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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

April 17-24, 1998

B98-588. Larry Wagner; addition; 1360 E. Lafayette St.; 30,000.

B98-589. Richard Dierking; renovation; 923 E. Pacific St.; 6,000.

B98-590. Larry Hill; repair fire damage; 2915 W. Lynn St.; 25,000.

B98-592. Durabuilt Construction; SFR; 2326 W. High St.; 69,900.

B98-593. Robert M. Bobbitt; addition; 416 S. Suburban Ave.; 15,000.

B98-595. General Council Assemblies of God; fire suppression; 1445 Boonville; 10,000.

B98-540. John Q. Hammons; infill; Papa Murphy's Pizza, 4035 S. Campbell Ave.; 30,760.

B98-398. 3M; remodel; 3211 E. Chestnut Expwy.; 150,000.

B98-221. OTC; parking lot; 900 E. Chestnut St.; 60,000.

B98-597. Kraft Foods Inc.; addition; 2035 E. Bennett St.; 8,432.

B98-237. Redeemer Lutheran Church; addition; 2852 S. Dayton Ave.; 1,425,020.

B98-598. Triple S. Properties; SFR; 909 W. Berkeley; 65,000.

B98-599. MacLachlan Construction; SFR; 809 E. Carleton; 235,000.

B98-600. David Hatley; addition; 1628 W. Nichols St.; 800.

B98-364. Finish Line; infill; 2825-E05B S. Glenstone; 325,000.

B98-605. Donald V. Kern; garage; 1410 E. Stanford St.; 7,400.

B98-604. Property Management; SFR; 1101 N. Sherman Ave.; 39,000.

B98-456. Protel Communications; new commercial building; 2929 N. Eastgate; 998,351.

B98-174. Dodson Williams Automotive Inc.; new commercial building; 502 W. Walnut St.; 250,000.

B98-607. City of Springfield; demolition; 1051 S. Florence Ave.; n/a.

B98-608. Pedigo Construction Inc.; SFR; 3734 E. Kensington; 220,000.

B98-610. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 910 W. Berkeley; 60,000.

B98-611. Randy Williams; demolition; 120 N. Fremont Ave.; n/a.

B98-509. Wehr, Wehr Johnson & Bridgeforth; infill; Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc., 1630-J E. Bradford Pkwy.; 360,000.

B98-612. Charles R. Beatie; SFR; 2515 E. Meadow Dr.; 185,000.

B98-613. William T. Stage; garage; 1846 S. Kansas Ave.; 4,000.

B98-615. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 2349 S. Thelma; 60,000.

B98-616. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 2336 S. Thelma; 60,000.

B98-617. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 2344 S. Thelma; 60,000.

B98-618. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 2335 S. Thelma; 60,000.

B98-619. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 2357 S. Thelma; 60,000.

B98-620. Stuart Salisbury; SFR; 918 W. Berkeley; 60,000.

B98-621. Development Properties; remodel; 435 S. Prince Lane; 25,000.

B98-624. Mid-Continent Marco Inc.; remodel; 911 N. Kansas Expwy.; 1,000.

B98-625. Simon Property Group; fire suppression; police substation, 2825 S. Glenstone; n/a.

B98-415. Sears & Roebuck Co.; new commercial building; National Tire and Battery, 3803 S. Glenstone; 600,000.

B98-215. Warehouse Package Store; new commercial building; Great Southern Bank, 3971 S. Campbell; 44,620.

B98-625. City of Springfield; demolition; 3334 W. State St.; n/a.

B98-413. Loren Cook Co.; temporary office; 2126 E. Dale St.; 75,000.

B98-633. Sanford J. Smith; alteration; 3264 N. Barnes Ave.; 1,000.

B98-634. Clifton Daryl Jones; pool; 3209 W. College St.; 800.

B98-635. Doug Pendergrass; storage building; 1036 W. Florida; 500.

B98-636. Empire Bank; infill; FBI, 1932-200 W. Chesterfield; 155,800.

B98-603. O'Reilly Automotive; remodel; 233 S. Patterson Ave.; 50,000.

B98-432. Litton Precision Products; temporary building; 4811 W. Kearney St.; 6,662.

B98-639. Elpidio Alcancia et al.; demolition; 300 W. Battlefield; n/a.

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