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On the Record: June 10-16, 2019

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Springfield Building Permits
Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.
May 24-30, 2019
BLDC2019-00164. Buxton Kubik Dodd Design Collective; Branco Enterprises Inc.; commercial renovation; 1301 E. Sunshine St.
BLDR2019-00027. Mark Friggle; n/a; accessory building; 2261 E. Grandview Road.
BLDR2019-00198. Elite Homes LLC; n/a; SFR; 2402 E. Swallow St.
BLDR2019-00199. Elite Homes LLC; n/a; SFR; 2412 E. Swallow St.
BLDR2019-00200. Elite Homes LLC; n/a; SFR; 2422 E. Swallow St.
BLDR2019-00201. Elite Homes LLC; n/a; SFR; 2390 E. Swallow St.
BLDR2019-00209. Vincent Henry; n/a; residential remodel; 1353 N. Johnston Ave.

Greene County Building Permits
Listed here are Greene County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR: single-family residence. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
May 24-30, 2019
4794. Madhu Kalyan Pendurthi; CRM Built LLC; SFR; 741 S. Thornridge Drive 65809; 600,000.
3782. Tracy Norman; same; accessory building; 5614 N. Farm Road 183 65803; 30,000.
4789. Billy Ray and Susan Kay Nelson; Williams Home Builders LLC; SFR; 3702 N. Huntington Ave. 65803; 360,000.
4786. Keith Wayne Sharp; Brainerd Construction; residential addition; 4325 N. Farm Road 189 65803; 100,000.
4792. Williams Home Builders LLC; same; SFR; 3670 N Huntington Ave. 65803; 250,000.
4773. Angela Vascan; Gheorghe Vascan; residential addition; 7308 W. Michelangelo Drive 65803; 15,000.
4798. Billy Peck Jr.; Flatness Construction; accessory building; 7563 E. Cinnabar Lane, Strafford 65757; 187,000.
4656. Kenneth Lukas; All Steel Carports Inc.; accessory building; 563 E. Farm Road 48, Pleasant Hope 65725; 9,000.
4802. Doug and Linda Howell; Eoff & Associates; accessory building; 5180 E. Division St. 65802; 40,000.
4805. Jeremy L. George; same; SFR; 11368 N. Farm Road 225, Fair Grove 65648; 150,000.
4799. Neil and Carol Martin; Hurst Construction & Renovation; accessory building; 12072 N. Northern Heights Drive, Brighton 65617; 55,000.

Newly Licensed City Businesses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in the city of Springfield filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business.
May 24-30, 2019
1 More 24 Inc.; same; 1622 W. Lindberg St. 65807; same; (417) 425-4778; nonprofit rooming houses.
Adrianna Callwood; same; 1264 Penhook Drive, Nixa 65714; same; (417) 827-1806; massage technician.
Ali Virtual Services; Kimberley Wright; 4001 S. Kansas Ave. 65807; same; (417) 893-0281; service agent.
Bailey Siegrist; same; 1934 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; same; (417) 887-0340; massage technician.
Carter Ventures; Robert Carter; 531 N. Alexander Ave., Republic 65738; same; (417) 521-8331; special trades contractor.
Cynthia Beecher; same; 1946 S. Kentwood Ave. 65804; same; (417) 827-7762; service agent.
Doggie Designs; Jennifer Almy; 2007 E. Walnut St. 65802; 828 W. Commercial St.; (417) 894-2094; service agent.
Good Skin Lifestyle LLC; same; 2216 S. Glendale Ave. 65804; 1460 E. Cherry St., Ste. B; (646) 431-5128; liquor packaging/Sunday temporary.
Gyro Gyros; Sam Hospitality LLC; P.O. Box 8142 65801; 400 South Ave.; (417) 709-8633; peddler/sidewalk vendor.
Installation Solutions Inc.; same; 33 Office Park Road, Unit 128-A, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928; same; (704) 773-1574; special trades contractor.
J&C Electric Solutions LLC; same; 2004 Southfork, Ozark 65721; same; (417) 840-5419; electrical contractor.
Mark Hensley; same; 201 Hannah Drive, Rogersville 65742; same; (417) 207-0830; trucking service.
Max Swain Construction; Max Swain; 2120 State Highway 14E, Ozark 65721; same; (417) 880-3643; special trades contractor.
Miranda Macias-Cisneros, LMT; same; 1934 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; same; (417) 887-0340; massage technician.
Pain in the Hammer Remodeling LLC; same; 2655 W. Farm Road 164, Ste. E102 65804; same; (417) 719-4967; special trades contractor.
Rogers Rental Remodeling & Repair LLC; same; 309 Melton Ave., Ozark 65721; same; (417) 450-7765; special trades contractor.
Tailynne Ferwalt; same; 15364 Highway 160, Ash Grove 65604; same; (417) 299-3654; massage technician.
Thermal Processing Solutions Inc.; same; 200 W. Madison St., Ste. 1820, Chicago, IL 60606; 2965 E. Jean St.; (847) 697-9500; manufacturer.
