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On the Record: April 1-7, 2019

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Springfield Building Permits
Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.
March 15-21, 2019
BLDR2019-00096. Brandon Mahler; D.E. Builders; residential addition; 2034 S. Windsor Drive.
BLDR2019-00100. Terry Thurman; n/a; residential remodel; 1031 W. Mount Vernon St.
BLDC2018-00085. n/a; Ross Construction Group LLC; commercial addition; 3800 W. Washita St.
BLDC2019-00138. Richard Spartan; Bales Construction Inc.; soccer dugouts; 3710 S. Jefferson Ave.
BLDC2019-00079. Michael Lassen; House To Home; commercial renovation; 1364 E. Republic St.
BLDC2019-00126. City Utilities of Springfield; Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors LLC; water tank; 5135 E. Farm Road 116.
BLDC2019-00041. Downtown Springfield Community Improvement District; Christopher Swan; building renovation; 650 N. Boonville Ave.
BLDC2018-00117. Adam Stacey; A-Mega Homes LLC; residential addition; 2107 E. Cherry St.
BLDC2019-00148. Stephanie Shadwick; Historic Development & Restoration Inc.; commercial infill; 134 Park Central Square.
BLDR2019-00109. n/a; Steve Foley; new residential; 3442 E. Fox Grape St.
BLDR2019-00075. Nathan Lotz; n/a; new residential; 3022 W. College St.

Newly Licensed City Businesses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in the city of Springfield filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business.
March 15-21, 2019
A Hip Joint; The Hip Joints LLC; 309 S. Jefferson Ave. 65806; 1730 E. Republic St.; (417) 832-1447; service agent.
A-Mega Homes LLC; same; 2107 E. Cherry St., Ste. 311 65802; 8991 E. Division St., Strafford; (417) 929-1606; special trades contractor.
American Inspection LLC; same; 19325 S. Road 975, Stockton 65785; same; (417) 403-1797; service agent.
Artemis Overland Hardware; same; 708 E. Linwood Drive 65807; 900 W. Olive St.; (417) 834-0375; retail merchant.
Beadles Property Maintenance LLC; same; 7997 N. Farm Road 93, Willard 65781; same; (417) 425-7006; special trades contractor.
Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate; Southwest Realtors LLC Southwest Group; 954 N. Oakwood, Republic 65738; 248 E. Primrose St.; (417) 883-1500; real estate broker/sales.
Bufco Contractors LLC; same; 14682 N. State Highway 125, Bradleyville 65614; same; n/a; special trades contractor.
Build With Dave; David Lackey; 10369 N. Farm Road 81, Walnut Grove 65770; same; (417) 987-3829; special trades contractor.
Build Your Own Box LLC; same; 2149 S. Delaware Ave. 65804; same; (417) 861-9445; distributor.
Case Study Write LLC; same; 2828 S. Nettleton Ave., Ste. D205 65807; same; (417) 631-3005; service agent.
Champman Electric LLC; same; 548 E. Cheyenne St., Gardner KS 66030; same; (913) 575-1612; electrical contractor.
Contender Esports; Brett Payne; 405 N. Jefferson Ave. 65806; same; (417) 209-0487; service agent.
D.E. Builders; David Essick; 1348 Cottonwood Road, Rogersville 65742; same; (417) 830-7009; special trades contractor.
Daryl Smith; Alexander and Forrest Management Consultants and Leonard Smith; P.O. Box 113, Columbia 65205; 1300 Old Hawthorne Drive, Columbia; (760) 445-6064; service agent.
Denise Tuter; same; 2635 E. Valley Water Mill 65803; 3534 E. Sunshine St.; (417) 894-7983; retail merchant.
Everslim; Weight Management Services LLC; 544 S. Dove Valley Ave. 65802; 1024 W. Battlefield Road; (417) 883-7546; service agent.
Faith Hope & Love; Tiffany Winkler; 3110 E. Covington St. 65804; same; (714) 858-2761; distributor.
Firstcall Computer Repair; Brad Spencer; P.O. Box 259, Republic 65738; 3246 E. Old Stone Road, Ste. D105, Brookline; (417) 299-8221; repair.
Genesis Flooring; Vladislav Pavlov; 127 Finbrooke Road, Rogersville 65742; same; (417) 920-7770; special trades contractor.
Glenstone Place; Contract Lodging of Missouri Inc.; 2601 N. Glenstone Ave. 65803; same; (417) 865-6565; motel.
Hall Brothers Sandblasting LLC; same; 3763 N. Farm Road 147 65803; same; (417) 343-8563; special trades contractor.
Hickory Lane Plants LLC; same; 882 S. Hickory Lane, Nixa 65714; same; (417) 597-6417; distributor.
Ives Construction & Interior Inc.; same; 96 Hubble Drive, O’Fallon 63368; same; (636) 300-0707; special trades contractor.
Jayse Stack; same; 120 N. Grand Prairie Drive, Willard 65781; same; (417) 894-3533; special trades contractor.
Leslie Dawson Yoga School LLC; same; 1514 E. Whiteside St. 65804; same; n/a; service agent.
