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Four Healthcare Resources to Make Life Easier
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Four Healthcare Resources to Make Life Easier

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Whether you need a convenient service for your monthly medications, a caregiver to aid you with a parent, or help in setting up in-home hospice care, you can customize a plan to suit your needs. Melanie Upshaw with Phoenix Home Care and Hospice explains the programs that can help. This is sponsored content.

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Video Transcription:

- - Whether you're a business leader trying to help your team with extra resources for healthcare concerns or you're actually looking for healthcare yourself, we're gonna talk about four resources that are gonna make things easier for you and help you stay healthier.

My name is Melanie Upshaw with Phoenix Home Care and Hospice.

The first one I wanna talk about is a medication management program. What this does is it just simplifies medication management across the board. What we do is we get everything synchronized. So when you're dealing with medications, you know they're getting delivered to your home, to your office, wherever you choose one time a month. And not only are they delivered one time a month, but they're already sorted by the time of day you need to take them. So your morning pills are in one packet, your noon pills are in a packet, and it just makes things so much easier because people can spend countless hours setting up pill planners, and there's always a risk for an error. The more medications you take, the more chance there is for an error.

So this is something that will make your life a lot simpler and something to really consider, especially if you travel and you're a business person. If you're gone a lot, you can just take the days off that you're gonna be gone. Tear 'em off, put 'em in your suitcase, and you're good to go for that time while you're gone.

The second program that you might not know about is Home Health, and Home Health services are designed to help someone who had an acute incidence whether they've had a fall, ended up in the hospital, maybe had an upper respiratory issue. It's designed to have either nurses or therapists or both come out to your home and help get you back to where you were before that incident happened. The goal is always to get better, get back to where we were, and how great is it when we actually get back to better than where we were? Because you have these professionals coming to your home.

The third program that we like to tell people about is hospice. Hospice is for people who are facing a life-limiting illness, so it is designed to be a six-month benefit. What hospice is is just experts walking alongside you, educating you, really focusing on pain management, symptom management, spiritual and emotional counseling's available, and we wanna help the family and the person we're helping on this journey.

So it allows the family to be caregivers. It gives them the knowledge that they're doing a great thing and they're doing it the best way possible, and it's gonna be a great, precious time because they're gonna enjoy their days better because they're having this extra help in their home.

And then finally, there's private care. A lot of people don't know that that's available and is exactly what it sounds like it is. You hire a caregiver to come to your home, and it can be for two hours, up to 24 hours a day. Two hours a week even, and so whether that's vacuuming, doing dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, taking a loved one to a doctor's appointment, it's just anything that we can do to help the person in their home have a break, do things that maybe is a challenge for them now, but also maybe there's something a busy professional's trying to do for Mom or Dad, and we can save them the time or give them the peace of knowing that there's someone helping and doing exactly what their family member needs.


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