Willard Lawn; Brandon Keene; 831 Saratoga Road, Willard 65781; same; (417) 920-2800; florist/nursery/greenhouse.
Advance Fitness; Smith & Doles LLC; 134 Delanina Drive, Fair Grove 65648; 3866 W. Chestnut Expressway; (417) 833-9393; exercise/health studio/therapy.
Allen’s Roofing and Remodeling; Andrew Allen; 1701 W. Chestnut St. 65802; same; (417) 987-9994; special trades contractor.
Boomer Built LLC; same; 1325 E. Monroe St. 65804; same; (417) 536-0070; service agent.
C&K Remodel LLC; same; P.O. Box 2334 65804; 1325 E. Monroe St.; (417) 224-3261; special trades contractor.
Cedar Construction LLC; same; 1855 S. Ingram Mill Road, Ste. 201 65804; same; (417) 877-9800; special trades contractor.
Collaboarator LLC; same; 405 N. Jefferson Ave. 65806; same; (636) 579-6535; service agent.
Connected Counseling Services LLC; same; 1759 E. Elm St. 65806; same; (417) 763-7507; service agent.
D-Mo Lawncare & Renovations; Daniel Mottl; 3570 N. Farm Road 183 65803; same; (417) 763-7507; florist/nursery/greenhouse.
Diamond Dash Detail LLC; same; P.O. Box 2851 65801; 1912 E. Verona St.; (417) 597-9649; auto cleaning.
Dustman Contracting; Gary Dustman; 2017 W. Smith St. 65803; same; (417) 236-2956; special trades contractor.
Eagle Roofing LLC; same; 2934 E. Southeast Circle 65802; same; (417) 459-9801; special trades contractor.
Felted LLC; same; 4515 S. Delaware 65804; 2555 S. Campbell Ave.; (417) 619-7187; retail merchant.
For The Love; Kayce Newsom; 7965 W. Farm Road 34, Walnut Grove 65770; same; (417) 292-8102; photographer/photo finish.
Hunter Property Management Inc.; same; 435 S. Union Ave., Ste. H 65802; same; (417) 887-3004; service agent.
James Myers; same; 1427 W. Hamilton St. 65802; same; (417) 894-0012; trucking service.
Justin Menley Videography; Justin Menley; 1730 E. Valley Water Mill Road, Ste. E405 65803; same; (417) 531-2527; service agent.
Kari Torkelson, LMT; same; 1828 W. Swan St. 65807; same; (417) 379-8736; massage technician.
Lakey & Lakey Inc.; same; Route 3 Box 83, Ava 65608; same; (417) 683-6781; distributor.
Leian J. Morris; same; 2811 W. Maplewood St. 65807; 2155 W. Republic Road, Ste. 116; (417) 988-1824; massage technician.
Lion Loxx Hair Studio; Daniel Woodworth; 2716 W. Washita St. 65807; 1839 E. Independence St., Ste. B; (417) 422-6010; retail merchant/beauty shop.
Office Essentials; same; 1939 E. Phelps St. 65802; same; (417) 866-3100; retail merchant.
Queen City Hype LLC; same; 2550 S. Campbell Ave., Ste. C 65807; same; (417) 619-8283; retail merchant.
Speaks 4 You Services LLC; same; 137 E. Peachtree Drive, Nixa 65714; same; (417) 633-5359; tree surgeon.
Tease Salon LLC; same; 2509 Candlebark Lane, Lebanon 65536; 1332 E. Republic St., Ste. H; (417) 368-1354; service agent.
Thicc LLC; same; 1249 E. Woodland St. 65804; same; (417) 299-8843; distributor.
Vietti Marketing Group; Vietti Enterprises LLC; P.O. Box 3598 65808; 2912 E. Battlefield Road; (417) 553-9105; advertising agency.

Greene County Business Licenses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in Greene County filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
May 24-30, 2019
Lion Loxx Hair Studio; same; 2716 W. Washita St. 65807; 1839 E. Independence Ave., Ste. 19; (417) 422-6010; retail service-sole proprietor.
Little Creatures Workshop; Curious Volumes Publishing LLC; 931 N. Concord Ave.; same; (417) 268-0160; retail-sole proprietor.

Federal Tax Liens
Listed here are federal tax liens, in the amount of $5,000 or more, filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
May 24-30, 2019
16861. Serbica Cafe LLC; 2222 S. Campbell Ave. 65807; business; 10,638.

Deeds of Trust and Mortgage
Listed here are deeds of trust and mortgages, in amounts of $100,000 or more, filed for public record in Greene County by grantor, grantee, note amount and legal description of the property involved in the transaction.
May 24-30, 2019
Amerisave Mortgage Corp. to Curtis Foglesong, Sharon A. Mathis and Crystal Dawn Scates; 100,000; L34, Lakeswood Hills South.
Arvest Bank to Jason R. Gentry; 119,790; L9, Cambridge Terrace.
Arvest Bank to Paul C. and Sharon R. Wickersham; 132,000; L20, Cherokee Estates, first addition.
Arvest Bank to Scott R. and Emily Jaspersen; 131,800; L15, Moonlight Meadows, Phase I.
