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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record with Building Development Services. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

Jan. 23, 1998

B98-0048. Cecil Vantuyl; alteration; 3521-E E. Sunshine; 90,000.

B98-0058. Carless L. Stokes; alteration; 720 W. State St.; 15,000.

B98-0059. Reliable Chevrolet Inc.; alteration; 3655 S. Campbell Ave.; 25,000.

B98-0060. Great Southern Bank; alteration; 2631 E. Sunshine St.; 5,000.

B98-0062. Allibert-Contico LLC; alteration; 2727 N. Partnership Blvd.; 100,000.

B98-0064. Boulevard Baptist Church; demolition; 1238 E. Blaine; n/a.

B98-0065. Wedgewood Square Center; tenant improvement; 1700-A S. Campbell Ave.; n/a.

B98-1917. National Ave. Bldg. Co.; shell building; 3424, 3440 S. National; 707,241.84.

B98-0068. Dennis' Place; sprinklers; 921 W. Sunshine St.; 2,200.

B98-0070. East Coker Coffee Company; alteration; 1211 E. Cherry St.; 10,000.

B98-0069. L.B. Billingsly Investment Co.; alteration; 2216 S. Campbell Ave.; 50,000.

B98-0073. James T. Jeffries; addition; 3414 S. Horseshoe Ave.; 38,000.

B98-0076. Jeff Lloyd; repair; 936 S. Missouri Ave.; 4,900.

B98-0077. George Stevenson; repair; 1316 S. Willow Lane; 2,000.

B98-0081. Meadow Lark LLC; infill; 1440-G E. Lark; 5,000.

B98-2036. Letco Inc.; commercial building; 3737 E. Evergreen; 391,368.76.

B98-0082. Steve Browne; alteration; 2825 S. Glenstone; 18,000.

B98-0083. John & Beverly Spray; addition; 2850 E. Covington Circle; 7,500.

B98-0084. Larry Scrivener; SFR; 2811 W. College St.; 30,000.

B98-0085. Burlington Northern; accessory structure; 1700 N. Kansas Expwy.; 20,000.

B98-0036. Somo Partners LP; alteration; 900 N. Belcrest Ave.; 140,000.

B98-1600. Woolworth Corp.; infill; 2825 S. Glenstone; 30,000.

B98-0086. Jackson Builders; SFR; 3464 Millwood Dr.; 400,000.

B98-0087. Donna Louise Alrutz et al.; demolition; 419 S. Broadway Ave.; n/a.

B98-0088. Claude G. Williams; accessory structure; 1231 N. Dawn Ave.; 7,000.

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