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Young Professionals Live Local, In Luxury
Mike Coonrod, sbjLive Producer

Young Professionals Live Local, In Luxury

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Young professionals who aren’t interested in owning a home yet, still can expect to live in luxury. Sam M. Coryell, Derek McCrea, and Jessi Beauchamp of Coryell Collaborative Group provide five things you should expect when looking for a luxury lifestyle including tips on what to look for on a tour of the property and specific questions to ask to make sure it will meet your lifestyle expectations. This is sponsored content.

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Video Transcription:

- As a young professional, now you have more disposable income, you might be looking for a more luxurious place to live, but you don't want to buy a house yet. So, we're going to help you with a few questions that you can ask so you can find the best luxury living available. My name is Sam M. Coryell. I'm the President of TLC Properties. Well as a real estate professional, the top three things that you want to look for are location, location, location. So, if I were a young person looking for a luxury apartment, first thing I would want to know is location. You want it near the places where you work, play, shop, and do life. Jessi what other kind of things would a young person look for in a luxury living, besides or including location?

- I feel like amenities would be super important in there. Make sure it has the amenities that you're looking for, whether it's fitness courts or gyms, and make sure that they have the type of gyms that you use on a daily basis. The outdoor space, dog parks. Smart apartments, would be really important to me to make sure I control my apartment when I wasn't home.

- In today's society with everything being electronic, it's important that everybody wants immediate gratification. So, if the expectation is to have a work order finished immediately, or under 24 hours, you have to make sure you have that same expectation from the property management company.

- I would really want to know about their technology. What kind of internet? What are the speeds? Do they have to share it with their neighbors, or is there some internet dedicated to their apartment? And, all the smart technology that's out there.

- Things that would be really important would be like the smart plugs, the smart outlet. What can I control from my phone? Whether it would be my deadbolt, my thermostat, especially being in Missouri, changing up and down the air, the AC, on a day-to-day basis, whether we're there or not. And then, another cool thing is having your phone be able to access all of the entry accesses, to all the community spaces, to making sure you have that ease of getting in and out. The package apps too, are really neat, being able to be notified through a packaging system when you have your packages dropped off, so that way you know whether the office staff can bring them over there, or they're already there for you.

- And the innovative companies, the real game changers will be the ones that can figure out what else you can get on that phone. So, can I make a work order into maintenance while I'm at the movie theater, or do I have to wait until I get home and call during nine to five? The more that we can integrate into the smartphone, the farther ahead of the curve we're gonna be.

- It makes it really convenient too, because you can even reach out to Alexa, and tell Alexa say, "Hey, pay my rent," and those features are already there, and making sure that you have that ease to whether you can tell someone to pay your rent for you, because most of the time we're not gonna remember or we don't have time to pay it ourself.

- So, to sum up. If you're shopping for your luxury apartment, I would say the first thing you want to expect is a location that meets your needs and your lifestyle. Is the technology up to the standards that you would expect and deserve? Do the amenities fit your lifestyle? And finally, is the staff respectful of your time, and making sure that your home is never an inconvenience to you?


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