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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

Aug. 20-26, 1998

B98-1334. Iva Butts; repair leaks and change roof pitch; 1824 N. Lone Pine Ave.; 1,800.

B98-1335. City of Springfield; demolish greenhouse; 2209 N. Douglas; 0.

B98-1313. Barnes & Noble Bookstore; install fire sprinklers and alarms; 3055 S. Glenstone Ave.; 0.

B98-1337. Lester E. Cox Medical Center; fire suppression; 3801 S. National Ave.; 2,500.

B98-1339. Clarence Wayne Gregory; storage building; 747 N. Forest Ave.; 2,500.50.

B98-1326. General Council Assemblies of God; renovations; 1445 Boonville; 255,700.

B98-1340. Howard Fagan; demolition; 1862 N. National; 0.

B98-1343. Geneva L. Bowden; storage building; 3061 W. Grand St.; 500.

B98-0971. Bob Woolsey; new office and warehouse; 1521 N. Packer; 138,023.60.

B98-1344. Coatney Construction Inc.; SFR; 1922 N. Hillcrest; 62,500.

B98-1345. Coatney Construction Inc.; SFR; 1926 N. Hillcrest; 62,500.

B98-1346. Coatney Construction Inc.; SFR; 1930 N. Hillcrest; 62,500.

B98-1347. Coatney Construction Inc.; SFR; 1934 N. Hillcrest; 62,500.

B98-1348. Hung Luu; remodeling; 816 W. Lois St.; 9,500.

B98-1349. Loren Cameron; addition; 3000 W. Page St.; 1,000.

B98-1350. Jim Foster; greenhouse and parking surface; 1309 S. Scenic Ave.; 7,000.

B98-1352. Lester E. Cox Medical Center; infill; 3801 S. National Ave.; 85,000.

B98-1353. J & S Investments; SFR; 2815 W. College; 40,000.

B98-1356. Sarah J. Nease; storage addition; 2210 N. National Ave.; 6,000.

B98-1318. Second Baptist Church; addition; 3111 E. Battlefield; 62,000.

B98-1311. Springfield School District; mobile classroom units; 1223 W. Madison; 50,000.

B98-0483. City of Springfield; erect airplane hangar; 2847-A N. General Aviation Ave.; 366,795.

B98-0484. City of Springfield; erect airplane hangar; 2851-B N. General Aviation Ave.; 195,624.

B98-0964. Jim Majors; addition; 500 S. National Ave.; 20,049.

B98-1119. Postal Federal Community; new credit union; 1770 W. Sunset; 948,303.

B98-1268. Litton Precision Products Inc.; boiler room expansion; 4811 W. Kearney St.; 36,840.

B98-1360. William McIntosh; pole barn; 1031 W. Portland St.; 4,500.

B98-1262. Thomas Frye; remodel interior; 1125 S. Douglas Ave.; 6,000.

B98-1238. Randy Sheridan; partial roof repairs; 1470 N. Glenstone Ave.; 15,000.

B98-1363. 1363. Ronald Dan Manweiler; erect storage shed; 3185 S. Ferguson Ave.; 1,000.

B98-1364. Larry Smith; accessory building; 1428 W. Whiteside St.; 1,800.

B98-1365. Bob McCroskey; remodel interior; 1631 N. Jefferson Ave.; 10,000.

B98-1367. Charles R. Fuhr; new bay addition; 2518 E. Livingston St.; 25,000.

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