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Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR=single family residence.

Feb. 5-11, 1999

B99-0117. Russell W. Hanson; addition; 2222 N. Douglas; 5,000.

B99-1688. CPC Counseling Offices; new shell building; 1320 E. Kingsley; 450,000.

B99-0045. RMMC; infill; 4035-B S. Fremont; 10,000.

B99-0118. RMMC; expansion; 4035-A S. Fremont; 10,000.

B98-1876. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2304 W. Westview; 79,500.

B98-1877. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2308 W. Westview; 79,500.

B98-1878. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2312 W. Westview; 79,500.

B98-1979. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2316 W. Westview; 79,500.

B98-1880. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2823 S. Butterfield; 79,500.

B98-1881. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2827 S. Butterfield; 79,500.

B98-1882. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2831 S. Butterfield; 79,500.

B98-1884. Samuel E. Coryell; new condominium; 2835 S. Butterfield; 79,500.

B99-0002. Christenson Transportation; addition; 230 N. Belcrest; 200,000.

B99-0019. Paul T. Reiter; addition; 923 E. Cambridge; 15,000.

B99-0120. Stenger Homes; SFR; 1052 E. Lakewood; 177,000.

B98-1769. Sleep Inn; fire suppression; 233 E. Camino Alto; 19,800.

B98-1873. Fremont-Kingsley Office Park; new shell building; 1368 E. Kingsley; 216,000.

B98-1759. Blackstone Group; new Walgreens building; 1525 W. Kearney; 659,916.

B98-1139. CU Employees Credit Union; parking lot; 818 N. Benton; 12,480.

B99-0129. Bonnie Lois Reeves; alteration; 1911 N. Lyon; 37,500.

B99-0130. Phil Medcalf; accessory building; 764 W. Kingsley; 8,000.

B99-0131. Jack Hoke; infill; 304 E. Republic; 7,500.

B99-0132. Charles Ankrom Builders; SFR; 3714 E. Dartmoor Ct.; 215,000.

B99-0134. Gerry Doran Homes; SFR; 3941 E. Stanford; 297,000.

B99-0135. Randal Renkel; SFR; 6077 S. Natural Falls Dr.; 550,000.

B99-0136. Bax Construction; new office building; 1506 E. Raynell; value n/a.

B99-0070. Kimco Springfield 625 Inc.; infill; 3370 S. Glenstone; 75,000.

B99-0048. Lester E. Cox Medical Center; renovation; 1423 N. Jefferson; 60,000.

B99-0138. Pedigo Construction Inc.; SFR; 3372 E. Lark; 155,000.

B99-00139. Greene County Highway Dept.; alteration; 2065 N. Clifton; value n/a.

B98-1704. Larry Kelly; new shell building; 3300-A S. National; 826,992.

B98-1707. Larry Kelly; new shell building; 3300-B S. National; 826,992.

B99-0141. R.L. Withers; SFR; 2418 N. Prospect; 65,000.

B99-0055. Gary Loyd; foundation/underground plumbing; 4113 S. National; 480,000.

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