Arvest Bank to Freddy T. Highfell Jr.; 136,000; sec. 1, twp. 29, range 24, NE.
Arvest Bank to Edwin A. Hiscock Jr. and Patricia I. Ashley-Hiscock; 131,175; L4-5, Langston Dick.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Beniamin Claudiu and Raluca Maria Vuta; 222,400; L27, Wellington Hills, first addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Sandra N. Blanchard; 142,500; L36-37, Airwood addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Daniel and Stacey Bull; 137,750; L4, Hill and Dale, sixth addition.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Jeffery and Rebecca Neal; 308,655; L28, Stone Meadow, Phase III.
Associated Bank to Lawrence G. and Roxane M. Hutchins Trust; 260,000; L19, Woodcliffe, first addition.
BancorpSouth Bank to; 180,000; L40, Bent Tree, Phase I.
Bank of Billings to Jomas Homes LLC; 100,000; L17, Bryn Mawr Heights.
Bank of Billings to James Wayne and Betty Sue Lusby; 294,369; L24, Wildwood Estates, Unit 2.
Bank of Bolivar to Brian D. and Stephanie R. Pitts; 148,000; L20, Laurel Farms, Phase I.
Baxter Credit Union to Marlene and Devin Frost; 189,000; L11, Sunburst Hills.
BluCurrent Credit Union to Jennifer Vanessa Stewart; 119,900; L18, Eagleridge Heights.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Nicholas M. Holmes; 116,400; L59-61, Campbell’s Woodland Heights addition.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Timothy Piland; 115,862; L20, Reeves addition.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Christopher Nutt; 144,650; L19, Portland Heights.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Kimberly Petree; 185,000; L41, Fawn Valley Estates, Phase II.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Kevin James and Carsen Elizabeth Prather; 134,345; L10, Fairmont Acres.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Raga Properties LLC; 7,960,000; L1, Pearson Creek Office Park.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Peter Barron Zerr Trust; 100,000; sec. 12, twp. 29, range 22, SE.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Tyler Patterson; 114,600; L7, South Side Heights.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to John R. and Mary C. Hornick; 661,720; L1, Millwood, Phase II.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Stephen J. and Alicia L. Gassel; 130,000; L60, Sunburst Hills.
Central Bank of the Ozarks to Ben D. and Daphane L. Harris; 132,554; L23, Sunmeadow Estates.
Citizens Bank to Scottie and Amanda J. Bons; 139,650; L27, Foxwood.
Citizens Bank to Travis M. and Stacey Ward; 152,612; L14, Cedar Crest South, second addition.
Citizens Bank to Scott and Cheryl Borden; 144,250; L10, Whispering Oak Estates, Phase IV.
Citizens Bank to Teng Qi Chen; 117,000; L7, Park Crest Meadows II.
Citizens Bank to Michael Stevens; 190,500; sec. 18, twp. 28, range 23, SW.
Citizens Bank to Josephine and Daniel George; 147,828; L31, Park Crest Village Circle.
Citizens Bank to Micah A., Margaret and Ronald Cunningham; 165,349; L3, Monte Cristo, Phase II.
Citizens Bank to William A. and Jerron L. Baker; 169,100; L28, Riverbreeze.
CMG Financial to Aaron and Stephanie Grandestaff; 308,750; L14, Marlborough Manor, 10th addition.
Commerce Bank to Scott and Ruth Olson; 404,000; L11, Granite Springs, Phase I.
Commerce Bank to Lee Roy Bruner Trust and Vivian M. Bruner Trust; 100,000; L1, Ruskin Heights, Phase I.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Shelby M. Newton; 100,152; L22, Springday Hills, first addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Robert Tyler and Taylor Mallow; 170,500; sec. 29, twp. 28, range 23, SE.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Linda A. Jaworski; 142,375; L14, Ravenwood, second addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Matthew Curry; 106,165; L36, Logan Estates.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Robert Clayton and Holly Anna McGee; 194,342; L4, Woodside, first addition.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Nicholas and Sarah Mayberry; 249,185; sec. 19, twp. 30, range 22, SW.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Brittany and Drew Setzer; 164,900; L29, Liberty Place, Phase I.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Kassandra D. and Robert Paul Wise; 175,266; L40, Woodbine.
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. to Tawni K. Bliss and Matthew J. Villa; 175,819; L29, Crown Meadows, Phase I.
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. to Richard Allen Zane; 164,229; L1, Phelps Park Terraces.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Russell H. and Irene L. Bruner; 111,920; L5, Oak Grove Landing.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Jordan and Chase Wheeler; 149,826; L16, Westwood, Phase II.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Michelle and Jason T. Wyrick; 361,950; L6, Woodfield Park.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Rodney M. and Kimberly S. Whitlock; 247,900; L6, Cinnamon Square, 11th addition.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Jason A. Denney and Jenifer J. Hill-Denney; 139,920; L5, Sequiota Heights.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Gage Rudick and Taschia Hall; 135,800; sec. 27, twp. 28, range 20, NW.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Jack A. and Joanna M. Childs; 118,000; L33, Savannah Heights, Phase II.
