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On the Record: Sept. 11-17, 2017

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Newly Licensed City Businesses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in the city of Springfield filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business.

Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017
Ala’s Cleaning; Ala Nicolaes; 2879 S. Orchard Ave., Bolivar 65613; same; (253) 306-3592; cleaning/maintenance service.
Amanda Walker; same; 1411 S. Kentwood Ave. 65804; same; (417) 894-9577; service agent.
B&B Consignment Lot; Bradley Rentals LLC; PO Box 514, Strafford 65757; 1208 E. Kearney St.; (417) 839-2610; service agent.
Boulder Build Homes LLC; same; 4722 W. Mount Vernon St. 65802; same; (417) 593-7167; special trades contractor.
Campaign Armor; Goodart Graphix LLC; 2755 W. Chestnut Expy, Ste. C 65802; same; (417) 631-5000; retail merchant.
Dapper A Fine Gentleman’s Barber Club; Brownfield LLC; 1901 W. Elm St. 65806; 2660 S. Glenstone Ave.; (417) 720-1196; barber shop.
Environmental Dynamics International Inc.; same; 5601 S. Paris Road, Columbia 65202; same; (573) 474-9456; special trades contractor.
Esteemed Lifestyle; Esteemed Lifestyle LLC; 405 W. Livingston 65803; same; (417) 422-3604; service agent.
Franklin Circle Social; Kelly Sigman; 2436 S. Franklin Ave. 65807; 3636 S. Campbell Ave.; (417) 849-1053; beauty shop.
Good & Perfect Gifts LLC; same; 2528 E. German Ivy Ave. 65804; 1145 E. Republic Road; (417) 888-6440; retail merchant.
The Gracious Plate; Katherine Nicolle LLC; 828 S. Mission Circle 65809; 2127 W. College St.; (952) 564-9890; caterer.
Landers & Son Masonry; Larry Landers; 802 S. