Springfield, MO

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Will you be wearing face masks indoors in accordance with new CDC guidelines for areas with high case counts of COVID-19?

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Yes 57% | 818 votes
No 43% | 615 votes

This poll is not a scientific sampling. It offers a snapshot of what readers are thinking.


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Wayne Humbyrd

What the he k is wrong with tou people? READ FAUCIS EMAILS! They LIED. Masks do not work PERIOD!! Read the Stanford University Mask study. IF reading and research isn’t your thing then let me leave you with some questions.

Ina real “Pandemic”would you ever censor doctors and cheap 65 yr old medicines? Oh, the CDC and media has decided they are effective now.

The CDC has announced that the death counts are wrong. The CDC and FDA just pulled the PCR test for false positives?! Come to find out it couldn’t tell the difference between COVID and a cold you may have had 5 years ago?! m The entire “pandemic” FEAR was driven based on “cases”. WHY would the Govt pay hospitals for every positive COVID test and death? Who does that? Remember, IF ANY of the CDC recommends had merit we wouldn’t be talking about it today. NATURAL HERD IMMUNITY would have already taken care of it! The ,CDC and Dr Fauci hasn’t gotten ONE thing right!! Take your masks off and live your life without FEAR!!

Thursday, July 29
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