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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

June 19-25, 1998

B98-956. Larry Holder; SFR; 5164 S. Rochelle; 400,000.

B98-886. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; multifamily residence; 2865 S. Ingram Mill, A-700; 86,063.

B98-959. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; multifamily residence; 2865 S. Ingram Mill, E-300; n/a.

B98-960. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; multifamily residence; 2865 S. Ingram Mill, D-400; n/a.

B98-961. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; multifamily residence; 2865 S. Ingram Mill, C-00; n/a.

B98-962. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; multifamily residence; 2865 S. Ingram Mill, B-600; n/a.

B98-963. Zimmerman/Wilhoit; multifamily residence; 2865 S. Ingram Mill, F-200; n/a.

B98-966. Wayne Morelock; demolition; 1309 E. Division; n/a.

B98-967. Youngblood Motors; demolition; 224 W. Walnut Lawn; n/a.

B98-968. Youngblood Motors; demolition; 306 W. Walnut Lawn; n/a.

B98-969. Boyd Building; SFR; 2270 E. Spring Hill Road; 280,000.

B98-972. Ken Jackson; demolition; 520 E. Commercial; n/a.

B98-973. Clarence W. Dill; unknown; 1610 N. Yates; 900.

B98-974. Steve Garner; alteration; 1131 S. Kentwood; 30,000.

B98-975. Connie Jo Kendrick; addition; 1634 W. Nichols; 6,000.

B98-979. Lewis Simpson; SFR; 1319 N. Warren; 49,000.

B98-981. Phoenix Property Development; new commercial building; 1831 E. Independence; 1,845,603.

B98-983. Pedigo Construction; SFR; 2361 E. Monroe; 140,000.

B98-982. Robin Melton; demolition; 1016 W. Battlefield; n/a.

B98-984. Brook E. Garrett; addition; 714 N. Fairfax; 6,500.

B98-987. Groover Designs; SFR; 5036 S. Greenbriar; 275,000.

B98-988. David Kesterson; SFR; 3223 W. Sunset; 125,000.

B98-989. David Kesterson; SFR; 3233 W. Sunset; 125,000.

B98-990. David Kesterson; SFR; 3221 W. Sunset; 125,000.

B98-991. David Kesterson; SFR; 3231 W. Sunset; 125,000.

B98-826. Schuster Swisshelm; alteration; 3009 S. Campbell; 87,774.

B98-992. Youngblood Motors; demolition; 3416 S. Campbell; n/a.

B98-993. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 2365 S. Thelma; 70,000.

B98-996. Darren Johnson; SFR; 920 E. Turnbridge; 200,000.

B98-999. Mike Hartley; alteration; 2111 N. Grant; 1,000.

B98-1000. Cleo Brown et al.; accessory structure; 1026 N. West; 300.

B98-1002. Terry Cooper; unknown; 1679 E. Grand; 300.

B98-934. First Card; tenant improvement; 303 E. Republic; 70,000.

B98-1008. Affordable Housing; addition; 1550 N. Golden; 9,500.

B98-775. Jericho Development Co.; new commercial building; 333 S. Jefferson; 520,505.

B98-546. RGA of Springfield; new commercial building; 3257 E. Nora; 241,595.64.

B98-1009. Scotsdale Investment LLC; alteration; 1013 E. Battlefield; 7,800.

B98-1010. H&L Builders; SFR; 1575 E. Redrex; 50,000.

B98-1011. H&L Builders; SFR; 1579 E. Redrex; 50,000.

B98-1012. H&L Builders; SFR; 1577 E. Redrex; 50,000.

B98-1013. H&L Builders; SFR; 1581 E. Redrex; 50,000.

B98-1014. Danny Roberts; SFR; 3350 W. Lombard; 43,500.

B98-459. Springfield-Branson Regional Airport; addition; 5141 W. Cargo Lane; 1,333,000.

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