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Startup Corner: Cameron Eaton, Monolith Cooperation LLC dba RockDolly Equipment LLC

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Minimally viable product …
Our MVP is on the market now. The RockDolly is an all-in-one solution for traveling performers. A musician, performer or a band can easily bring a RockDolly to replace their guitar amplifiers, bass amplifier and PA system.

Problem solving …
The RockDolly solves the problem of live music setup for performers by allowing them to setup in minutes and sound better than ever. Wireless microphone and instrument inputs eliminate the hassle of tangled or defective cables. The RockDolly fits into the trunk of a car and replaces an entire van full of equipment.

Seed money …
So far, the business has been entirely funded out of my pocket. We recently have reorganized as a Delaware limited liability company. This is going to allow us to more easily court investors as we seek to expand beyond online only sales and into the larger retail market.

Hurdles overcome …
Securing the intellectual property protection and attaining modest sales without the financial runway that some start-ups enjoy has been a challenge. There were many (and continue to be) obstacles to overcome in the design of my product to ensure the quality, reliability and ease of use that we set out to achieve.

Pivot …
When I first designed the RockDolly, I saw it as a solution for your average band that would make gigging easier to setup. As I began showing people my product, I found that people saw all sorts of uses that I hadn’t imagined. People use them for speaking events, sporting events and even ventriloquism.

Biggest mistake …
My trust in the words of those promising the moon and the stars led me to become complacent and expectant of results that never panned out. If I could do it over, I would pursue my dream more aggressively from the start, knowing that at the end of the day I value the success of my business more than anyone else could.

Greatest need …
My company needs seed funding and more importantly, we need smart money. A partner with experience in consumer electronics would really help.

Food for thought …
No one hires you to be an inventor. It has been a lot more work than I had anticipated, and there are many challenges to overcome. That being said, seeing your product being used and appreciated by the people that you created it for is an amazing feeling.


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