Gershman Mortgage to Braedon J. and Dana M. Fabian; 104,500; L10-11 and 73, Mockingbird Hill addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Quentin Hawkins; 117,724; sec. 30, twp. 30, range 21, NW.
Gershman Mortgage to Stephen Calkins and Valerie and Vincent McClenahan; 107,908; L20, Strawberry Hill.
Gershman Mortgage to Kristi Doggendorf; 148,105; sec. 19, twp. 30, range 23, SE.
Gershman Mortgage to Steven G. and Karen E. Gerstl; 128,092; L3, Del Prado Hills, second addition.
Gershman Mortgage to Matthew K. Francois and Madisen Tolbert; 117,826; L2, Holiday Hills.
Great Southern Bank to Cody and Ingrid Shores; 171,950; L30, Williamsburg Hills.
Great Southern Bank to James A. and Christine Shaffer; 145,200; sec. 28, twp. 30, range 22, SE.
Great Southern Bank to Stephen and Bethany House; 174,320; L29, Vermillion Estates.
Great Southern Bank to Debra S. and John M. Flowers; 272,000; L56, Lakes at Wild Horse, Phase I.
Great Southern Bank to Alan S. and Barri E. Tinkler; 273,600; L70, Coppermill Estates.
Guaranty Bank to Michael and Stacy Rohrbaugh; 160,000; L5, Diamond Woods Estates.
Guaranty Bank to Ryan C. and Hannah M. Glidwell; 102,000; L1, Deer Run, Phase I.
Guaranty Bank to Sarah C. and Cody L. Jarrett; 274,900; L15, Wellington Hills, first addition.
Guild Mortgage Co. to Elena H. Ivanova; 123,190; L6-7, Connie Terrace.
Homepride Bank to Frank Rogers; 110,000; sec. 22, twp. 28, range 20, SW.
Legacy Bank & Trust to Shannon Johsnon Murphy and Bart C. Pinkerton; 185,000; L210, Cherokee Estates, second addition.
Legacy Bank & Trust to Allison S. and Billy Peck Jr.; 158,250; sec. 4, twp. 29, range 20, NW.
Legacy Bank & Trust to Williamson Family Trust; 100,000; L12, Haseltine Estates.
Legacy Bank & Trust to Zebulun A. and Christina D. Tiersma; 200,000; L11, Huntington Point, Phase V.
M&T Realty Capital Corp. to Sunset Woodland Apartment Investors LLC; 6,405,000; L14-20, Kansas Square, first addition.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Dale Erik Egen and Stacey A. Laney; 127,000; L10, Laurel Farms, Phase II.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Sarah Nichole and Chadwick Andrew Edson; 215,900; L20, Park Crest Village, blocks J and K.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Allison and Michael Corona; 215,910; L77, Vintage Hills Manor.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Brandee N. Arndt and Austin D. Arndt-McKibben; 180,000; L64, Frisco Trails.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Sheri Lee Cooper; 325,038; sec. 7, twp. 30, range 21, NW.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Sheri Lee Cooper; 325,038; L39, Cloverhill Estates, Phase III.
Midwest Equity Mortgage LLC to James F. and Sharon K. Trupp; 134,027; L26, Carver Woods.
Missouri Credit Union to Jasper Chad and Deidre Mings; 230,850; sec. 5, twp. 29, range 23, NE.
Mortgage Solutions Co. LLC to Erica Luchsinger and Marcevan Saxer; 196,376; L22, Autumn Brook, Phase II.
Multipli Credit Union to James P. and Tina O’Neal; 227,905; L21, Lakes at Shuyler Ridge, Phase II.
Multipli Credit Union to Robert W. and Deborah L. Richardson; 199,920; L11, Chimney Hills, first addition.
Navy Federal Credit Union to Benjamin J. and Shelby Elaine Heckman; 126,300; L7, Anderson-Hensley, first addition.
New Day Financial LLC to Clarence H. and Marsha J. Dickerson; 140,000; L208-210, Turners Plat.
OakStar Bank to Marissa D. Roberts; 595,000; L45, Country Club district.
OakStar Bank to Ryan E. Murphy; 590,000; L5, Turnberry Estates, lots 23-28 and Cherry Valley Estates, first addition.
OakStar Bank to Ryan and Kimberly Langston; 216,000; L2, Pearson Park, Phase III.
OakStar Bank to Jerlene K. and Willard D. Teague Jr.; 198,000; L8, Eastwood Hills.
OakStar Bank to Fahrlander Custom Homes Inc.; 239,640; L386, Cloverdale addition.
OakStar Bank to Zachary M. and Melannie Richard; 134,900; L17, Deer Run, Phase II.
OakStar Bank to William Scott and Amber Lewis; 104,000; L4, Virginia Avenue addition, Block A.
OakStar Bank to Jim and Misty Sutphen; 205,214; L3, Southview Hills, third addition.
Old Missouri Bank to Matthew and Cady Smith; 124,110; L43, Logan Estates.
Old Missouri Bank to Russell W. and Terry A. Langford; 208,800; L1, Pearson Park, Phase III.
