Springfield, MO

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Among issues facing the city, how important is the shortage of police officers?

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Top concern 72% | 415 votes
Somewhat concerning 19% | 111 votes
Hasn't affected me 9% | 50 votes

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

When cities experience an increase in crime, or have an otherwise high crime rate, they almost almost always blame a shortage of police officers as the culprit. They rightfully don't want to accept responsibility for an increase in crime. If however, the crime rate goes down, they almost always attribute the decrease to their efforts. Most citizens and the media, accept the explanations uncritically because 1) they lack expertise, 2) they want to trust their leaders, 3) the claims seem reasonable and 4) there is seldom a deep dive investigation that might refute the claims. In short, they are accepted at face value...never questioned.

A few questions.... other than the claims by the Chief, how do we know if we are short officers? Is there a standard staffing level based on population? Are we above or below that standard? What are the staffing levels of similar sized cities? How does their crime rate compare to ours? People may be interested to discover that in almost every study completed on police staffing show there is NO correlation between staffing levels and rate of crime.

Springfield already has a high number of officers given the population. Adding and additional 10-30 officers (3%-9%) will not significantly reduce crime

Thursday, September 30, 2021
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