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At Your Service, PIRTEK

PIRTEK provides the fastest hydraulic and industrial hose maintenance, repair, and replacement service through on-site mobile and service centers. ETA 1-hour for on-site hose service available 24/7. WE’LL KEEP YOU OPERATING®


We have 144 franchise in the U.S. in 30 states, 1 U.S. Territory, and PIRTEK Canada remains at 2 locations in 2 provinces making PIRTEK a trusted name within the field of hydraulic and industrial hose industry.


Mobile On-Site Hydraulic and Industrial Hose Service

Available 24/7/365 with a 1-Hour ETA, PIRTEK’s on-site mobile hydraulic and industrial hose service is the fastest way to reduce or eliminate costly downtime due to a failed hose. PIRTEK has fully equipped Mobile Service Vehicles with a wide selection of hydraulic and industrial products and specialized equipment to cut, clean, tag, and crimp hose assemblies on-site.
Our professionally trained technicians offer on-site preventative maintenance and emergency hydraulic and industrial hose replacement. PIRTEK customers don’t need to leave their job site to replace a faulty hose with this service. Our technician will ensure your equipment is up and running before leaving the job site.
After-hours emergency service is always available by simply giving us a call.

Preventative Maintenance

PIRTEK’s Preventative Maintenance Program reduces lost production time due to hose failure. The life span of hydraulic and industrial hoses can depend on several factors, including the working environment, site damage, wear and tear, and the number of impulses experienced by the hose assembly. Hoses are often replaced without a second thought or only noticed when a catastrophic failure with subsequent downtime occurs.



Recycling saves production and energy costs and reduces the negative impacts that the extraction and processing of virgin materials have on the environment. Many pieces of equipment used in the recycling industry rely on hydraulic hoses. 
Our hoses are made from robust and durable material to guarantee the quality necessary to keep the recycling industry operating. We take pride in our part in preserving and protecting our resources for ourselves and future generations.
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