Old Missouri Bank to Alan Ray and Christine Larene Gorman; 250,000; L71, White Oaks.
On Q Financial Inc. to Pino Trust; 141,242; L13, Melville Acres.
PrimeLending to Brian and Rebekah Fay Smithson; 310,650; L41, Lakes at Wild Horse, Phase IV.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Chris and Stephanie Beeson; 100,000; L16, Park Estates 1.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Nathaniel Scott and Jill M. Berry; 178,500; L3-4, Country Lane Estates.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Christine Jennice and Scott Aaron Wright; 119,225; L92, Merriman’s, second addition.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Jon David and Sylvia Marie Petersen; 251,750; sec. 16, twp. 29, range 20, SW.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Jonathan and Joleen Phillips; 152,218; L53, Green Meadows.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Steven D. Wren; 152,400; sec. 20, twp. 31, range 22, SW.
Quicken Loans Inc. to Lori A. and Billy J. McNabb; 186,000; sec. 36, twp. 29, range 24, SW.
Simmons Bank to Michael S. and Susan Dye Shikany Trust; 235,360; L4, Woodbridge.
Simmons Bank to Bonni R. and Keith Douglas; 151,183; L55, Ridgeview Terrace, first addition.
Simmons Bank to Bint Properties LLC; 135,000; L42, Del Prado Hills.
Simmons Bank to Maddison S. and Christopher L. Jr. Cantrell; 150,350; L81, Timbercreek, sixth addition.
SP Investments III LLC to Barbara Stephens; 352,000; sec. 24, twp. 29, range 24, SE.
Springfield First Community Bank to Preston and Lisa Ulmer; 329,555; L18, Wild Horse, Phase III.
Springfield First Community Bank to Braden L. and Sara M. Voss; 118,900; L27, Chestnut South, second addition.
Springfield First Community Bank to Lollis Properties LLC; 218,000; L23, Country Club district.
Springfield First Community Bank to Mark Wilcox and Melissa Krueger; 168,000; L18, Sterling Meadows, second addition.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Hancock Co. LLC; 187,000; Unit 14B, One Parkway Place.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Jay B. and Kaitlyn Osborne; 280,000; L10, Chimney Hills Place.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Julie A. Penick Trust; 350,000; sec. 29, twp. 28, range 21, NW.
State Farm Bank to Nickolas and Mayce Allen; 166,250; L28, Bent Tree, Phase V.
Stockmens Bank to Travis and Daphne Sartin; 135,996; L29-30, Airwood addition.
U.S. Bank to Denise J. and Waine L. Kirby; 218,692; L7, Pearson Park, Phase V.
Veterans United Home Loans to Derek C. and Jennifer L. Nelson; 173,655; L42, Ashcroft Estates, Phase I.
Veterans United Home Loans to Dustin Walker; 194,085; L1, Iron Gate, Phase I.
Wells Fargo Bank to Scott Lee and Laura A. Sperry; 257,535; L14-15, Ashcroft Estates, Phase II.
Wood & Huston Bank to Derek M. West and Ashley Pyle-West; 331,500; L46, Rivercut Golf Community, Phase I.

The following petitions were filed and relief was granted in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Kansas City for the Western District of Missouri, as a matter of public record. The bankruptcies were received at the federal clerk’s office in Springfield. The bankruptcies appear in order of case, chapter, petitioner and address. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.
May 17-23, 2019
B19-60588/Chap. 7. Steven M. VanDyck; 524 S. Kendall St., Nixa 65714.
B19-60589/Chap. 7. Jason Dale McGhee; 19803 Independence Road, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60590/Chap. 13. Kenneth Allen Medley; 201 Ayrshire Drive, Billings 65610.
B19-60591/Chap. 7. Melissa LeeAnn Kahl; 511 Railroad Ave., Lebanon 65536.
B19-60592/Chap. 13. Gregory Caleb Brandhorst; 2546 W. Zach Lane, Unit A 65807.
B19-60593/Chap. 13. James K. III and Lacy Jo Glover; 247 Cherry St., Fordland 65652.
B19-60594/Chap. 13. Bonnie Sue Godsy; 851 W. State Highway F, Ozark 65721.
B19-60595/Chap. 7. Lindsey Erin Langston; 475 Center St., Lebanon 65536.
B19-60596/Chap. 13. Hector M. Garcia-Pena and Ariana Garcia; 2849 N. National Ave., 65803.
B19-60597/Chap. 7. James Randal and Teresa Faye Yoho; P.O. Box 205, Seymour 65746.
B19-60598/Chap. 7. Jeremy Adam Williamson; 1807 E. Costa Mesa Court, Ozark 65721.
B19-60599/Chap. 13. Betty Jean Tompkins; 14685 E. 1900 Road, Stockton 65785.
B19-60600/Chap. 13. Michael Joe Tracy; 4269 W. Madison Ave. 65802.
B19-60601/Chap. 7. Steve R. Wood; 27839 Marigold Drive, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60602/Chap. 7. Viktor and Svetlana V. Matlashevsky; 244 Dakota Drive, Ozark 65721.
