 W. Republic Road, Ste. 112 65807; same; (660) 815-3588; service agent/beauty shop.
Higher Standard Construction; Zackary Ray; 1751 W. James River Road, Ozark 65721; same; (417) 581-0825; beauty shop.
Horton Hears Dirt; Calvin Horton; 1026 W. Norton Road, Ste. 548 65803; same; (417) 430-8932; auto cleaning.
House Counsel; Mark and Jeannie Breshears; 5955 S. Northern Ridge Road 65810; 1961 S. Glenstone Ave.; (949) 246-4558; retail merchant.
Incent; Marlin Incent LLC; 405 N. Jefferson Ave., Ste. 1056 65806; same; (417) 243-0600; service agent.
Inspire 417 LLC; same; 1021 E. Manchester Drive 65810; 3539 S. Lone Pine Ave., Ste. 200; (417) 861-6446; service agent.
Juliet Mee; same; 2056 N. Lyon Ave. 65803; same; (417) 894-1945; service agent.
Liliths Altar LLC; same; 1304 E. McDaniel St. 65802; same; (417) 379-3326; service agent.
Lori Barnes Miller; same; 1740 S. Delaware Ave. 65804; same; (417) 429-6909; service agent.
LS31 Investment Group LLC; same; P.O. Box 6041 65801; 657 S. Main Ave.; (417) 832-0885; apartments.
McPhail Properties LLC; same; 2009 State Highway ZZ, Billings 65610; same; (417) 234-1923; construction contractor.
Meg White Photography LLC; same; 1603 E. Cherry St. 65802; same; (251) 635-7966; photographer/photo finish.
Meta Health and Wellness LLC; same; 1722 S. Glenstone Ave., Ste. KK 65804; same; (417) 771-1594; service agent.
Mike Wiles; Carmen and Mike Wiles; 1064 McLean Road, Ozark 65721; 1716 S. Wedgewood Ave.; (417) 844-6855; service agent.
Mo Macs LLC; same; 1559 S. Fremont Ave. 65804; 1300 W. Poplar St., Ste. 103; (417) 861-3789; repair.
Nurse Judy Botox & Beyond LLC; same; 565 Peaceful Drive, Branson 65616; 1353 E. Montclair St.; (417) 241-9913; service agent.
O.R. Colan Associates LLC; same; 3050 W. Clay St., Ste. 200, St. Charles 63301; same; (636) 949-2125; service agent.
Onstar Technologies LLC; same; P.O. Box 11152 65808; 1918 E. Meadowmere St., Ste. 6; (417) 730-1624; service agent.
The Picky Sisters; Kyle Taylor; 2972 S. Natural Bridge Drive 65809; 2012 S. Stewart Ave.; (417) 849-9692; retail merchant.
The Realty Group; Adin Baban; 2942 E. Sunshine St. 65804; same; (417) 799-7900; real estate broker/sales.
Reveal Spa Services LLC; same; 1912 E. Warwick Drive, Ozark 65721; 1722 S. Glenstone Ave., Ste. D; (417) 986-4902; service agent.
Richard Tettenhorst; same; 2022 S. Roanoke Ave. 65807; same; (417) 773-5281; distributor.
Rongping Wang; same; 935 S. Peach Tree Ave. 65802; 2941 E. Chestnut Expressway; (417) 631-2455; massage technician.
Rug Fashion Store of Tulsa LLC; same; 2754 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; same; (918) 720-1590; retail merchant.
Scorpion Ink; Willford H. Jr. and Donna Hill; 506 W. College St. 65806; same; (417) 866-4465; service agent.
Simpson Lawn Care; same; 400 W. Daugherty St., Webb City 64870; same; (417) 850-3222; florist/nursery/greenhouse.
Solera Energy LLC; same; 4803 S. National Ave., Ste. 300 65810; 4650 S. National Ave., Ste. D2; (417) 771-5817; special trades contractor.
