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Survey: Most people keep salary numbers quiet

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Percentage of employees and job-seekers who say they’ve become increasingly uncomfortable about discussing their salary and compensation with anyone, according to a survey on behalf of 17

Among those employees who are comfortable sharing salary information, percentage who are willing to discuss this information with their boss: 25

Percentage who will discuss this information with their financial adviser: 24

Protection for renters
Percentage of apartment hunters who do not carry renters insurance because they do not think they can afford it or did not know it existed, according to an national survey: 67

Average cost of renters insurance per month: $12.50

Percentage more likely that renters are to experience theft than homeowners, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics: 50

Parting ‘gifts’
Percentage of U.S. workers who admitted they would take some form of company property with them when leaving a position, according to SailPoint’s 2010 Market Pulse Survey: 49

Percentage of workers who would take customer data, including contact information: 29

Percentage who would take product information, including designs and plans: 15

Reform’s results
Percentage of U.S. health care executives who believe the U.S. health care system is in crisis and are concerned health care reform legislation may negatively impact the quality of care and hospitals’ profit margins, according to the 2009 National Survey on the Impact of Technology in Healthcare Reform: 74

Hurdles to health care
Percentage of adults surveyed in 22 countries (representing 75 percent of the world’s gross domestic product) who would find it difficult to get quality, affordable health care services if a
family member got sick, according to a Reuters News poll conducted by Ipsos: 52

Intangible benefits
Percentage of people who say they find happiness and fulfillment in their jobs, according to a nationwide survey of employed Americans by Healthy Companies International: 26

Percentage of Americans who feel their jobs primarily serve to provide income so that they may enjoy other aspects of their lives: 60

Percentage who feel the job is mostly a drain on their energy and happiness: 11

Cost-of-living adjustments
Amount of money that the proposed -1 percent Social Security cost of living adjustment could cost seniors throughout a 25-year retirement, according to a recent analysis released by the
Senior Citizens League: $54,954

Percentage of their purchasing power that seniors have lost since 2000, according to an analysis by TSCL: 24

Number of Americans aged 65 and older who receive Social Security checks: 37 million
Percentage who rely on it for 90 percent or more of their total income: 33

Teen crash trends
Percentage of teen passenger deaths that occur in vehicles driven by another teen, according to an analysis of crash data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: 60

Percentage of teens who admit to feeling unsafe with another teen’s driving, according to a survey by The Allstate Foundation: 75

Percentage who are willing to speak up in risky driving situations: 59

John MacIntyre is a Nova Scotia-based author and former city magazine editor. His “Figuratively Speaking” column, launched in 1989, is published in more than 40 newspapers and magazines.[[In-content Ad]]


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