B19-60603/Chap. 7. Ashton Robert Browning; 288 Coyote Ridge Drive, Billings 65610.
B19-60604/Chap. 7. Tiffany Elizabeth Raney; 1350 W. Berkeley St. 65807.
B19-60605/Chap. 13. Timothy D. and Patty E. Mabe; 304 N. Marie St., Nixa 65714.
B19-60606/Chap. 13. Melissa Lee Wilkins; 3465 S. Kickapoo 65804.
B19-60607/Chap. 13. Rodney Keith and Janna L. Robison; 5757 S. Farm Road 241, Rogersville 65742.
B19-60608/Chap. 7. Caleb Taylor and Felicia Dawn Haynes; 940 Howard, Lebanon 65536.
B19-60609/Chap. 7. Brian Dewayne Mendiola; 851 S. Main Ave. 65806.
B19-60610/Chap. 7. Dirk E. Bridges; 3909 S. Jonathan 65807.
B19-60611/Chap. 13. Jeffery Grant and Julia Diane Highfill; 459 W. Madrid St., Republic 65738.
B19-60612/Chap. 7. William Anthony Ortiz; 538 Pierce St., West Plains 65775.
B19-60613/Chap. 7. Kimberly Dana Brown; 1504 Stewart St., West Plains 65775.
B19-30254/Chap. 13. Tiffany Ann Davis; 207 N. College Ave., Marionville 65705.
B19-30255/Chap. 11. Hill & Hill Maintenance & Excavation Inc.; P.O. Box 245, Shell Knob 65747.
May 24-30, 2019
B19-60614/Chap. 13. Randy R. and Kathy Sue Vater; 1355 Country Road 224, Alton 65606.
B19-60615/Chap. 7. Stacie Jolene Davis; 11065 State Highway T, Gainesville 65655.
B19-60616/Chap. 7. Delta Dawn Fisher; P.O. Box 902, Mountain View 65548.
B19-60617/Chap. 7. Jared D. and Alecia G. Harris; 1922 W. Patton Place, Nixa 65714.
B19-60618/Chap. 13. Patricia Gloria and Beverly Jean Smith; 3694 State Highway KK, Rogersville 65742.
B19-60619/Chap. 13. Margaret Ann Rymer; 332 Melton Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60620/Chap. 13. Jacqueline Ann Rymer; 332 Melton Ave., Ozark 65721.
B19-60621/Chap. 7. Andrew David and Annie Nicole Jones; 5995 W. Farm Road 94 65803.
B19-60622/Chap. 7. Brian Keith Goodwin; 802 Sun Meadow, Strafford 65757.
B19-60623/Chap. 7. Zachary David and Leaha Delana Harper; 4048 W. Wilderness St. 65807.
B19-60624/Chap. 7. Kristen Rhea Keeler; 2067 N. Market, Bolivar 65613.
B19-60625/Chap. 7. Charlotte Dawn Morrison; 3501 S. Elmira Ave. 65807.
B19-60626/Chap. 7. Bobby Bruce Van Nostrand; 1610 E. 526th Road, Brighton 65617.
B19-60627/Chap. 7. Maya Lee Kanda; 100 Roller Court, Platte City 64079.
B19-60628/Chap. 7. Lane Daven and Shandra Leeanne Braden; 1920 N. 21st St., Ozark 65721.
B19-60629/Chap. 13. Daniel Frazier Skinner III; 1755 N. Delaware 65803.
B19-60630/Chap. 13. Tracey Michele Owens; 1931 E. 540th Road, Pleasant Hope 65725.
B19-60631/Chap. 7. Erin Frances Weichelt; 21117 Layla Road, Waynesville 65583.
B19-60632/Chap. 7. Johnny L. Stone; 160 Whispering Pine Way, Hollister 65672.
B19-60633/Chap. 7. Mary Patricia Stokes; 3844 S. Jefferson Ave., Apt. G3 65807.
B19-60634/Chap. 7. Mary Elizabeth Rose; 2935 W. Mount Vernon St. 65802.
B19-60635/Chap. 7. Joseph Daniel Stocks; 195 College View Drive, Apt. 12, Hollister 65672.
B19-30261/Chap. 13. Hurley Ola and Yvonne Darlene Sutton; 115 W. Crawford St., Mount Vernon 65712. Republic Building Permits

Republic Building Permits
Listed here are city of Republic building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.
March 2019
19-075. Crutcher Custom Homes LLC; SFR; 114 Metalwood Drive.
19-078. Rick Carson; SFR; 2625 S. Louise Court.
19-085. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1320 S. Rome Ave.
19-086. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1322 S. Rome Ave.
19-087. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1365 S. Venice.
19-090. Samuel Lawson; accessory building; 570 E. Ritter.
19-092. Crutcher Custom Homes LLC; SFR; 103 Niblick Court.
19-098. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 373 Corsica St.
19-099. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1055 S. Calabria.
19-100. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1077 S. Calabria.
19-101. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1091 S. Calabria.
19-102. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1119 S. Calabria.
19-103. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1194 S. Calabria.
19-104. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1164 S. Calabria.