STJ Family LLC; same; 2034 S. Barcliff Ave., Ste. 2 65804; same; (417) 288-5490; cleaning/maintenance service.
Todd Revell; same; 1130 Westview, Marshfield 65706; same; (417) 224-1040; service agent.
Trendyz Boutique and More LLC; same; 2960 E. Sunshine St. 65804; same; (417) 849-3409; retail merchant.
Wright Way Concrete LLC; same; 1406 E. Atlantic St. 65803; same; (417) 350-1219; special trades contractor.
Wyssmann Construction LLC; same; 2726 W. Allen 65810; 1123 S. Crutcher Ave.; (417) 425-9401; service agent.

Greene County Business Licenses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in Greene County filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
May 3-9, 2019
Thicc LLC; Matthew McBrayer; 1249 E. Woodland St. 65804; same; (417) 299-8843; retail-corporation.
Kay’s Timeless Memories LLC; same; 910 N. Prospect Ave. 65802; same; (417) 531-1369; retail service-sole proprietor.
Crown Wireless Corp.; Cricket authorized retailer; 3000 Altamesa Blvd., Ste. 300, Fort Worth, TX 76133; 840 U.S. Highway 60, Republic; (4817) 921-9200; retail-corporation.

Federal Tax Liens
Listed here are federal tax liens filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
May 3-9, 2019
Federal Tax Liens
14145. Louis C. Briant III; 4641 E. Bittersweet Way 65809; individual; 105,793.
14147. James C. and Verna J. Browder; 1325 W. Sunshine St., Ste. 124 65807; individual; 5,845.
14143. Arvin W. Freeman; 2740 N. Mayfair Ave., Ste. H408 65803; individual; 27,785.
14144. HP Montgomery Jr.; 833 S. Fremont Ave. 65804; individual; 104,977.
14151. Dustin R. Kelso; 541 S. Dexter Ave. 65802; individual; 26,836.
14150. Nearly Famous Deli LLC; 2708 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; business; 69,358.
14149. James E. and Amanda K. Nichols; 2257 N. Fay Ave. 65803; individual; 20,484.
14146. William S. Williams; 407 N. McQueary Ave., Ash Grove 65604; individual; 100,069.

Deeds of Trust and Mortgages
Listed here are deeds of trust and mortgages, in amounts of $100,000 or more, filed for public record in Greene County by grantor, grantee, note amount and legal description of the property involved in the transaction.
May 3-9, 2019
American Advisors Group to Hazel M. Thornton; 180,000; L11, Rosewood Acres.
American Financial Network Inc. to Martina Sally; 151,746; L2, South Fork, fifth addition.
Arvest Bank to Grace H. Potter; 103,920; L3, Manley-Dayton suburbs.
Arvest Bank to Kevin J. Leah B. Combs; 266,000; L3, Deer Creek.
Arvest Bank to Brittany N. and Thomas Barnett; 152,192; L35, Cedarbrook.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Thomas C. and Cheryl A. Hertel; 439,025; L50, Olde Ivy.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Samuel S. and Donna R. Casamento; 263,500; L15, Southern Hills of Springfield, blocks EE and FF.
BancorpSouth Bank to Autumn Marie and James Clark Glover; 127,000; L9, Seneca Heights, Phase I.
BancorpSouth Bank to Alexzander Blake Campbell and Ellie Gideon; 126,663; L2-3, Morningside Manor.
BancorpSouth Bank to Troy and Micki McShane; 150,000; sec. 36, twp. 30, range 20, SE.
BancorpSouth Bank to Strafford Sports Center LLC; 1,700,000; sec. 36, twp. 30, range 20, SW.
Bank of America to Diana K. Royalty and James R. Houpt Jr.; 175,500; L22, McMillian Place, second addition.
Bank of America to Robert M. and Cari L. Gray; 100,000; L23, River Road Estates.