Mallow’s Backhoe Service LLC; same; 3711 S. Forest Ave. 65807; 3519 S. Doris Ave.; (417) 830-9324; plumbing contractor.
Meagan Weldon Photography; Meagan Weldon; 724 W. Walnut St., Ste. 3 65806; 190 Gorget Court, Troy; (636) 293-6518; photographer/ photo finish.
Michael Keffer; same; 1108 S. Gelven Ave. 65804; same; (417) 827-0875; service agent.
Oracle Starsong; same; 9203 Highway M, Huggins 65484; same; (417) 217-3328; service agent.
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt; Troyeco LLC; 1368 E. Republic Road 65804; 1011 S. Glenstone Ave.; (417) 888-2050; restaurant.
Ozarks Safe Co. LLC; same; 1788 N. Woodview, Ste. B, Nixa 65714; 228 W. Sunshine St.; (417) 880-0590; retail merchant.
Paige Turner; same; 1934 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; same; (417) 887-0340; massage technician.
R Concrete Construction; Richard Burks; 140 Candlewood Road, Buffalo 65622; same; (417) 719-2323; special trades contractor.
Solid Foundation Painting; Adam Cook; 32 English Village Park, Nixa 65714; same; (573) 612-4739; special trades contractor.
Springfield Tint Co.; same; 1869 N. Alders Court 65802; 1860 W. Arbor St., Ste. 112; (417) 569-9352; service agent.
Witness Results; same; 1355 E. Gretna St. 65804; 506 S. Jefferson Ave.; (417) 893-8516; service agent.

Greene County Business Licenses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in Greene County filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
March 15-21, 2019
Lil Lemon Drop Clothes Shop LLC; same; 523 E. Kingsley St. 65807; same; (417) 619-1272; retail partnership.
Ozark LED LLC; same; 2241 E. Bennett St. 65804; same; (417) 889-0124; retail service-sole proprietor corporation.
Kingdom Appliance LLC; same; 2942 N. Missouri Ave. 65803; 2811 W. Chestnut Expressway; (417) 234-9667; retail-wholesale service-sole proprietor.
Springfield Tint Co.; same; 1860 W. Arbor St., Ste. 112 65802; same; (417) 773-7988; retail service-corporation.

Greene County Building Permits
Listed here are Greene County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR: single-family residence. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
March 15-21, 2019
4464. David Brown; tbd; SFR; 12606 N. State Highway T, Ash Grove 65604; 220,000.
4465. Brian Standridge; David Packwood; residential remodel; 2093 S. Farm Road 219 65809; 5,000.
4460. Bryan D. Batey Trust; Hostetler Sales & Construction; accessory building; 4856 E. Farm Road 170, Rogersville 65742; 70,000.
4362. Public Water District No. 1; Smith & Edwards Construction Inc.; commercial building; 4930 S. Franwood Place, Battlefield 65619; 246,000.
4368. Springfield Farms LLC; Daniel Stone; commercial building; 2754 S. Harvest Lane, Brookline 65619; 110,000.
4416. City of Springfield; Gold Mechanical Inc.; commercial building; 2840 W. Farm Road 190 65810; 106,500.
4426. Jonathan Sproule; Jay Champagne; residential addition; 2856 S. Quail Ave. 65807; 74,000.
4473. Lucas Jaudes; Cory Corum; SFR; 11499 N. Farm Road 115, Brighton 65617; 250,000.
4475. Rodney Rader; Jerry Fanning; SFR; 8224 W. Farm Road 168, Republic 65738; 200,000.

Deeds of Trust and Mortgages
Listed here are deeds of trust and mortgages, in amounts of $100,000 or more, filed for public record in Greene County by grantor, grantee, note amount and legal description of the property involved in the transaction.
March 15-21, 2019
Arvest Bank to Alison L. Frazier; 133,860; L14, Countryland, Phase VI.
Arvest Bank to Taryn S. and Greggory Lucas; 284,905; L17, Cinnamon Square, fourth addition.
Arvest Bank to Cortney Ann Costello; 129,200; L21, Webster Park, first addition.
Arvest Bank to Kurtis L. and Leah R. Olson; 127,500; L10, Prairie View addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Aaron Akira and Katarina Williams; 111,259; L1, Andrews addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Scott A. and Kelly J. Sallee; 399,000; sec. 29, twp. 29, range 20, SE.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Karl S. and Cynthia R. Fleig; 101,625; sec. 29, twp. 29, range 22, SW.
Bank of America to Anthony A. and Vanessa J. Loudis; 200,000; L55, Twin Oaks Place.
Bank of Bolivar to Preston and Haylee Lumley; 137,000; sec. 33, twp. 31, range 20, NE.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Becky J. Dole; 112,000; L15-19, Beacon Heights.
Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp. to Nick and Evelina Kulinich; 141,391; L101, Fox Creek, second addition.
Bank of Missouri to Brett J. and Teresa J. Heintz; 116,000; L12, Wilomere Terrace.
Bank of Sullivan to RLDC LLC; 1,044,000; sec. 30, twp. 28, range 23, SE.
BluCurrent Credit Union to Patrick and Cynthia Blasi; 260,000; L27, Spring Creek, Phase IV.
