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Lifelong Learners: Jamie Fields, on Motivation

Director of Development, Lost & Found Grief Center

Posted online

Jamie Fields says positivity has always been one of her top strengths.

In high school, her freshman literature teacher, Laura Rankin, helped create that foundation.

“You’re going to have to do that homework regardless, so find something you’re excited about and focus on that,” Fields recalls Rankin saying repeatedly to the class. That positive motivation stuck.

“I love a challenge,” Fields says. “In all my work history, there’s always been a time when we’re short staffed or a deadline has crept up or something doesn’t go as planned. And you see in moments like that the people that crumble and drag everybody down or the people that say we’ve got this.”

Her belief in building people up led her to posting weekly with the #MondayMotivation hashtag on the Rosie networking group’s Facebook page. Although she admits to not being a fan of Mondays, her focus on motivation to kickoff the week has changed her perspective.

“If you can find something good to celebrate and bring people together, it’s always an awesome way to start the week.”

Fields’ advice on motivation

Be real
“Some days are just hard. The #MondayMotivation posts that I see the most interaction with are those giving us permission not to be so hard on ourselves. It’s OK to have a bad day, which is especially important as we navigate the new challenges and the many unknowns with COVID-19.”

Build your circle
“Surround yourself with people that support you on the tough days, have strengths in areas you are weak and celebrate your successes.”

Be a helper
“When you hear that internal voice telling you to speak up, serve on a board, volunteer for a cause or make a change in your life – listen to it! Even if you don’t know where to begin, there is no better feeling than being an advocate for others and nothing more motivating than seeing the impact we have by just showing up.”

Have fun
“Look for mini escapes to recharge to avoid burnout. We have half-day Fridays, and I will do something for just me, read in my hammock, get a manicure, drive back roads with the windows down and music up loud, stopping along the way to pick wildflowers or kickoff the weekend with a family hike or fishing trip. During the workday, my co-workers and I try to go on a short walk outside. Often these are strategically planned to celebrate the completion of a tough project or reset after a difficult intake call.”

Be the bright spot
“When I have a bad day, I feel better by sending a card or texting someone out of the blue to let them know how much I appreciate them. On dreary days when I cannot motivate, I wear yellow. I swear it helps. It’s really important to lift each other up now more than ever.”


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