Bank of Bolivar to Brad Richardson; 110,000; L6, Rockwood Heights, first addition.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Roman, Bogdana and Dmytro V. Biliychuk; 390,000; sec. 8, twp. 29, range 20, SE.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Kennedy O. and Mary M. Ombonga; 234,671; L37, Ole Wire Trails.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Vasili and Larisa Scrilnicov; 128,000; sec. 10, twp. 30, range 22, NE.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Stephanie Lynn Smith; 150,000; L39-40, West Lawn.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to George H. Jr. and Bobbie L. Leak; 121,082; L6, Sally Lane.
Bank of Missouri to Lenny W. and Leah M. Clark; 443,016; sec. 35, twp. 29, range 24, SW.
BluCurrent Credit Union to Andrew M. and Stephanie Williams; 136,000; L22, Spring Creek, Phase I.
BluCurrent Credit Union to Ron and Michelle Ward; 108,000; L11, 53 and 80, Atkinson’s, second addition.
Brown Cow Properties LLC to Ozarks House Buyers LLC; 105,000; L5, Westwood Acres.
Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to William F. Caplinger Jr.; 253,326; sec. 17, twp. 30, range 21, NE.
Central Bank of Branson to Nguyen Family Ventures LLC; 161,415; L37, Bent Tree, Phase I.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to R. Carlson Properties LLC; 750,000; L8, 10, 11, 16-17 and 19, Sunset, second addition.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Property Investment Solutions LLC; 267,000; L37, Prairie View Heights, fifth addition.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Patrick Borths; 101,500; L28, Chestnut South, first addition.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Babari Inc.; 300,000; sec. 6, twp. 28, range 22, NW.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Hatch Enterprises LLC; 150,000; sec. 31, twp. 29, range 21, NE.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Bussell Building Inc.; 1,180,000; L1, 38 and 54-56, Overland Heights.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Turner Residential Holding LLC; 148,750; L49, Westwood, Phase III, second and third additions.
Central Trust Bank to Justin Noel and Elaine Catherine Leinaweaver; 247,000; L19, Chimney Hills Place, first addition.
Central Trust Bank to Bradford and Candy Voelker; 104,963; L3, Gelven-Withers addition.
Citizens Bank to Scott and Esther Hawkins; 209,000; sec. 26, twp. 30, range 21, NE.
Citizens Bank to Joseph W. and Jill M. Schmidt; 109,000; L2, Goff Rancho, Unit 1.
Citizens Bank to Ryan T. and Krista D. Maul; 372,250; L25, Lake Ridge Estates.
Citizens Bank to Samantha Morgan Huber; 151,414; sec. 6, twp. 30, range 24, SE.
Citizens Bank to David L. and Linda K. Fisher; 134,500; L20, Woodbridge, first addition.
CMG Financial to Melissa Skaggs; 200,000; sec. 27, twp. 31, range 23, NW.
Commerce Bank to Kevin and Ronay Giefer; 252,000; L26, River Road Estates.
Commerce Bank to Mattax-Neu-Prater Properties LLC; 1,038,078; L6-7, Bradford Park.
Commerce Bank to John C. Crighton Trust; 500,000; sec. 18, twp. 30, range 22, SE and SW.
Community National Bank to KMC Homes LLC; 288,787; L12, Prairie View Heights, 10th addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Terrell A. and Tammy M. Coleman; 208,650; L8, Angelbrook Estates.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Jordan Bowling; 111,550; L2, Village Circle.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Adam and Amanda Wilson; 365,750; sec. 23, twp. 30, range 22, NW.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Kelli Prothro and Tyler Snider; 137,900; L16, Zobeth.
Exchange State Bank to Kaitlyn M. Brown and Hayden P. Barr; 127,526; L10, Cambridge Terrace No. 2.
FCS Financial to Marcia L. and Joseph D. Preston; 167,400; sec. 16, twp. 28, range 24, NE, NW, SE and SW.
