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Jury holds CVS, Walgreens and Walmart liable for opioid crisis

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A federal jury in Ohio found CVS, Walgreens and Walmart liable for helping to fuel the nation's opioid crisis.

Officials with the pharmacy chains have long maintained their innocence, saying they only dispensed pills after prescriptions had been written by licensed health care providers.

The verdict this week is expected to resonate nationally, as the chains face similar lawsuits from other U.S. communities.

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Ridiculous. This is just one of many indicators that the public, as a whole, view themselves as victims.

Personal responsibility is a thing of the past. If you killed someone, it is because you had a crappy childhood. If you beat on females, it's because you saw your dad do it. I am so glad I am older because I do not think I could live a fulfilling, joyful life when people are no longer remotely responsible for their choices and actions, and instead are viewed as victims of someone else's wrong doing.

Wednesday, November 24

They may have to slow down on their BLM donations to pay this bill. I would love to see ALL American corporations that gave money to Marxist terrorists taken down. That is irrefutable fact! Just read the BLM manifesto. I would also love to see every corporation who is doing the dirty work of illegitimate Biden regime by forcing an experimental non vaccines into their employees “or else” taken down! Any corporation that Communist China is invested in taken down. Every politician and corporation involved with the NOV 3 2020 insurrection needs to be held accountable for suppressing the WILL OF THE PEOPLE! Whether I live long enough to see justice remains to be seen. This country cannot move forward until Nov 3 2020 is dealt with. WE THE PEOPLE are the authority in America!! NOT the people we pay!! Whatever power they have WE gave to them. Local, State and Federal! The people are taking it back all across America and you can see the corrupt Biden DOJ does not like it. Kicking in doors of parents and everyday citizens who are actively exposing the truth about Nov 3. This isn’t America. We are at war. This is why honest elections are crucial. Without honest elections the people are left with only one option. That’s an option nobody in their right mind would want. Freedom and Liberty are non negotiable with real Americans.

Wednesday, November 24
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