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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

Sept. 4-11, 1998

B98-1358. Gaale Energy Corp.; remodeling; 3109 W. Sunshine St.; 85,500.

B98-1406. Eric and Mary Jensen; deck cover; 3929 S. Clay Ave.; 5,700.

B98-1407. Jerald Bethurem; foundation; 2534 N. Weller; 37,000.

B98-1408. Howard Tarr; SFR; 4682 S. Parkhill Ave.; 185,000.

B98-1409. Charles Keller; SFR; 2020 W. Walnut St.; 50,000.

B98-1341. Three-D Properties; back water valve; 909 E. Republic, No. E; 475,746.70.

B98-1412. Title Loans of America; expand tenant space; 321 W. Sunshine; 2,000.

B98-1377. Dr. Gil Mobley; remodel infill; 3002 E. Division St.; 7,000.

B98-1413. Groover Designs; SFR; 2325 W. Winchester St.; 164,500.

B98-1411. Donald N. and Judith A. Haun; remodel and repair; 2205 N. Broadway Ave.; 10,000.

B98-1267. Springfield Regional Airport; remodel interior; 5000 W. Kearney; 100,000.

B98-1250. American Red Cross; infill; 1835 E. Chestnut Expwy.; 300,000.

B98-1415. James W. Arens Jr.; garage; 2229 N. Kellett Ave.; 10,000.

B98-1416. Galen Moss; repair and change roof pitch; 602 N. Homewood Ave.; 2,200.

B98-1417. Max E. Buchanan; two-story addition; 1381 N. Cooper Blvd.; 20,000.

B98-1418. David B. Howse, et al.; remodel kitchen and replace roof; 2219 N. Bolivar Road; 19,000.

B98-1419. Robert Wallin; repair fire damage; 3309 E. Catalpa St.; 15,000.

B98-1366. McLoud-Sheid Properties LLC; infill; 3322 S. Campbell, No. AA; 10,000.

B98-0689. Boys and Girls Town; install sprinklers; 1212 W. Lombard; 44,170.

B98-1421. General Council Assemblies of God; new partitions and ceilings; 1445 Boonville; 182,225.

B98-1426. Sarah E. Kapp; replace roof; 2555 S. Campbell Ave.; 25,000.

B98-1373. St. John's Health System Inc.; furnish and install two dumbwaiters; 3231 S. National Ave.; 84,000.

B98-1427. Jerald Bethurem; move residence; 906 N. Normal St.; 0.

B98-1428. Jimmy L. Poindexter; SFR; 4766 W. Burbank; 59,000.

B98-1429. Jimmy L. Poindexter; SFR; 4760 W. Burbank; 59,000.

B98-1430. Jimmy L. Poindexter; SFR; 4804 W. Burbank; 59,000.

B98-1431. Jimmy L. Poindexter; SFR; 4752 W. Burbank; 59,000.

B98-1432. Elias Garnica; addition; 913 N. West Ave.; 8,000.

B98-1434. Virginia Rainwater; addition; 1655 S. Roanoke Ave.; 8,000.

B98-1194. Curry Office Building; new office building; 4136 S. McCann Ct.; 0.

B98-1436. David Boyle; repair fire damage; 822 W. Central St.; 40,000.

B98-1435. Greg Off Construction; SFR: 733 E. Lakewood; 219,000.

B98-1357. Jericho Development; infill; 333-A S. Jefferson; 40,000.

B98-1410. Christine Schilling; demolition; 330 and 332 E. Commercial; 0.

B98-1438. Ozborn Home Builders; SFR; 4907 S. Clay Ct.; 150,000.

B98-1440. Jerry Lane et al.; carport addition; 525 E. Seminole St.; 1,200.

B98-0859. Environmental Works; new office building; 1016 W. Battlefield Road; 236,121.60.

B98-1441. Terrance Smith; SFR; 813 E. Lakewood; 180,000.

B98-1442. Rapid Roberts; replace roof; 3165 N. Glenstone Ave.; 0.

B98-1443. Ernest Eli; repair fire damage; 433 E. Morningside St.; 51,000.

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