Cedar Rapids State Bank to Brett and Summer Ward; 357,000; sec. 2, twp. 29, range 21, NW and NE.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Devon J. Klein and Brittany N. Meyer; 109,513; L49, Country Side Estates, Unit 4.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Bussell Building Inc.; 144,000; L32, Bent Tree, Phase V.
Citizens Bank to Ryan and Crystal Hawkins; 142,500; L47, Hattiesburg Hills, Phase VI.
Commerce Bank to Amy and Jason Laub; 119,000; L42, Lakes at Shuyler Ridge.
CU Community Credit Union to Kimberly L. and Michael D. Batson; 105,900; L53, Logan Estates.
CU Community Credit Union to Grace Johns; 145,700; L4, Homestead Estates.
CU Community Credit Union to Kimberly L. and Michael D. Batson; 105,900; L53, Logan Estates.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Rachel Owens; 181,939; L6 and 7, Reeds addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Jeremy and Alaina Duncan; 112,917; L1, Broadmoor Manor, third addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Terry Jr. and Christine R. Henry; 144,031; L7, Redwood Heights addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Tina Christine Fisher; 157,003; L9 and 10, Sunshine Place.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Shawn Matthew Morrow; 145,353; sec. 30, twp. 31, range 20, NE.
Doll Haus Properties LLC to JT3 Holdings LLC; 118,000; L8-10, Strafford original plat.
Fairway Independent Mortgage Group to Brian Lee Gann; 147,028; L38, White Oak, first addition.
Fairway Independent Mortgage Group to Gerardo Cuevas; 170,707; L25, The Cottages, first addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Gary L. and Karen Herrmann; 182,900; L66, Marlborough Manor, fourth addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Lindsay Vinson; 134,000; L16 and 17, Edwards addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Paul D. and Loretta Parks; 113,905; L26 and 27, Merriman’s second addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to David and Lorelei Berry; 159,065; L17 and 18, Searcy’s addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Mariah S. Blackstock and Ronald W. Grant Jr.; 186,868; sec. 25, twp. 31, range 22, NE.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Edward Grainger; 105,061; L14 and 15, Meador Park Estates, first addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Craig E. and Amanda L. Baird; 175,000; L2, Greentree Hills.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Viktoriya V. Hawkins; 100,000; L3, Mission Hills.
Foundation Credit Union to Kelli Renae Quinn; 166,500; sec. 1, twp. 29, range 20, NE.
Freedom Bank of Southern Missouri to Robert and Tina Horn; 200,000; sec. 4, twp. 29, range 23, NW.
Freedom Bank of Southern Missouri to RAL Property Management LLC; 104,800; L44 and 45, Orchard addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Dereck W. and Michael N. Johnson; 116,844; L10, Lindon-Sperry-Sycamore-Wells, third addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Ronald W. Jr. and Katharina Goodwin; 185,000; L69, Liberty Place, Phase II.
Gershman Mortgage to Christine E. Elder; 102,999; L8, Country Club Village.
Gershman Mortgage to Lawrence J. and Lisa R. Froehlich; 126,262; L38, Windmill Place.
Gershman Mortgage to Billy E. and Julie A. Styles; 147,184; L47, Cedar Crest Estates.
Great Southern Bank to Melissa Marrs; 229,568; L17 and 18, Latoka Heights.
Great Southern Bank to Virginia R. Ouelette Trust and Virginia and Edward Ouelette; 119,500; L53, Quail Creek, Phase II.
Great Southern Bank to David and Jane Wheelbarger; 100,000; sec. 15, twp. 30, range 24, NW.
Great Southern Bank to Aaron R. and Amanda M. Buzard; 615,000; L37, Ravenwood South, fourth addition.
Great Southern Bank to Corey D. and Leslie B. Bray; 344,000; L14, Rivercut Golf Community, Phase VII.
Guaranty Bank to Valerie Rooney and Joshua Middleton; 113,400; L1, South National, fourth addition.
Guaranty Bank to Ryan M., Anna, Michael R. and Tonya L. Wolfe; 130,000; L28, Seminole Place.
Guaranty Bank to David M. Taylor; 169,600; L18, Evergreen, Phase III.
Guaranty Bank to Steven C. Huxley; 255,000; L14, South Fork, fourth addition.
Hawthorn Bank to Warner Development LLC; 236,862; sec. 29, twp. 29, range 22, SE.
JPMorgan Chase Bank to Boon Mee Yang and Lae Bee Kha Cha; 108,000; L14, Heritage Heights, Phase III.
Legacy Bank & Trust to BYBC LLC; 225,000; L1, 2 and 5, Schneider’s addition. LLC to Michael R. and Kelly A. Byrd; 319,500; L15, Woodfield Park.
Marlene B. Sullivan Trust to Warner Development LLC; 120,000; sec. 29, twp. 29, range 22, SE.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Samuel B. Sanders DC LLC; 260,000; L1B, Foxfire replat.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Seth and Brooke Snowden; 210,400; L19, Valley Park Estates, second addition.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Bradyle Wormington; 117,800; L57, Sunshine Estates, Phase III.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Christopher L. and Kimberly D. Saunders; 100,000; sec. 20, twp. 28, range 23, NW.
