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Hurts Donut’s scary clown campaign shows up on the set of “Good Morning Arizona” this week.
Photo courtesy Javier Soto
Hurts Donut’s scary clown campaign shows up on the set of “Good Morning Arizona” this week.

Blog: Scary clown ‘Hurts’ broadcasts

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Chalk up some more wins for Hurts Donut Co.’s marketing machine.

The Springfield-based doughnut chain in October runs a campaign where a scary clown — in the same vein as the villain from the “It” films — delivers Hurts Donut products to unwitting customers. The marketing campaign is equal parts hilarious and terrifying, and it’s working to Hurts Donuts’ benefit.

“October is our biggest national media coverage month companywide, because people pick up on these clown deliveries,” Hurts Donut co-founder Tim Clegg told me this morning.

This week, the clown appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and a morning news broadcast out of Arizona. It’s previously been featured by the likes of CNN's Anderson Cooper.

On Monday’s broadcast of “Good Morning Arizona,” the clown walks onto set as meteorologist April Warnecke is delivering the weather. She’s appropriately freaked out.

“Oh god, Javier, is this you?” she says, walking away as anchor Javier Soto cackles in the background. “Hope you enjoy your forecast. I’m leaving. No one can clear a room like a scary clown.”

A clip posted by the show — part of a local CBS affiliate — on Twitter shows the clown displaying the Hurts Donut box and doughnuts before hugging Soto. The anchor later posted a photo on his Instagram page.

Hurts Donut yesterday posted a clip from comedian Corden’s late night show, in which he displays a photo of the clown.

“This is really messed up, right? I don’t think it is even funny. Why has no one told me that you can get doughnuts delivered?” Corden jokes.

Clegg says the clown marketing campaign is being pushed out at its more than 20 stores through Halloween.


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