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2023 Coolest Things Made in the Ozarks: MaxxLup Beverage Infusion System

Paul Mueller Co.

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Craft breweries across the region boast a variety of beer options and flavors, due in big part to Paul Mueller’s maxxLup [pronounced “macks-loop”] Beverage Infusion System. Company officials say it allows brewers to create unique flavors while cutting down on cleaning time and ingredient costs.

SBJ: What is a maxxLup?
Liz Wiebe (product line marketing specialist): The maxxLup is revolutionizing the craft beer industry by offering a pressure-rated solution for infusion and dry hopping, enabling the use of various adjuncts, such as coffee, spices and fruit, to enhance products. It allows users to save money, reduce labor and increase productivity while improving beer quality. Its innovative design allows brewers to safely dry hop without accessing the top of a fermenter. The maxxLup’s quick steep times enable breweries to try out different beer recipes and achieve the desired flavors in just hours instead of days. The system is also cost-effective as it allows brewers to cut down on hops usage without sacrificing the taste.

SBJ: When did the maxxLup become available?
Wiebe: The first prototypes of the maxxLūu were developed in 2015, and the first maxxLūp went into the market in 2018.

SBJ: How is this product used locally?
Wiebe: Paul Mueller Co. is excited to be involved with local breweries and collaborate with innovative brewers like 4 by 4 Brewing, Wire Road and Springfield Brewing Co. The company is committed to providing state-of-the-art brewing equipment and solutions to help breweries overcome challenges and achieve their desired flavors. The company understands the importance of supporting local businesses and takes pride in helping brewers create unique and high-quality craft beers.

SBJ: Are these catered toward professional brewers or can home brewers use them?
Wiebe: With our standard sizes, these systems are designed to service small, medium and large craft breweries.

SBJ: How do these compare to other infusion systems on the market?
Wiebe: While there are many infusion systems on the market, Mueller’s maxxLup offers an (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)-stamped system that has removable and interchangeable screens for infusing many different types of adjuncts. These include pellets, spices, coffee, dried fruits and herbs. In addition, the maxxLuup system allows for a (carbon dioxide) blanket to be applied to aid in functionality.

SBJ: How does it save costs for breweries?
Wiebe: The ability to recirculate product and beer through adjuncts using the maxxLup saves brewers time in the hop-dosing process – no more adding hops in the fermenter and waiting. As the product is being recirculated, it allows for a much more even infusion process. In addition, brewery users report up to a 50% reduction in ingredient usage while achieving the same or better sensory analysis.

SBJ: Did you work with craft brewers to design this system? Which ones?
Wiebe: The first prototypes were developed in collaboration with Anchor Brewing [in San Francisco] and Switchback Brewing [in Vermont]. Our first sale of the branded maxxLup was to Bell’s Brewery in Michigan in 2018.

SBJ: What impact does this product have on the local economy?
Wiebe: We employ over 560 people at our facility in Springfield, where these are fabricated. We sold our very first one [locally] to 4 by 4 Brewing Co., a local brewery owned by four couples in the area. They just opened their second location on March 4, with Paul Mueller Co. fabricating a large percentage of their equipment.


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