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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Regulations Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

March 26-April 6, 1998

B98-439. McBride & Son Homes; SFR; 3707 E. Alameda; 140,000.

B98-441. Ken McKnelly; SFR; 1039 W. Meadowmere; 79,000.

B98-385. Springfield Freightliner; fire suppression; 3020 E. Division St.; 15,589.

B98-446. George Adams; SFR; 3207 E. Manitoo; 170,000.

B98-447. Stan Brunson; SFR; 1115 S. Hillcrest; 67,000.

B98-224. 3M Company; commercial addition; 3211 E. Chestnut Expwy.; 33,516.

B98-448. A.J. Wilcox; SFR; 1245 S. Ferguson; SFR; 33,000.

B98-450. Gertha E. Hilterbrand; garage; 2019 N. Douglas Ave; n/a.

B98-454. Nicole Monsees; patio; 1135 S. Main Ave.; 1,500.

B98-455. Simon Property Group; tenant improvement; Springfield Piano & Organ, 2825 S. Glenstone; 13,750.

B98-419. Paradise Hair; tenant improvement; 1528 S. Glenstone; 8,000.

B98-457. Maxine Wheeler; addition; 530 S. Newton Ave.; 1,500.

B98-458. Scramblers Restaurant; fire suppression; 504 N. West Bypass; 1,500.

B98-460. Bill McIntosh; carport; 1031 W. Portland St.; 1,000.

B98-326. Morelock-Ross; commercial building; 1315-1325 W. Sunshine; 574,300.

B98-461. Carleton Building Co.; SFR; 6341 Creek's Edge Ct.; 378,800.

B98-462. Carleton Building Co.; SFR; 6354 Creek's Edge Dr.; 433,400.

B98-327. Rod Hughes; tenant improvement; 1335-E E. Republic Road; 11,000.

B98-463. Rod Hughes; tenant improvement; 1335-D E. Republic Road; 11,000

B98-464. Rod Hughes; tenant improvement; 1335-F E. Republic Road; 11,000.

B98-465. Rod Hughes; tenant improvement; 1335-G E. Republic Road; 11,000.

B98-466. Rod Hughes; tenant improvement; 1335-H E. Republic Road; 11,000.

B98-467. Rod Hughes; tenant improvement; 1335-J E. Republic Road; 11,000.

B98-468. Rod Hughes; tenant improvement; 1335-K E. Republic Road; 11,000.

B98-469. Jeffrey L. Richey; repair; 538 W. Broadmoor St.; 40,000.

B98-470. Mark Kerivan; SFR; 1333 W. Edgewood; 10,000.

B98-453. Hudson Foods Inc.; demolition; 412 N. Boonville Ave.; n/a.

B98-471. Battlefield Mall; fire suppression; Journey's Shoe Store, 2825 S. Glenstone; 2,300.

B98-472. Carleton Building; SFR; 3836 W. Jordon; 55,280.

B98-473. Bob Morrison; SFR; 949 N. Ironbridge Cir.; 300,000.

B98-474. Res-Tone; SFR; 3344 E. Lark St.; 120,000.

B98-475. Res-Tone; SFR; 3364 E. Lark St.; 120,000.

B98-394. Elk's Lodge; fire suppression; 2221 E. Bennett; 15,500.

B98-395. HCI Chemtech Distribution Inc.; fire suppression; 2235 W. Battlefield Road; 6,700.

B98-477. Conco Companies; alteration; 333 E. Park Central Sq.; 25,000.

B98-478. John Piatchek; SFR; 2052 E. Timberhill Pl.; 315,000.

B98-479. Holland F. Chalfant; alteration; Mrs. O'Mealey's Cafeteria, 1310 S. Glenstone; 7,000.

B98-480. SMSU Zeta Housing Corp.; repair; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, 1043 E. Cherry St.; 85,893.

B98-482. Guy Pepe; SFR; 2328 S. Kickapoo; 60,000.

B98-174. Dodson-Williams Automotive; commercial building; 502 W. Walnut St.; 250,000.

B98-293. Russell Kerr; multifamily residence; 424 W. McDaniel St.; 200,000.

B98-491. Matthew D. Mercer; addition; 904 W. Greenwood St.; 10,000.

B98-492. Billy F. Sneed, trustee; addition; 541 W. Minota St.; 1,100.

B98-490. David Kellett; demolition; 331-345 S. Jefferson; n/a.

B98-495. Cameron Longanecker; storage shed; 2738 E. Linwood Dr.; 2,200.

B98-494. Roscoe G. Booth; garage; 3330 N. Fremont Ave.; 3,500.

B98-499. Bradford Park South; alteration; 500 W. Battlefield Road; 5,000.

B98-397. Sonic Restaurants; commercial building; 1642 E. Republic; 60,878.

B98-401. Positronic Industries Inc.; alteration; 423 N. Campbell Ave.; 23,500.

B98-325. Glenstone Corp.; commercial building; Fox and Hounds, 2035 E. Independence; 839,500.

B97-1843. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; accessory structure; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 267,929.

B98-497. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; rental office; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 159,800.

B98-498. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; 24-unit apartment; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 549,000.

B98-500. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; 24-unit apartment; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 549,000.

B98-501. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; 24-unit apartment; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 549,000.

B98-502. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; 24-unit apartment; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 771,235.

B98-503. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; 24-unit apartment; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 771,235.

B98-504. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; 24-unit apartment; Cobblestone Village, 2865 S. Ingram Mill; 549,000.

B98-506. Warren Davis Properties; replace glass panels with Lexan; 138 Park Central Square; n/a.

B98-496. Rickey Johnson; SFR; 1034 N. Newton Ave.; 40,000.

B98-154. Reyco; fire suppression; 2715 Airport Commerce; 30,000.

B98-376. Cox Medical Systems; alteration; Pediatric Neurology, 3850 S. National Ave.; 183,300.

B98-507. Cox Medical Systems; alteration; Cox Family Medicine Associates, 3850 S. National Ave.; 345,200.

B98-508. Heintz Lighting; infill; Christian Gift & Book Store, 4560-U S. Campbell; 4,000.

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