First Integrity Mortgage Services Inc. to Kalee B. Ruff; 137,000; L23, Cardinal Hills.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Angelo M. and Kelly R. Lacara; 203,000; L3, Locksley Manor.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Kelly D. and Robin R. Burgess; 248,200; sec. 26, twp. 29, range 20, NE.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Susan N. Gladden; 211,596; L4, Eastwood Hills, Block O, P and Q.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Stephanie Kimbrell; 136,482; sec. 5, twp. 30, range 21, NW and NE.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Blaine I. and Megan A. Hauschel; 196,377; L27, Village Green, first addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Jerl C. Green; 157,592; L2-3, Sussex Park, first addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Eric Franco and Regina Vanderputten; 157,625; L87, Spring Meadow Estates, Phase I.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Chandler K. David Tarver and Janna D. Woodall; 117,826; L2, Wedgewood Heights.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Anthony D. McNall; 168,750; L15, Patriot Place, Phase III.
Gateway Mortgage Group LLC to Emily Walker; 167,902; L15, Hill and Dale, sixth addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Alicia N. Swofford and Rickie L. Roberts; 122,637; L2, Prairie View addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Kaylin Michael Deloney and Taylor Faye Faulkner; 255,555; L9, Moonlight Meadows, Phase IV.
Gershman Mortgage to Troy, Melinda and Deborah C. Carroll; 231,800; sec. 4, twp. 29, range 23, NW.
Gershman Mortgage to Meghan Yates; 143,982; L51, Olde Town at the Kerr Place.
Gershman Mortgage to Jonathan W. and Gabrielle M. McCarty; 153,600; L9, Tarkio Street Place.
Gershman Mortgage to David and Carrie Eagleburger; 108,007; L4, McQueary’s WM addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Nicholas R. Dibben; 102,606; L196, Cloverdale addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Christopher Todd and Stephanie Mochamer; 283,500; L14, Deer Creek.
Gershman Mortgage to Charissa L. Duff and Kyle G. Evans; 104,589; L13, Orchard Crest West, Phase II.
Gershman Mortgage to Alexander and Kender Belt; 153,000; L76, Village addition.
Great Southern Bank to Brenda Maddox; 124,820; L3, Wildwood Estates, Unit 2.
Great Southern Bank to John Jacob and Miranda Lipscomb; 376,930; L6, Southern Hills of Springfield, blocks CC and DD.
Great Southern Bank to Daron and Tammy Watkins; 135,000; L10, Sterling Meadows, third addition.
Great Southern Bank to Matthew and Carol Fitzlaff; 132,905; sec. 36, twp. 31, range 22, NW.
Great Southern Bank to Lorie A. Ross; 110,101; L60, East Meadows.
Great Southern Bank to Shane and Amanda Long; 168,000; sec. 17, twp. 30, range 22, SE.
Guaranty Bank to Joel D. Reeter and Liisa Carlson-Reeter; 193,200; L86, Emerald Park, Phase II.
Guaranty Bank to Aaron D. and Angela L. Murrell; 200,000; L28, Woodfield Park.
Guaranty Bank to Gary W. and Lisa J. Wilson; 100,000; L11, Mill Ridge.
Guaranty Bank to Blair & Kepler Farms LLC; 321,000; sec. 6, twp. 29, range 20, NW.
Guaranty Bank to John and Allison Riddle; 195,000; L16, Cinnamon Square, fourth addition.
Guaranty Bank to Two Mamas LLC; 1,082,140; L1, Sunshine Plaza.
Guaranty Bank to Amy and Kaleb Anderson; 112,942; L14, Deer Field, Phase I.
Guaranty Bank to Frank A. and Jill A. Lazzarini; 107,100; L12, Wynwood Acres.
Guaranty Bank to Hawkins Trust; 110,000; L3, Hickman Woods.
Homebridge Financial Service Inc. to Terry and Cynthia Holbrook; 236,000; L72, Marlborough Manor, fifth addition.
HomeDirect Mortgage to Callie Allen Jr. and Barbara L. Russell; 163,000; L7, Langston.
Jared Enterprises Inc. to Philip and Marilyn Swanson; 300,000; irregular legal.