MSOCH LLC to Springtree Properties LLC; 295,000; L6, Epley’s addition.
Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Samuel R. and Laurice Beatty; 100,100; L34, Northern Hills.
Navy Federal Credit Union to Daniel J. and Jolyn B. Hecht; 233,516; L16, South Fork, fourth addition.
New American Funding to Lannette Mountain; 131,326; L13, Childers.
New American Funding to Christopher Fuller; 107,908; L249, Cloverdale addition.
OakStar Bank to Timofey and Diana Svidenko; 100,000; sec. 13, twp. 30, range 22, NW and SW.
OakStar Bank to Ashlee and Brett Diers; 137,900; L14, White Oak.
OakStar Bank to Caleb Wehrman and Jessica Merckling; 365,000; L7, Hickory Hills community development.
OakStar Bank to Zach and Erica McCormick; 260,000; L13, Kanata Lea.
OakStar Bank to Micah T. and Marissa A. Scott; 190,000; L41, Lakes at Wild Horse, Phase I.
OakStar Bank to Marvin Homes LLC; 409,500; L37, Hickory Hills, Phase I.
OakStar Bank to Angela Conover and Kenneth Holt; 256,000; L2, Coppermill Estates.
OakStar Bank to Anna and John Hufft; 189,905; L70, Battlefield Estates, Phase II.
OakStar Bank to Matthew and Bailey Hoffman; 148,675; L6, Logan Estates.
OakStar Bank to Connor and Cassie Doss; 130,150; L9, Northern Lights, first addition.
OakStar Bank to Jamie Tillman; 132,618; L24, Woodland Park Estates, Phase III.
OakStar Bank to Kessler Properties LLC; 103,200; L7, Phelps Park Terraces.
OakStar Bank to John S. and Charlene A. Berquist Bourhis; 180,000; L52, Brenthill.
OakStar Bank to Brian S. and Gara L. Powell; 150,000; L25, Compton Hills.
Old Missouri Bank to Ben and Carrie Richardson; 227,200; sec. 27, twp. 28, range 23, SE.
On Q Financial Inc. to Ellen Rosetta Brown; 111,675; L6, Cottage Heights, third addition.
PennyMax Loan Service LLC to Miera J. and Jeremy C. Dameron; 102,116; L23, West Highlands.
Pinnacle Bank to MGUP LLC; 123,000; L13, Brentwood Terrace.
PrimeLending to Angeline and Christopher Hein; 119,700; sec. 25, twp. 29, range 22, SW.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Kyle Thurston and Madeline Ashley; 122,996; L11, Countryside Terrace.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Richard F. and Jeri Every; 149,623; sec. 3, twp. 29, range 22, NE.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Richard A. and Karen Maxson; 206,705; L44, Park West Village.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Teresa P. and Larry W. Haguewood; 102,000; L26, Goff Rancho, Unit 1.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Curtis and Allyson Tipton; 212,458; L39, Park West Village.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Jason M. and Marissa Corlett; 106,328; L14, Country Club Terrace.
Regent Bank to Chestnut Center LLC; 1,296,000; L2, Wehrs Chestnut Plaza.
Regent Bank to James Allen and Lori Paige Payne; 275,000; irregular legal.
Simmons Bank to Lakewood Center Property LLC; 2,170,000; L1 and 2, Twin Oaks Center.
Simmons Bank to Randell E. Watkins; 160,000; L5, Toothman addition.
Simmons Bank to Deanna Komas and Kathryn Gardner; 148,483; L28, Spring Creek, Phase I.
Springfield First Community Bank to Robert J. and Holly F. Parry; 143,416; L50, Bent Tree, Phase I.
Springfield First Community Bank to Theresa L. Gilmore; 232,000; Unit 11, Glengary Cottages Condominium.
Springfield First Community Bank to Julia Peterie; 210,000; sec. 12, twp. 28, range 21, SE.
Springfield First Community Bank to Qi Teng Chen and Mei Ru Dong; 139,500; L32, Millstone.
Springfield First Community Bank to James C. Courtney; 102,000; sec. 7, twp. 30, range 20, SW and SE.
Springfield First Community Bank to Blake and Lindsey Lahr; 199,500; L41, Stonehinge.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to DBrandco LLC; 120,000; L17 and 18, Boulevard addition.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Myron Drue and Michele L. Scott; 630,000; sec. 19, twp. 29, range 20, SE.
Telcomm Credit Union to Neil C. and Linda Slagle; 150,000; L7, Coppermill Estates.
U.S. Bank to Brandon Paul and Jennifer Speakes; 128,528; L46, Johnswood Village addition.
U.S. Bank to Todd A. and Debora A. Randell; 150,000; L20, Windsmore.
U.S. Bank to Todd A. and Debora A. Randell; 156,000; L20, Windsmore.
U.S. Bank to Alexandra K. Beckman; 122,735; L30, Belcrest addition.
USAA Federal Savings Bank to Kimberly S. Brixey; 147,622; L11, Eldorado Place, fourth addition.
