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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘no’ on Amendment No. 3

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[Editor’s note: A petition to legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri is on the Nov. 8 ballot under Amendment 3. Read more about it on page 1.]

Dear editor,

Our present [state] Constitution was adopted in 1945. It has been amended 119 times. Medical use marijuana and all its business and regulation aspects were approved by voters about three years ago. Its benefit to Missouri citizens in numbers and magnitude is unclear and undocumented to this time.

Amendment 3 was printed in the [Springfield] News-Leader on Oct. 7. It contains about 25,000 new words! This effectively precludes most all citizens from reading it. Only financial interests know its details. It approaches the total words of all previous amendments! It cannot be corrected except by future difficult and costly amendments, which protects it further.

For these reasons, apart from any imagined social benefit, it must be defeated and sent to the legislature for future detailed consideration!

I join the Missouri State Medical Association in opposition. Vote no on No. 3!

—Dr. Roy Holand, of Springfield


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So, vote NO because you can't read? That doesn't make any sense. There's plain language versions of the amendment. Have you tried asking for one? Do you not care to discuss the bill beyond "it's a big bill and people may not want to read it."? 25,000 words is about the length of a short story. I'm pretty sure that residents of this city can read. Come up with a better argument.

Thursday, October 27, 2022
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