JD Holdings LLC to John Q. Hammons Trust; 3,790,000; L44, 50, 52 and 54-57, Marblehead.
JPMorgan Chase Bank to Tara Tinlin and Tara K. Buchholz; 115,000; L31, Carver Woods. LLC to Debra Ruffin; 107,000; L30, Cedar Crest South. LLC to Brian Clay; 126,650; L6, Link Estate Development, Unit 1.
Metro Credit Union to Larry L. Shellhorn and Lisa M. Middlebrooks; 134,400; L9, Monte Cristo, Phase I.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Ajay Katangur and Himabindu Keesara; 608,000; L26 and 40, Lions Gate, Phase I.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Eric and Christina Roepke; 175,750; L8, Hiawatha.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Gregg L. and Nancy W. Bender; 139,600; L20, Glenhaven.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Advocates for a Healthy Community Inc.; 1,200,000; L6, Springfield original.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Travis J. and Madeline Anne Liles; 132,000; L33, Primrose Place.
Mid-Town Group LLC to Josh Sexton; 365,000; sec. 17, twp. 29, range 21, NW.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC to William A. and Ardine J. Scott; 107,700; L1-2, Countryside Estates, Unit 1.
NBKC Bank to Christina M. and Christopher L. Cantwell; 360,000; sec. 23, twp. 31, range 21, SW.
New American Funding to Makenzie Medley; 126,262; sec. 29, twp. 31, range 20, NE.
New American Funding to Ralph Robert II and Emily Diane Wineland; 234,000; L62, Century Place.
O’Bannon Banking Co. to Larry Dean and Merrilyn Yvonne Ellison and Larry D. and Merrilyn Y. Ellison Trust; 245,000; L1 and 20, Fox Grape, second addition.
OakStar Bank to Christopher and Lori Hanner; 384,800; sec. 16, twp. 28, range 24, SW.
OakStar Bank to Hamilton Trust; 248,000; L20, Lexington Square, Phase II.
OakStar Bank to Christopher J. and Sarah L. Hanak; 335,000; sec. 35, twp. 21, range 24, SW.
OakStar Bank to Angela Spurgeon and Jordan D. Marquez; 472,150; L4, Ravenwood South, third addition.
OakStar Bank to Curtis L. and Stephanie L. Bumgardner; 433,500; L30, Windsor Oaks.
OakStar Bank to James Owen and Jessica Brooks; 111,625; L36, Springfield Highland Estates, second addition.
OakStar Bank to Clint A. and Crystal D. Strong; 480,000; L16, Spring Creek, Phase VIII.
OakStar Bank to Jacquelyn Lazarz; 130,500; L14, East Kickapoo Estates, fourth addition.
OakStar Bank to Ryan M. and Rachel E. Reynolds; 427,500; L26-27, Chesterfield Village, Phase I.
OakStar Bank to Jay M. and Connie Johnson; 331,000; sec. 21, twp. 30, range 22, SE.
OakStar Bank to Keith and Linda Smith and Amy Shelley; 192,000; L11, Catalpa East.
Old Missouri Bank to John Fahey; 145,000; L18, University Heights.
Old Missouri Bank to Stephen C. and Sheila R. Maerz; 276,000; L1, Laduke Hills.
Old Missouri Bank to Lazy J Properties LLC; 153,000; L3-4, Cains.
Ozark Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 123,200; L7A, Eagan-Buxton, fourth addition, lots 3 and 4 in Block L.
Ozark Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 123,200; L8A, Eagan-Buxton, fourth addition, lots 3 and 4 in Block L.
Ozark Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 123,200; L9A, Eagan-Buxton, fourth addition, lots 3 and 4 in Block L.
Ozark Bank to Cronkhite Homes LLC; 123,200; L10A, Eagan-Buxton, fourth addition, lots 3 and 4 in Block L.
Patrick K. Peltz to Dmytro Petrobich and Whitley Elaine Andryeyev; 105,000; L91, Village Green, first addition.