Veterans United Home Loans to Noelle C. Caylor; 153,122; L3 and 4, Miles Grand Cherry Terrace, first addition.
Volt Credit Union to Rick T. and Robin L. Coble; 159,000; sec. 11, twp. 30, range 20, SW.
Wells Fargo Bank to Michael L. and Christina D. Strohm; 185,000; sec. 13, twp. 31, range 23, SE.
WinTrust Mortgage to Homer B. and Judy A. Harrison; 141,900; L68, Timbercreek, sixth addition.

The following petitions were filed and relief was granted in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Kansas City for the Western District of Missouri, as a matter of public record. The bankruptcies were received at the federal clerk’s office in Springfield. The bankruptcies appear in order of case, chapter, petitioner and address. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
Feb. 8-14, 2019
B19-60153/Chap. 13. Judith Lynne Love; 1704 E. Lark St. 65804.
B19-60154/Chap. 13. Ryan Anthony Lewis; 20955 Hartburg Lane, Saint Robert 65584.
B19-60155/Chap. 7. Tamas and Stevie Lee Kiss; 3126 E. Valley Water Mill Road, Apt. 2503 65803.
B19-60156/Chap. 13. Julie Ann Scott; 3537 S. Delaware Ave. 65804.
B19-60157/Chap. 7. Adam Clayton Draayer; 2804 Morgan Road, No. 125, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60158/Chap. 7. Josephine S. Cochran; 2523 S. Fort Ave. 65807.
B19-60159/Chap. 13. Ra-Keish N. Roland; 2214 N. Travis Ave. 65803.
Feb. 15-21, 2019
B19-60160/Chap. 13. Holly Dot Caldwell; 2039 Southford Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60161/Chap. 7. Joseph D. and Sabrina L. Spencer; 2055 E. State Route K, No. 62, West Plains 65775.
B19-60162/Chap. 7. Timothy Dewayne Oliver; 4341 W. Maple 65802.
B19-60163/Chap. 13. Donald J. Ready; 2533 N. Fort Ave. 65803.
B19-60164/Chap. 7. Elaine Johns; 3527 Highway 50, Beaufort 63013.
B19-60165/Chap. 7. Kimberly Jeanne Heflin; 627 S. Fountain Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60166/Chap. 7. Carrie Gene Hunter; 504 N. Belview Ave. 65802.
B19-60167/Chap. 7. Dale Alan and Catherine Marie Hall; 1261 W. Vintage Lane, Nixa 65714.
B19-60168/Chap. 13. John Kevin and Kathleen Kim Flohr; 1435 State Highway N, Clever 65631.
B19-60169/Chap. 7. Austin Ray Allen Carcione; 2141 N. Oakland Ave. 65803.
B19-60170/Chap. 7. James Dean Hahn; 14 Legend Road, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60171/Chap. 7. Jimmie Lee and Linda Lee Lowery; 2938 E. Monroe Terrace 65802.
B19-60172/Chap. 7. Rachel Winson Reaves; 818 S. Cobble Creek Blvd., Nixa 65714.
B19-60173/Chap. 13. Wilbur Dean and Debra Annette Turner; P.O. Box 253, Roby 65557.
B19-60174/Chap. 7. Stori N. Hagewood; 280 W. Wilson, Republic 65738.
B19-60175/Chap. 12. Wacha Farms LLC; 1440 W. Skyline Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60176/Chap. 13. Christine Lynn Boaz; 1561 S. Campbell 65807.
B19-60177/Chap. 7. Lorraine M. Gerkey; 302 E. Clouse, Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60178/Chap. 7. Ulas V. Volner; 701 Frisco St., Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60179/Chap. 7. Elija Joshua Smith II; 1434 W. Lark St., Apt. 108 65810.
B19-60180/Chap. 7. Larry Drew and Louise M. Domerese; 641 Joe Jones Blvd., West Plains 65775.
B19-60181/Chap. 13. Timothy Darden and Shelly Patrice Curl; 106 E. Pintail Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60182/Chap. 7. Steven Travis and Cristina Camelia Worley; 802 Daniel Lane, Willard 65781.
B19-30060/Chap. 13. Danny Joe and Debbie Ruth Poindexter; 46 Allison Bend, Lampe 65681.
Feb. 22-28, 2019
B19-60183/Chap. 7. Dustin L. Hayman; 4006 N. Willow Road, Ozark 65721.
B19-60184/Chap. 7. Joshua Jackson and Rachelle M. Vaughn; 813 S. Dade 251, Ash Grove 65604.
B19-60185/Chap. 7. Ryan David Gray; 741 N. Elmwood Ave. 65802.
B19-60186/Chap. 7. Pamela Lynn Eskandar; 1216 Pearl Circle, West Plains 65775.
B19-60187/Chap. 13. Robin Renea Gold; 3134 W. Page St. 65802.
B19-60188/Chap. 7. Shane Erin and Jacqueline Dawn Gold; 2051 Delaware Ave. 65804.
B19-60189/Chap. 7. Maxie Dee Johnson; 1120 E. Livingston Court 65803.
B19-60190/Chap. 7. Sandra Louise Tyner; 614 Skyview Drive, Branson 65616.