19-105. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1128 S. Calabria.
19-106. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1106 S. Calabria.
19-107. Cronkhite Homes; SFR; 1084 S. Calabria.
19-115. Bennie Gresham; accessory building; 2738 N. Brookline Ave.

Ozark Building Permits
Listed here are city of Ozark building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and valuation. SFR: single-family residence.
March 2019
20190047. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4703 Venice Ave.; 165,000.
20190048. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4683 Venice Ave.; 165,000.
20190049. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4649 Venice Ave.; 165,000.
20190050. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4771 Florence Ave.; 165,000.
20190054. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4635 Venice Ave.; 165,000.
20190055. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4665 Venice Ave.; 165,000.
20190058. Joe Kindrick; SFR; 4674 Palma Court; 165,000.
20190059. Joe Kindrick; SFR; 4688 Palma Court; 175,000.
20190060. Joe Kindrick; SFR; 4668 Palma Court; 165,000.
20190064. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4603 Palma Court; 165,000.
20190067. Mark and Pam Wheeler; residential remodel; 409 N. Fourth Ave.; 89,000.
20190071. Joe Kindrick; SFR; 4549 Monte Carlo St.; 165,000.
20190072. Joe Kindrick; SFR; 4543 Monte Carlo St.; 165,000.
20190073. Joe Kindrick; SFR; 4537 Monte Carlo St.; 165,000.
20190079. Kristine White; SFR; 1906 S. 14th Ave.; 60,000.
20190081. Joe Kindrick; SFR; 4791 Florence Ave.; 165,000.
20190084. Oller Holdings Co.; SFR; 2416 W. Barcelona St.; 300,000.
20190085. Oller Holdings Co.; SFR; 2424 W. Barcelona St.; 300,000.
20190086. Glenn Keithley; residential addition; 2000 S. 15th St.; n/a.
20190087. DJC Construction LLC; SFR; 4755 Florence Ave.; 165,000.
20190088. Ryan Estes; SFR; 2009 S. Oriole Court; 174,900.
20190089. Ryan Estes; SFR; 2005 S. Oriole Court; 179,900.
20190090. Cronkhite Homes LLC; SFR; 1222 N. 10th Ave.; 80,000.
20190091. Cronkhite Homes LLC; SFR; 1207 N. 10th Ave.; 80,000.
20190092. Retrobuilt LLC; commercial renovation; 6545 N. 21st St.; 15,000.
20190093. Chris Revoir; SFR; 1103 W. Eunice St.; 100,000.
20190094. Chris Revoir; SFR; 1400 S. Solaira St.; 100,000.

Nixa Building Permits
Listed here are city of Nixa building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate square footage. SFR: single-family residence.
March 2019
190120. Nixa Cleaners; March; commercial infill; 302 West St.; 2,160.
190163. Reid Homes Inc.; SFR; 1385 N. Rockingham Ave.; 3,770.
190177. Elite Homes LLC; SFR; 814 E. Kings Mead Circle; 8,600.
190192. Davis Electic; infill; 1040 W. Kathryn St.; 2,500.
190193. Bussell Building; SFR; 1658 N. Eagle Valley Lane; 4,016.
190194. Bussell Building; SFR; 1662 N. Eagle Valley Lane; 4,344.
190195. Bussell Building; SFR; 1658 N. Old Castle Road; 4,344.
190196. Bussell Building; SFR; 1660 N. Old Castle Road; 4,016.
190197. Bussell Building; SFR; 1662 N. Old Castle Road; 4,344.
190198. Bussell Building; SFR; 1664 N. Old Castle Road; 4,016.
190199. Bussell Building; SFR; 825 E. Grouse Road; 3,349.
190211. Kyle Phillips; SFR; 847 E. Striper Drive; 2,778.
190212. Kyle Phillips; SFR; 851 E. Striper Drive; 2,778.
190227. Leah R. Campbell; infill; 909 N. Gerald St.; n/a.
190254. Bubbleigh Boutique LLC; infill; 1223 N. Eaglecrest; n/a.
190261. Plumb-Rite Plumbing LLC; infill; 1209 N. Eaglecrest; n/a.
190266. Wolf Residential LLC; SFR; 863 E. Dyann Drive; 1,803.
190267. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 687 N. Maplewood Hills; 1,803.
190268. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 874 E. Ozark Jubilee; 1,803.
190269. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 873 E. Ozark Jubilee; 2,149.
190270. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 657 N. Maplewood Hills; 2,588.
190271. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 871 E. Ozark Jubilee; 2,385.
190272. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 872 E. Ozark Jubilee; 2,253.
190273. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 663 N. Maplewood Hills; 2,385.
190274. Turner Residential Holding LLC; SFR; 875 E. Ozark Jubilee; 2,385.
190277. 417 Motoring; infill; 827 N. Gerald St.; n/a.
