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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

Aug. 14Ð20, 1998

B98Ð1305. Lee McLean; demolition; 2609 E. Sunshine; 0.

B98Ð1307. Edco Microfilming; alteration; 1351 N. Belcrest; 2,500.

B98Ð1309. The Arc; accessory structure; 1255 E. Elm; 900.

B98Ð1310. Chester Clark; demolition; 2037 N. Summit; 0.

B98Ð1312. David G. Will; accessory structure; 2241 N. Elizabeth; 8,000.

B98Ð1315. Design Build; SFR; 1340 N. Rogers; 65,000.

B98Ð1273. Timothy Burris, Athlete's Foot; tenant improvement; 1839 E. Independence; 38,300.

B98Ð1316. KOSP Oldies 105.1; alteration; 319 E. Battlefield; 12,500.

B98Ð1317. Everett Sechler, Daylight Donut Shop; tenant improvement; 1915 S. Glenstone; 2,000.

B98Ð1163. Bob G. Perry, Tyson Foods; alteration; 412 N. Boonville; 7,000.

B98Ð1319. Nathaniel Willis; accessory structure; 1017 E. Livingston; 800.

B98Ð1295. Battlefield Mall, Auntie Anne's; fire supression; 2825 S. Glenstone; 1,525.

B98Ð1324. Jerry A. King; repair; 1643 E. Belmont; 250.

B98Ð1260. Cox Health Systems; fire supression; 3850 S. National; 1,950.

B98Ð1216. Reckitt & Colman; fire supression; 4455 E. Mustard Way; 100,000.

B98Ð885. Wehr Wehr & Bridgeforth, Can Brands; fire supression; 2555 N. Partnership Blvd.; 0.

B98Ð777. Cobblestone Village Apartments; new elevator shaft; 2865 S. Ingram Mill, B-600; 21,600.

B98Ð1047. Reed Properties Inc.; multifamily residence; 3440 S. Culpepper; 240,000.

B98Ð1325. Patricia Dickerson; n/a; 802 E. Morningside; 510.

B98Ð1328. Alton Cordell Manning; addition; 2163 S. Luster; 11,300.

B98Ð1327. Living Alternatives Inc.; parking lot; 1470 N. Sherman; 500.

B98Ð1330. Bob Price; SFR; 2317 W. Winchester; 105,000.

B98Ð1331. C&C Properties LP; alteration; 4560 S. Campbell; 4,000.

B98Ð1261. Heintz Lighting, KFC Offices; alteration; 4560 S. Campbell; 15,000.

B98Ð1333. Bob Wehr, Oriental Marshall Arts Society; tenant improvement; 2869 W. Chestnut Expwy.; 0.

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