B19-60191/Chap. 7. Kode Drew Witherspoon; 311 E. Monroe St., Walnut Grove 65770.
B19-60192/Chap. 7. Richard Howell English; 2106 N. Benton, Unit B 65803.
B19-60193/Chap. 7. Aaron Scott Williams; 103 N. Teakwood Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60194/Chap. 7. J.D. Livingston; 2321 E. Cherry St., Apt. 2 65802.
B19-60195/Chap. 7. Rita Clark; 3963 W. Gardenia Drive, Brookline 65619.
B19-60196/Chap. 13. Chadwick Arthur and Alexandria Louise Runk; 828 E. Purple Martin St., Nixa 65714.
B19-60197/Chap. 7. Rex Jacob Cody and Cherie Nicole Rowden; 2710 N. Farm Road 137, Lot 118 65803.
B19-60198/Chap. 13. Lindsay Elizabeth Shaffer; 18629 E. 2028 Road, Dadeville 65635.
B19-60199/Chap. 13. David W. and Tracy L. West; 5731 W. David St. 65802.
B19-60200/Chap. 13. Jeffrey Wayne and Penny Jean Hartman; 143 Park Hill Court, Strafford 65757.
B19-60201/Chap. 7. Jaime Alfredo Gonzalez; 4037 W. Hialeah 65803.
B19-60202/Chap. 7. Laura Stellan Patterson; 550 Boston Road, Oldfield 65720.
B19-60203/Chap. 7. Joy Anna Corn; 1650 Timbercreek Drive, Apt. 13, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60204/Chap. 7. Rachael Marie Reed; 1538 E. Lindberg St. 65804.
B19-60205/Chap. 13. Norma Jean Marcus; 1336 N. West Ave. 65802.
B19-60206/Chap. 13. John Lee and Ruthie Lee Gilsdorf; 873 E. 420th Road, Trailer C-1, Bolivar 65613.
B19-60207/Chap. 11. Print Group Inc.; 1440 W. Skyline Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60208/Chap. 13. Greg Gene Lumley; Route 6, Box 67554, Ava 65608.
B19-60209/Chap. 7. Diana G. Riley; P.O. Box 450, Stockton 65785.
B19-60210/Chap. 13. Wendy Leigh Snodgrass; 2526 W. Swallow St. 65810.
B19-60211/Chap. 7. Jesse Edward Jr. and Jennifer Marie Tanner; P.O. Box 294, Laquey 65534.
B19-60212/Chap. 7. Jamie Cordell Herron; 4001 S. Belvedere Court 65807.
B19-60213/Chap. 7. Billy H. Davis; 210 Brianna Drive, Hollister 65672.
B19-60214/Chap. 7. Matthew Bryce and Stephanie Ann Trotter; 207 N. Gregg Road, Nixa 65714.
B19-60215/Chap. 7. Joshua Michael and Tara Leslie Williams; 4103 N. Mead Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60216/Chap. 7. Jeff M. and Cari C. Maughan; 5364 S. Cloverdale Lane, Battlefield 65619.
B19-60217/Chap. 7. Lindsey R. Shepherd; 709 S. Elm St., Stoutland 65567.
B19-60218/Chap. 7. Deana Marie Hunt; 807 N. Alberta, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60219/Chap. 7. Stephon Antonio and Ashley Nicole Johnson; 3660 S. Cox Ave., Apt. 2105 65807.
B19-60220/Chap. 7. Donald Ray and Shirley Ann Mashburn; 403 E. Hadley St., Republic 65738.
March 1-7, 2019
B19-60221/Chap. 7. Randall Joseph Clark; 1800 State Highway VV, Powersite 65731.
B19-60222/Chap. 7. Jacob M. Jackson; 530 W. Mt. Vernon, Apt. 2 65806.
B19-60223/Chap. 7. Daniel John Westermier; 1839H E. Independence St., Unit 14036 65814.
B19-60224/Chap. 13. Richard Eugene Andrews; 1471 E. Brower 65802.
B19-60225/Chap. 13. Tiffany G. Mathews; 103 W. Nola Drive, Clever 65631.
B19-60226/Chap. 13. Larry Eugene Whitlock; 2604 W. Saige Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60227/Chap. 7. Jeffrey Glen and Jennifer L. Watts; 4469 Highway 63, Cabool 65689.
B19-60228/Chap. 13. Joshua Dale and Kimberly Lea Wilson; 109 Candlewood Road, Buffalo 65622.
B19-60229/Chap. 7. Brain N. and Brittany Ellen Jackson; 806 Bryan St., Willow Springs 65793.
B19-60230/Chap. 7. Danny Ray Anderson; 434 S. Belcrest 65802.
B19-60231/Chap. 7. Heather Ann Brown; 2956 W. Madison St. 65802.
B19-60232/Chap. 13. Thomas Ellis Clark Jr.; 403 N. Fulton St., Marshfield 65706.
B19-60233/Chap. 7. Teresa Michelle Cagle; 1017 W. Second St., West Plains 65775.
B19-60234/Chap. 7. Robin Lea Beard; P.O. Box 2104, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60235/Chap. 7. Tiffany Sue James; 2627 W. Mt. Vernon 65802.
