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Parson fends off veto override attempts

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Gov. Mike Parson on Wednesday fought off attempts to override a handful of his summer vetoes.

The House voted to override four of his vetoes, including money to combat child sex abuse and funding for raises for workers in the child welfare program. However, the Senate declined to overrule the governor.

The Senate killed the efforts amid heated Republican infighting, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe would not recognize Sen. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove, for hours to bring the issue up for debate.

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Wayne Humbyrd

And this is why China, the evil party and their media were able to seize our Republic on Nov 3. My entire life we waited for a fighter for America! Someone to call “BS” on the lying corrupt democrats and the media. My entire life this is what Republicans have done? They spend more time fighting each other than our enemies! Thats why I despise Republicans. All of this insanity is their fault. Those of us who are informed have always known democrats were the party of communists. No surprise there. The evil party NEVER fights each other? They are always unified in their pursuit of America’s demise. Can’t argue with their “success”? We now have an illegitimate regime in Washington that is beholding to China! We are dependent on people who hate us for oil, we just had the worst jobs report in history, we are $30 trillion in debt with another $10 trillion being proposed if it passes, they are intentionally flooding the border with drugs, human trafficking and illegals which will now doubt contribute to the already soaring crime rates all over America! The will of the AMERICAN people is being ignored! Literally every institution these America hating democrats get their hands on has been corrupted! Every city they govern is a epic fail and corrupt! We have no media capable of presenting FACTS or both sides of an issue? What do we have? The American people! We have a citizens media. America has awaken like no time in my lifetime. The truth always finds its way to the top. No amount of censorship can stop that. We also have President TRUMP who in the face of insanity made them all look like fools! Just think what we could do in America if 35% of the country were not Communists and loved their country? In the end Its US they really despise. US God fearing, flag waving, Constitutional loving American Patriots! We strike fear into them like nothing ever has before. They have proved that every day since Jan 6! This thing will only break one of two ways sports fans. A globalist borderless tyrannically ruled America OR America as our brilliant Founding Fathers intended? Our choice!

Thursday, September 16
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