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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

July 23-30, 1998

B98-0753. Merrill Lynch; infill fire protection; 1630-J E. Bradford Pkwy.; 6,000.

B98-1184. Matt Hurd; remodel; 1420 N. Clifton Ave.; 1,500.

B98-0978. Harverty's Furniture; infill; 1212 N. Eastgate Ave.; 500,000.

B98-1188. Mike Frost; SFR; 3261 E. Fox Grape; 225,000.

B98-1185. Archwood Industries; SFR; 3045 W. Calhoun; 75,000.

B98-1186. Archwood Industries; SFR; 3049 W. Calhoun; 75,000.

B98-1187. Archwood Industries: SFR; 3053 W. Calhoun; 75,000.

B98-1016. Southgate Center Partners; conversion of white box from previous resident; 1730 E. Republic Road; 60,000.

B98-1189. Carleton Building Co.; SFR; 3749 W. Kay Pointe Blvd.; 76,140.

B98-1190. Carleton Building Co.; SFR; 3719 W. Kay Pointe Blvd.; 46,360.

B98-1191. Pamela Clark; enclose deck; 1008 S. Greentree Ave.; 2,300.

B98-1192. Linda L. Handley; enclose deck; 2132 N. Grant Ave.; 1,500.

B98-1193. Pat Crocker; SFR; 3211 E. Shady Glenn St.; 266,000.

B98-1195. Robert Cornelison; SFR; 1047 S. Glenn Ave.; 63,000.

B98-1143. Springfield School District R-12; canopies; 1458 E. Chestnut Expwy.; 20,500.

B98-1199. Reed Properties Inc.; SFR; 4906 S. Ashford Ave.; 170,000.

B98-1200. John Beam; SFR; 4932 S. Clay Court; 165,000.

B98-1201. John Beam; SFR; 807 E. Lakewood; 205,000.

B98-1205. Leo Dahlman; repair fire damage; 1914 S. Westwood Ave.; 35,000.

B98-0740. Springfield R-12 School; renovations; 3319 N. Grant; 120,000.

B98-1158. Springfield R-12 School; renovations; 2727 S. Ingram Mill Road; 120,000.

B98-1159. Springfield R-12 School; renovations; 3710 S. Jefferson; 120,000.

B98-1004. Quiktrip Corp.; remodel; 2715 W. Chestnut Expwy.; 39,950.

B98-1005. Quiktrip Corp.; remodel; 2805 N. Kansas Expwy.; 39,900.

B98-1006. Quiktrip Corp.; remodel; 1510 N. Glenstone Ave.; 39,950.

B98-1007. Quiktrip Corp.; remodel; 325 W. Cardinal Drive; 39,950.

B98-1208. Rod Hughes; infill; 1335 E. Republic Road; 3,000.

B98-1210. Catherine Hawkins; additions; 3027 W. Latoka St.; 20,000.

B98-1211. Morelock-Ross; SFR; 318 N. Eldon; 80,000.

B98-1212. Robin V. Wallis; storage building; 2119 W. Olive St.; 2,000.

B98-0324. City Utilities; bus, vacuum and fueling station; 203 W. Division; 220,000.

B98-1098. Imo's Pizza; remodel; 600 S. Pickwick Ave.; 52,000.

B98-1215. Nancy Timmons; enclose porch; 756 N. Hillcrest Ave.; 2,400.

B98-1147. Simon Property Group LP; fire protection for Maurices; 2825 S. Glenstone; 5,400.

B98-1149. Simon Property Group LP; fire protection; 2825 S. Glenstone; 4,500.

B98-1151. Simon Property Group LP; sprinklers for infill; 2825 S. Glenstone Ave.; 21,500.

B98-1218. Chris Slatinsky; remodel; 1201 W. Walnut; 28,000.

B98-1077. Boys & Girls Town; space conversion; 1212 W. Lombard; 63,680.

B98-1080. St. John's Regional Health Care Center; infill; 2115 S. Fremont Ave.; 900,000.

B98-1219. Todd Young; garage; 2446 S. Sheridan Blvd.; 40,000.

B98-1213. McLoud & Co.; infill; 1949 E. Sunshine, 3-311; 20,000.

B98-1202. Stephen Luce; remodel and repair; 716 W. Walnut St.; 25,000.

B98-1221. Carleton Building Co.; foundation; 3800-12 S. Fremont; 700,000.

B98-1023. General Nutrition Center; improvements; 2603 N. Kansas Expwy.; 15,000.

B98-1223. Marie Doolittle; SFR; 3706 E. Almeda; 128,000.

B98-1001. Kentucky Fried Chicken; remove and install equipment; 2744 W. Chestnut Expwy.; 20,000.

B98-1224. Barry Poindexter; SFR; 1810 N. Colgate; 40,000.

B98-1225. Barry Poindexter; SFR; 1806 N. Colgate; 40,000.

B98-1226. Bob Carter; garage; 3877 E. Country Place; 26,800.

B98-1228. Bernard J. Kral; enclose porch; 2262 E. Washita St.; 1,000.

B98-1203. Lester E. Cox Medical Center; new parking lot; 1000 E. Primrose St.; 60,000.

B98-1233. David W. Chambers; addition; 2110 S. Todd Ave.; 12,000.

B98-1071. Tuthill Corp. Inc.; addition; 4840 W. Kearney St.; 575,040.

B98-1035. Sonic Corp.; addition; 2420 E. Sunshine; 130,000.

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