B19-60236/Chap. 13. Allen Ray and Serenna Anntrannette Luttjohann; 4922 S. Farm Road 71, Republic 65738.
B19-60237/Chap. 7. John Frederick Boyd; 2302 N. Hillcrest Ave., No. 37 65803.
B19-60238/Chap. 7. Andrew Daniel and Julian Marie Owensby; 408 N. Dogwood and 9031 E. Farm Road 56, Strafford 65757.
B19-60239/Chap. 7. Gina Marge Woollums; P.O. Box 2163, Ozark 65721.
B19-60240/Chap. 7. George Albert Jr. and Shanna Christine Rice; 1036 W. Jackson St., Bolivar 65613.
B19-60241/Chap. 7. Lindsey Marie Johnston; 21125 Teasly Lane, Devils Elbow 65457.
B19-60242/Chap. 13. Gerald Wayne Knudson; 301 Scott Blvd., Apt. F304, Branson 65616.
B19-60243/Chap. 13. Keith Edward and Suzette Marie Wheeler; 701 S. Aurora Court, Nixa 65714.
B19-60244/Chap. 13. Larry and Marilyn Dale Dilday; P.O. Box 142, Forsyth 65653.
B19-60245/Chap. 7. Carolyn S. Mayhew; 2530 N. Johnston 65803.
B19-60246/Chap. 7. Wesley S. and Amanda L. Vineyard; 2954 Vinyards Parkway, No. 6, Branson 65616.
B19-60247/Chap. 7. Mathew Eugene and Dawn Nicole Hagston; 826 Pershing St., Willard 65781.
B19-30095/Chap. 13. Jeffery O’Brian White; 1715 Rex Ave., Apt. 70, Joplin 64801.
March 8-14, 2019
B19-60248/Chap. 7. Jessica Lynn Braswell; 869 S. Waco Ave. 65802.
B19-60249/Chap. 7. Kimberly Kathryn Winborn; 893 W. Pembrooke Ave., Nixa 65712.
B19-60250/Chap. 7. Ricky Alan Williams; 2074 N. Columbia 65803.
B19-60251/Chap. 13. Shawandalitha Denise Foster; 1909 S. Ingram Mill, Apt. No. 4 65804.
B19-60252/Chap. 13. Justin Michael Tobin; 201 S. Fort St., No. 5, Nixa 65712.
B19-60253/Chap. 7. Dianna Lou Whitney; 1631 E. Kerr St. 65803.
B19-60254/Chap. 13. Daniel Melvin and Judy A. Bursley; 19500 Highway C, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60255/Chap. 13. Michael D. and Paula A. Thompson; 892 W. Ash Circle, Nixa 65714.
B19-60256/Chap. 7. Robin Ann Brammer; 5468 S. Fort Ave. 65810.
B19-60257/Chap. 13. Benjamin Russell and Amy Chere Conner; 1415 S. Sieger Drive 65804 and 5720 S. Robberson Ave., Apt. F7 65810.
B19-60258/Chap. 7. Kristy Lynn Gagne; 2301 E. Seminole 65804.
B19-60259/Chap. 7. Sharon Sue Pitts; 1008 E. Smith St. 65803.
B19-60260/Chap. 13. Billy Edward Mooneyham; 16080 E. Highway 32, Stockton 65785.
B19-60261/Chap. 13. Bernie L. Thompson; 356 Peddler Road, Sparta 65753.
B19-60262/Chap. 7. Chasity Dawn Bowles; 402 S. Concordia Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60263/Chap. 7. Carolyn Jean Siler; 417 West Olive St., Bolivar 65613.
B19-60264/Chap. 7. Caleb Olschewski and Kelly Elaine Millsap; 8175 S. 1865 Road, Humansville 65674.
B19-60265/Chap. 13. Judith Karon Mishler; 425 S. Cedarwood Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60266/Chap. 7. Justin Curtis Kay; 34508 Highway VV, Eldridge 65463.
B19-60267/Chap. 13. Diana Kay Dunn; 120 Kiiedon Court, Branson 65616.
B19-60268/Chap. 7. Roger Lee and Melissa Robin Harmon; 2526 W. Elm St. 65806.
B19-60269/Chap. 7. Dawn Marlene Biava-Harrett; 300 W. Morrow St., Buffalo 65622.
B19-60270/Chap. 13. William C. and Deana S. Morgan; P.O. Box 234, Kirbyville 65679.
B19-60271/Chap. 7. Michael Lee and Angela Marie Stafford; 4242 S. 205th Road, Half Way 65663.
B19-30107/Chap. 7. Natalie Dawn Knott; 108 Hummer Lane, Reeds Spring 65737.
March 15-21, 2019
B19-60272/Chap. 7. Francis Warren and Jaime Michelle McCoy; 1942 Meadow Drive, West Plains 65775.
B19-60273/Chap. 7. Billy Joe and Angela Dawn Turner; 2129 S. Roanoke Ave. 65807.
B19-60274/Chap. 13. Shane Levi Reed and Richard Fink; 4014 Ash Road, Merriam Woods 65740.
