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Did the Senate make the right decision to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as U.S. Supreme Court justice?

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Across the board this is a major issue...when we fail to realize all American are Americans and not subsets that the media "divides" us into...we lose 'unity'. This isn't rocket science. When we fail to realize all of Springfield is Springfield, and begin again following defined geographic parameters designed to "divide us,...we, again, lose unity. Again, this is not rocket science. I realize 'unity' itself is boring as there is little to report on and likewise realize why the "wedge" of "wedge-issues" is driven between us to create something to report on...but, the solution is wake up (from our slumber), realize we are all one and in this together, roll up our shirt sleeves and get to work "uniting" the people instead of allowing the agenda-driven among us who use "wedge-issues" to further their agenda of dividing us.

Monday, October 8
Jim Medley

Why would you not give Commercial street as a option ? Its not downtown, its a separate area. If your going to ask this question (and get a good / proper response) you need to include all viable areas.

Wednesday, October 10
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