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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

August 8-13, 1998

B98-1139. Simon Property Group LP; infill; 2825 S. Glenstone; 60,000.

B98-1269. Charlie Crawford; repair; 1158 W. Hovey; 500.

B98-1271. H.E. Whitener, Trailiner Corp.; accessory structure; 2169 E. Blaine; 6,800.

B98-1092. Springfield School District, McGregor Elementary; n/a; 1223 W. Madison; 50,000.

B98-1274. Gregory D. Darnaby; addition; 1409 N. Summit; 27,000.

B98-1266. Craig Wagoner, Gatherings; tenant improvement; 1021 E. Walnut; 10,000.

B98-1276. David W. Oglesby; alteration; 857 S. Grant; 1,000.

B98-1278. John W. Stigall; repair; 327 E. Silsby; 5,000.

B98-1279. Larry Kelly; SFR; 969 E. Ironbridge Cir.; 150,000.

B98-1282. Al Gerken; demolition; 1528 W. Mt. Vernon; 0.

B98-1252. City of Springfield, The Old Calaboose Museum; alteration; 409 W. McDaniel; 109,000.

B98-1283. Fay Greenlee; addition; 1025 W. Meadowmere; 800.

B98-1285. Randall Lee Scott; alteration; 1050 S. Crutcher; 200.

B98-1286. Tom Eagleburger; addition; 2607 W. State; 5,000.

B98-1287. Habitat for Humanity; SFR; 1129 N. Oak Park; 39,000.

B98-1288. Habitat for Humanity; SFR; 1135 N. Oak Park; 35,000.

B98-1289. Richard H. Tow et al.; addition; 3472 S. Welwood; 8,000.

B98-1160. Richard I. Gregg et al., Walden & Sons Food Brokers; tenant improvement; 2108 W. Vista; 5,000.

B98-1291. Marian F. Hudson; alteration; 2369 E. Seminole; 15,000.

B98-1290. Terrill Denzil; SFR; 1047 S. Carriage; 224,500.

B98-1292. Radiant Bookstore; alteration; 1351 N. Boonville; 0.

B98-1293. Mahaffey Enterprises; tenant improvement; 3331 E. Ridgeview; 54,150.

B98-1294. Florence A. Horn; addition; 1641 W. Wayland; 25,000.

B98-628. Jim Hutcheson, Chestnut Plaza; new commercial building; 545 S. Ingram Mill; 924,515.50.

B98-547. John Johnson; new commercial building; 810 N. Dickerson; 652,080.

B98-1206. Robert P. Spudich, Billiards of Springfield; alteration; 541 E. St. Louis; 1,800.

B98-1296. Bruce Irvine Bell; addition; 1515 S. Estate; 17,000.

B98-1297. OTC; demolition; 1112 E. Central; 0.

B98-1298. OTC; demolition; 1134 E. Central; 0.

B98-1299. OTC; demolition; 1125 E. Central; 0.

B98-1300. OTC; demolition; 1131 E. Central; 0.

B98-1301. Dennis Wright; SFR; 6312 S. Riverglen; 300,000.

B98-928. ProTel Communications Systems; new commercial building; 2929 N. Eastgate; 0.

B98-1302. Errett E. Sechler Jr.; tenant improvement; 1919 S. Glenstone; 8,000.

B98-148. Shaun Deric Calaway; alteration; 717 W. State; 200,000.

B98-1207. Hartman Construction; new commercial building; 3612 W. Nichols; 283,613.

B98-1303. Reta Stewart; addition; 1845 S. Pickwick; 12,000.

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