B19-60275/Chap. 7. Dustin Allen and Krystal Nicole White Baggs; 300 S. Walnut St., Dixon 65459.
B19-60276/Chap. 7. Rusell Bartlett; P.O. Box 1898, West Plains 65775.
B19-60277/Chap. 13. Marcia Jean Woody; 4771 W. Tarkio St. 65802.
B19-60278/Chap. 7. Jordan Kemper Aber; 1735 W. Bennett, Ste. A207 65807.
B19-60279/Chap. 13. Joshua Lee and Amanda Leeann Evans; 1207 W. Mill Pond Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60280/Chap. 7. Lola Briana Partridge; 1578 S. 14th Ave., Ste. 3, Ozark 65721.
B19-60281/Chap. 7. Gretchen Grace Peters; 2170 Beck Lane, Ste. 7, Lebannon 65536.
B19-60282/Chap. 7. Scott Edward Gibson; 3462 Highway MM, Mountain Grove 65711.
B19-60283/Chap. 7. Danny Wayne Rowden; 215 Oak Cliff Ave., Ste. 4, Strafford 65737.
B19-60284/Chap. 13. Daniel Patrick Hagen; 1326 E. Knobhill 65804.
B19-60285/Chap. 7. Bobby Dean and Martha Jeanette Noel; 841 E. Jackson St., Marshfield 65706.
B19-60286/Chap. 7. Virginia Lynn Carson; 626 Vine St., Thayer 65791.
B19-60287/Chap. 11. C. Lewis Enterprises LLC; 2107 E. Berkeley St. 65804.
B19-60288/Chap. 7. Thomas Farrell Tait; 843 E. Park Manor, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60289/Chap. 13. Sarah Ann Barton; 3225 W. Glenwood St. 65807.
B19-60290/Chap. 7. Kimberly Kay Moore; 114 E. South St., Bolivar 65613.
B19-60291/Chap. 7. Daniel Francis Joseph and Monique Mary Polendo; 1556 S. Catalina Ave. 65804.
B19-60292/Chap. 7. Christopher Wayne Poynter; 416 N. Pinewood Ave., Republic 65738.
B19-60293/Chap. 7. Edith Tabitha Somers; 200 Shady Meadow Circle, Branson 65616.
B19-60294/Chap. 7. George Eugene Pittman III; 421 W. Madison, Ste. 210 65806.
B19-60295/Chap. 13. Randall Joseph West; 26701 Rhapsody Drive, Richland 65536.
B19-60296/Chap. 7. Randall E. and Laresa Dawne Depew; 282 Wildwood Lane, Rockaway Beach 65740.
B19-60297/Chap. 7. Vicky Joe Oursbourn; P.O. Box 129, Laquey 65534.
B19-60298/Chap. 7. Nikki Elaine Oates; 2138 S. Roanoke Ave. 65807.
B19-60299/Chap. 13. Warren K. Sr. and Cindy Lou Warden; 14146 Long Hollow Road, Plato 65552.
B19-60300/Chap. 13. Judith Kay Wilkerson; 10446 N. State Highway H, Pleasant Hope 65725.
B19-40615/Chap. 13. Mark David and Diane Renee Jones; 5465 S.E. 1000 Road, Collins 64738.

Federal Tax Liens
Listed here are federal tax liens filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
March 1-7, 2019
6272. Melvin Brown Jr. and P. Schiffman; 727 N. Fairfax Ave. 65802; individual; 13,630.
6311. Roger and Janice W. Fouche; 602 E. Cherokee St. 65807; individual; 13,675.
6312. Fouche Enterprises LLC; 600 W. Republic Road, Ste. 104 65807; business; 11,343.
6313. Michael A. and Adrienne N. Adams; 1730 E. Valley Watermill Road, No. 402 65803; individual; 17,112.
6314. James C. and Kathy L. Roller; 4666 S. Ridgeview Ave., Battlefield 65619; individual; 34,642.
6780. Serbica Cafe LLC dba Springfield Family Restaurant; 2222 S. Campbell Ave. 65807; business; 11,348.

Federal Tax Lien Releases
Listed here are federal tax lien releases filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
March 1-7, 2019
6781. Roy W. and Mary B. Jackson; 5055 S. Deer Meadow Lane, Republic 65738; individual; 93,802.
6273. Joseph and Hannah Ndiba; 3826 W. Parkridge Circle 65802; individual; 16,048.
6274. Pappos 900 LLC; P.O. Box 218, Lake Ozark 65049; business; 29,898.
6316. Olive Grille and Yung H Joo; 5623 S. Walnut Hill Avenue 65810; business; 9,937.
6317. Olive Grille LLC; 5623 S. Walnut Hill Avenue 65810; business; 9,937.
6318. Christopher Z. Scrivener; 8192 E. Farm Road 112, Strafford 65757; individual; 10,990.

State Tax Lien Releases
Listed here are state tax lien releases taxes filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
March 1-7, 2019
6768. Laurelin C. Schulz; n/a; business; 6,745.
6767. Brian J. Stuebner; n/a; business; 6,745.
6769. Evol Empire LLC; n/a; business; 6,745.


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