PrimeLending to Deborah O’Neal; 150,000; L22, Monte Cristo, Phase III.
PrimeLending to Hunter and Mariah Conover; 167,325; L29, Deer Lake South, Phase II.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Mark R. and Diana M. Ariagno; 287,920; L10, Kanata Lea.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Joseph and Lauren Janowski; 176,716; L28, Olde Town at the Kerr Place.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Sandra Elaine Whitney; 304,000; L7, Butterfield Estates.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Howard G. and Deborah L. Smith; 140,000; L1 and 15, Walnut Hill Heights.
Regions Bank to Victoria Chandler; 170,454; L5, Monte Cristo, Phase III.
River Valley Capital LLC to Bearden Built Homes LLC; 700,000; L3-4, 16, 22 and 27-28, Pearson Park, Phase II.
Royal United Mortgage LLC to Thomas and Jennifer Lindsey; 143,569; L15, Ridgecrest, first addition.
Simmons Bank to High Prairie Stables LLC; 335,000; sec. 31, twp. 31, range 20, NE and NW.
Springfield First Community Bank to Kevin Hatfield and Somchai Olenick; 436,500; L35, Woodfield Park.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Allison Price Steiner; 145,600; L15, Home Place addition.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Eric M. and Shelley A. Bird Trust; 375,000; sec. 27, twp. 29, range 20, NW.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Ian and Cheri Fawks; 800,000; sec. 15, twp. 29, range 21, SE.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Carrie Henry; 445,000; L17, Cobblestone Creek.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Matthew and Mary Cherry; 100,000; L20, Sunset Estates.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Robert D. and Connie Kunkel; 800,000; L5, Crescent Ridge.
Systematic Savings Bank to Gillioz Center for Arts and Entertainment; 500,000; L13-14 and 25-26, Springfield original.
U.S. Bank to Austin Davis and Caitlyn McDiarmid; 132,554; L6, Walnut Terrace.
UMB Bank to Adam and Kristen Shuler; 160,550; L12-13, Brentwood Terrace.
United Wholesale Mortgage LLC to Kristina Cross; 183,250; L2, Hidden Valley Estates.
US Wide Financial LLC to Scott J. and Marcy Carmack; 262,200; L2, Rivercut Golf Community, Phase XI.
USAA Federal Savings Bank to Harvey Steven and Carolyn G. Schwartz; 110,000; L17, Westwood, Phase III, second and third additions.
USAA Federal Savings Bank to Sandra N. Muoghalu; 337,250; L21, Wild Horse, Phase III.
USAA Federal Savings Bank to Natalie and Esteban Palomo; 163,900; L92, Southland Village.
Veterans United Home Loans to Joseph E. II and Blaire A. Schilling; 158,720; L57, Cedarbrook.
Veterans United Home Loans to Tim Stillie; 139,000; L14, Orchard Crest West, Phase III.
Village Capital & Investment LLC to Christopher M. and Kristina Marie Cheek; 123,500; L25-26, Redwood Heights addition, blocks A and B.
Wells Fargo Bank to Justin Isaiah and Heather Titus; 161,500; sec. 36, twp. 30, range 23, SW.
Wells Fargo Bank to Trevor M. Richards and Aunna Beckemeyer; 224,000; L93, Eaglesgate, Phase II.
Wood & Huston Bank to Melissa D. Aughe; 103,920; L94, Liberty Place, Phase II.
Wood & Huston Bank to Flat Nose Properties LLC; 562,626; sec. 10, twp. 29, range 21, NE.

The following petitions were filed and relief was granted in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Kansas City for the Western District of Missouri, as a matter of public record. The bankruptcies were received at the federal clerk’s office in Springfield. The bankruptcies appear in order of case, chapter, petitioner and address. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
May 3-9, 2019
B19-60527/Chap. 13. Floyd T. and Teresa K. Whitson; 5945 N. Farm Road 141 65803.