190281. D6 Automotive; infill; 413 Old Wilderness Road; n/a.
190283. Bussell Building; SFR; 1668 N. Pinnacle Ave.; 2,464.
190284. Bussell Building; SFR; 1664 N. Pinnacle Ave.; 2,464.
190285. Bussell Building; SFR; 1662 N. Pinnacle Ave.; 2,252.
190286. Bussell Building; SFR; 1660 N. Pinnacle Ave.; 2,688.
190287. Craig Paynter; infill; 411 E. Mount Vernon; 380.
190302. Bussell Building; SFR; 1639 N. Pinnacle Ave.; 2,252.
190306. Ozark Mountain Builders; SFR; 1389 S. Kelby Parkway; 9,545.
190315. JH Cookie Co.; infill; 1009 N. Falconcrest Court; n/a.

Christian County Building Permits
Listed here are Christian County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, project description, address and valuation. SFR: single-family residence.
April 2019
B19-000101. Union Hill Church of Christ; April; commercial remodel; 865 Nicholas Road; 356,352.
B19-000146. Ozark Missouri Congregation of Jehovah’s Witness; commercial remodel; 998 Hawkins Road; n/a.
B19-000161. Danny and Rachel Sturdefant; manufactured home; 571 Aspen Road; n/a.
B19-000114. Kevin and Robin Murphy; SFR; 2279 Lenape Road; 309,580.
B19-000115. Rodrigo Cabrejos-Ramos; SFR; 199 Thrush Lane; 329,180.
B19-000116. Scott Lance Construction; SFR; 639 Ridge Park; 731,189.
B19-000091. Micah Kuenzie; SFR; 4236 Elk Valley Road; 80,179.
B19-000118. Mastercraft Custom Homes Inc.; SFR; 4805 Rolling Hills; 588,203.
B19-000129. Thomas Eddings; accessory building; 2907 Moon Valley Road; 556,800.
B19-000122. Eric Wester; SFR; 683 Buckskin Ridge; 376,396.
B19-000103. Ricky and Taylor Blankenship; SFR; 3210 State Highway U; 381,630.
B19-000132. Leslie and Lisa Burns; SFR; 242 Valley Woods Road; 189,757.
B19-000134. Stuart and Cathy Sundvold Trust; SFR; 828 Ridge Park; 580,408.
B18-000479. Daniel Ray Wilcox; SFR; 1058 Mount Carmel Road; 456,576.
B19-000130. Mike Robbins; SFR; 699 State Highway 413; 399,448.
B19-000148. Travis Miller Homes LLC; SFR; 8321 Rolling Hills Drive; 821,948.
B19-000157. Cody Vaughn; SFR; 20252 W. County Line Road; n/a.
B19-000154. Mike Harkins; SFR; 395 Sunset Drive; 553,904.
B19-000142. Viktor Gossen; SFR; 1895 State Highway U; 461,475.
B19-000164. Jeff and Lisa Richards; SFR; 310 Aviation Ave.; 169,267.
B19-000060. Gene and Maria Douglas; SFR; 208 N. Tanglewood Drive; 361,029.
B19-000174. Cory and Brooke McKee; SFR; 6005 Copper Ridge St.; 488,870.
B19-000080. Sherry Headley; accessory building; 1451 W. Old Bittersweet; 61,470.
B19-000119. John Shields; accessory building; 1502 Stonecreek; 87,306.
B19-000117. Gayle Davis; accessory building; 6770 E. County Line Road; 267,264.
B19-000121. Bill and Amanda Hohulin; accessory building; 3584 McLean Road; 267,264.
B19-000125. Viktor Gossen; accessory building; 2037 State Highway U; 233,856.
B19-000120. Albritton Construction; accessory building; 330 Sunset Drive; 90,869.
B19-000127. Barlene Burton; accessory building; 139 Shadow Drive; 62,361.
B19-000135. Larry and Deborah Bowen; accessory building; 255 Jones Road; 80,179.
B19-000139. Laurin Construction; accessory building; 657 Woodwind Drive; 196,884.
B19-000140. Gary Sommers; accessory building; 1645 Beal Road; 133,632.
B19-000138. Calvin and Vicky Glasco Trust; accessory building; 211 Whispery Lane; 35,635.
B19-000126. Ricky Haase and Dana Gibson; accessory building; 2079 Reed Road; 249,446.
B19-000145. Matt Coats; accessory building; 263 Century Drive; n/a.
B19-000149. Jimmy and Sandra Liles; accessory building; 2896 Mount Carmel Road; 85,524.
B19-000158. Peter Lapthrone; accessory building; 162 Misty Lane; 66,816.
B19-000170. Countryland Homes Inc.; accessory building; 1676 W. Mount Vernon; 300,672.
B19-000128. Gene Douglas; accessory building; 208 N. Tanglewood Drive; 267,264.
B19-000104. Brent Brooks; residential addition; 731 Anemone Road; 25,612.
B19-000168. Aaron Bingham Construction LLC; residential addition; 1634 W. Huntington Lane; 91,315.
B19-000179. Bryan and Lindsay Williams; residential addition; 4501 N. Willow Road; 107,462.
B19-000169. Pedro Jaime; residential addition; 157 Wildhorse Road; 40,089.
B19-000147. JMA Construction Inc.; residential remodel; 1102 E. Stone Brooke Road; 183,744.


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