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A New Look: Cosmetic services industry sees evolution, growth

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In the age of social media, the cosmetic procedure industry is growing and the clientele is getting younger, with clients looking to reduce the signs of aging.

“It’s the selfie revolution,” said Allyson Kennedy, owner of Acacia Spa LLC. “People see themselves and they want to improve their appearance. The public is more and more educated on wellness and the self-care industry that can help them be better.”

Not only are more clients coming in, but clients used to be of an older demographic. Now, the client base is changing, said Lauren Helmuth, nurse injector at Innovative Dental’s Med Spa.

“I see a lot of people in their mid 20s, 30 and 40 year olds, way more than I did in my initial years,” said Helmuth, has worked in the cosmetic procedure industry  in Springfield for over a decade.

According to statistics from The Aesthetic Society, in 2021, nonsurgical procedures were most popular among ages 36-50, at 41%. The second largest age category was 50-70, at 37%, and 17% of procedures were for ages 17-35.

Allied Market Research found the cosmetic surgery market size was valued at $67.3 billion in 2021, but is projected to reach $201 billion by 2031, a compound annual growth rate of 11.6%.

Expanding clinics and businesses
Kennedy said the industry is growing as more clients are open to the idea of cosmetic procedures and are not as self-concious or private about using these services.

“It used to be that people would hide with a full face of makeup, but now they want to look good without makeup, and that’s where our services come in,” she said.

Kennedy said the industry is attractive to new clinics, but established ones as well for the possible finanical earnings.

According to past Springfield Business Journal reporting, a Florida startup, Serotonin Centers, is in the process of a franchise deal to open two medical spas in Springfield,  focusing on anti-aging and longevity services, such as hormone restoration, aesthetic enhancement, weight control and immunity recovery therapies. Services included are IV therapy, Botox treatment, exercise and nutrition guidance, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and muscle development.

Clinics based in Springfield, which offer services to reduce the appearance of aging, are continuing to expand, grow and add services. Some practices that are breaking into injection services or other cosmetic procedures are not always associated with the anti-aging field. Innovative Dental added its Med Spa over two years ago.

Helmuth, who is the only injector at the spa, said she primarily does neurotoxin injections, most commonly the Botox brand. and dermal filler but does offer peels and microneedling. She said it is a complementary fit for what Innovative Dental already offers.

“Bringing in Botox was always something they wanted to do,” she said. “It’s actually common for dentists to do Botox in other cities I think, and it’s getting more common here as well. You’re dealing with the face and with this procedure, you have to be very comfortable and familiar with the muscles of the face, the nerves, the blood vessels and where they all are.”

Even longstanding dermatology practices that have been offering Boxtox and similar injectable procedures for years, are growing.

Dr. Michael Swann, founder and president of Swann Dermatology LLC, which has been in Springfield since 2008, currently has an office in Springfield and Hollister, with over 50 employees. Swann said the team is adding a new surgeon next month and preparing to open a location in Branson.

Swann’s practice specializes in Mohs skin cancer surgery, various aspects of dermatology and cosmetic procedures, but the clinic has offered Botox, peels and lasering for several years. He said he thinks Swann Dermatology will be at 60 employees in the next month or so, as they continue to grow.

Ever-changing products
One of the latest products Swann’s seen on the market is a neurotoxin injection, Daxxify. Neurotoxins are injected into the face as a muscle relaxer to reduce facial lines and wrinkles.

“Daxxify is the newest neurotoxin that’s FDA approved in the U.S.,” Swann said. “The significance of it is that, according to studies, it lasts longer than previous toxins.”

Swann said Daxxify has been shown to last 50%-90% longer than other brands. He said though only a couple clinics offer it now, he expects more will add it in the Springfield area.

“My whole mission, and the mission of Swann Dermatology partners, is to offer what’s truly cutting edge,” Swann said.

He added that a key part of offering new products is that you’ve done the research to make sure it’s proven in studies as well.

Helmuth said Innovative Dental also is using Daxxify as of April. She said she sees the Med Spa continue to add services that benefit their patients, although they haven’t added in services like lasering yet. Helmuth is booked out about two or three weeks at a time.

Helmuth said Daxxify does cost more than the commonly known brand Botox.

The average Botox service at Innovative Dental ranges from $260-$320 per area, where Daxxify on average costs $350-$430. Areas targeted tend to be foreheads, between the eyebrows or other places where crow’s feet form.

Kennedy said a lot of different products come and go over the years, but she feels that the industry as a whole stays the same. For instance, she said Acacia has offered chemical peels since the spa opened in 2004, but the mixology has changed over the years.

“It’s no different than the mom jean or clothes from the ’80s,” she said. “But there are always new ingredients and new research on what ingredients do, and we just stay up on that.”

Kennedy said it’s about education and staying on top of what the new research is and what is the best product for customers. She said the popularity of treatments on the market consistently changes, too.

“Back in 2004, we did derma, but back then we would do 100 microdermabrasions to every one dermaplane. Now, the industry has evolved, and we do 100 dermaplane to every one micro. But we still offer both services.”

Swann said clients not only need to look out for the best services for them, but also for doctors or staff that have the right qualifications that can do those procedures properly.

Helmuth said she expects more various types of medical clinics will continue to look into expanding into cosmetic care that helps with aging.

“I would say it’s a more fun type of health care to provide, although it is still considered a medical treatment,” she said. “We’re helping people to feel better about themselves when they’re looking in the mirror.”


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