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Remodeling to sell...

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by Aimee Dixon

for the Business Journal

Remodeling your home often arises out of the realization that in order to sell the house, some improvements must be made.

But which things need to be remodeled, and which things are just on the wish list?

A tip: keep future buyers in mind when remodeling. How the house looks through their eyes makes a difference when they cannot decide between your house and someone else's.

When a buyer looks at a home, they want everything to be in the best condition possible with no hidden defects.

There are probably some items in poor condition around your house. Although they seem minor to you, they just might signal bigger, underlying problems to the wary buyer.

Look over the list of items below and compare them to your own home.

Remember that looks can be deceiving, and the buyers do not have the experience of living with these conditions that you have.

Keep these items in mind when remodeling your home because the more prepared you are for the buyer's home inspection, the smoother the whole process will be.

(Aimee Dixon is director of marketing for HouseMaster Home Inspection Co. in Springfield.)

What starts out as Can turn into

----------------------- ----------------

?Faulty roof flashings ?roof leaks and possible structural and cosmetic damage

?Malfunctioning gutters ?water damage inside house

?Poor foundation grading ?dampness or moisture in basement or lower level

?Damaged bathroom tile ?loose fixtures; leakage to floor below

?Poor tub or shower caulking ?same as damaged tile; water leak can and grouting spread virtually anywhere, but mainly to rooms below fixture.

?Inadequate number of electrical ?overloading of existing outlets and outlets potential fire hazard

?Poor attic ventilation ?roof sheathing rot due to high mois- ture level

?Poor mechanical system upkeep ?systems will not work efficiently, nor live up to their expected lifespans (es- pecially heatingand cooling systems).

According to HouseMaster's experience in 750,000 home inspections, the most aggravating problems in resale homes include:

?loose toilet bowls

? "running" toilets

?poorly calibrated thermostats

?water in basement or lower level of home

?low water pressure

?roof leaks, finding where they start

?stains on ceilings below bathrooms, what's causing them

?not enough electrical power

?not enough electrical wall outlets

?windows that don't function properly

?doors that bind, can't close because of warping

?kitchen appliances that don't work properly

?recurring clogging of gutters

?squeaky or bouncy floors and stairs

?carpenter ants

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