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The new policy impacts all municipal employees.
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The new policy impacts all municipal employees.

Nixa council bars city employees from recreational marijuana use

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Nixa City Council on Monday voted to implement a ban on recreational marijuana use among city employees.

Drew Douglas, the city's director of communications, said the change to the employee handbook applies to both on-the-job and off-the-job use of recreational marijuana. An exemption has been put in place for medical marijuana patients, though the ban regarding on-the-job use still applies.

"The Missouri Constitution says you can't be fired if you have a medical card and it's found in your system," Douglas said, pointing to Amendment 3, which voters approved last year to legalize recreational marijuana use.

Douglas said random drug tests for marijuana would be conducted for employees in safety-sensitive positions or those who utilize commercial driver's licenses as part of their employment.

The policy impacts all municipal employees, including those who work for the Nixa Police Department, Public Works and support departments, he said.

Violations of the policy could result in the termination of employment.

The recreational marijuana market opened to customers in Missouri on Feb. 3, according to past reporting. Amendment 3 changed the state constitution, legalizing the purchase, possession, consumption, delivery, sale and manufacturing of marijuana for adults 21 and older for personal use.

Medical marijuana was legalized by voters in the November 2018 election.


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Will the city also ban city employees from recreational alcohol use? Do they restrict the use of nicotine?

I am not a marijuana user, drinker, or snooker. However, I do not see that the city has the authority overreaching regulation, especially if all mood altering substances are not included.

While I would prefer no one felt the need or desire to get high, I much prefer a bunch of stoners to a bunch of drinkers.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Gump Wannabe

Friday, March 3

Well, then they need to ban recreational alcohol use as well. Both alcohol and marijuana are now LEGAL in the state of Missouri. Why would the city single out marijuana unless they have the mind set of 50 years ago. To quote a friend who was a police officer for 20+ years, "Not once did I ever go out on a domestic violence call because the couple was stoned." Come on Nixa! I thought you were more progressive than that.

Wednesday, March 8
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