B19-60528/Chap. 7. Sharon Lynne Eakins; 330 Timothy Road, Ste. 4, Kirbyville 65679.
B19-60529/Chap. 7. Pamela Jean Harnden; P.O. Box 555, Branson 65615.
B19-60530/Chap. 13. Cheryl Jean Degraffenreid; 2101 N. Grant 65803.
B19-60531/Chap. 7. Caitlynn Ashlee Boggess; 323 N. Pine, Republic 65738.
B19-60532/Chap. 7. Jonathan Alexander and Aileen Renee Cantwell; 3823 W. Montclair St. 65807.
B19-60533/Chap. 7. Charles Steven Harper; 2200 N. Jefferson Ave. 65803.
B19-60534/Chap. 7. Darwin Dewayne Robison; 1024 E. Norton Road, Ste. C 65803.
B19-60535/Chap. 7. Curtis Wade and Sheri Jo Bartell; 3731 S. Glenstone Ave., Ste. 108 65804.
B19-60536/Chap. 13. Nathaniel Paul and Trista R. Grant; 592 S. Dade 181, Everton 65646.
B19-60537/Chap. 7. Michael Savonty Axtman; 2917 Vineyards Parkway 6, Branson 65616.
B19-60538/Chap. 13. Kirk Alan and Jan B. Goforth; 1436 E. McGee 65804.
B19-60539/Chap. 7. Sally Ann Darby; 1803 W. Chestnut St. 65802.
B19-60540/Chap. 7. Rex Philip Ybanez; 1905 S. Hedgewood Drive, Bolivar 65613.
B19-60541/Chap. 7. Todd Lee DuVall; 3397 Hillcrest Ave. 65807.
B19-60542/Chap. 7. McKenzie D. Propst; 1684 State Route K, Pottersville 65790.
B19-60543/Chap. 13. Morris Earl Kautz III; 5502 N. 13th Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60544/Chap. 7. Chase Allen and Jennipher Jean Lawing; RR 74, Box 1855, Alton 65606.
B19-60545/Chap. 7. Sweetheart P. Atwill; 20380 Sweetwater Road, Waynesville 65583.
B19-60546/Chap. 7. Tanner Jack and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Gray; 1407 E. Sycamore St., Ozark 65721.
B19-60547/Chap. 13. Lori Rachelle Mahan-Weaver; 4700 N. 22nd, Ste. H2, Ozark 65721.
B19-60548/Chap. 7. Laken Nicole Jackson; 3030 W. Kingsley, Ste. A106 65807.
B19-60549/Chap. 7. Sirena Danielle Melton; RR 1 Box 82B, Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60550/Chap. 13. Cynthia Dawn Slimp; 3702 W. Vincent Drive 65807.
B19-60551/Chap. 7. Bryan A. Heard; 2632 Ozark Drive, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60552/Chap. 7. Christine Alice Taylor; 1122 Twin Maples Drive, Apt. A, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60553/Chap. 7. Sherry Denise Schroder; 700 S. 11th St., Apt. A1, Ozark 65721.
B19-60554/Chap. 7. JC and Destiny Sha Morton; 3668 W. State St. 65802.
B19-60555/Chap. 7. Jaime Lynee Newlon; 1357 E. Division St. 65803.
B19-60556/Chap. 13. Cheri Louise Goodwin; 2135 N. Weller 65803.
B19-60557/Chap. 7. James Robert Quinn and Pamela Jane Hamilton-Quinn; 451 S. Denver Place, Bolivar 65613.
B19-60558/Chap. 7. Seth Aaron Raney; 8992 N. Choctaw Lane, Willard 65781.
B19-60559/Chap. 7. Ferdinand N. and Sherry Lee Hardin; 4374 W. Meadowmere St. 65802.
B19-30222/Chap. 7. Mondean II and Kimberlee Sue Tennis; 115 Fairwood, Lampe 65681.
B19-30223/Chap. 13. Floyd Dalon and June Ann Cowan; 15 Golfcrest Drive, Kimberling City 65686.


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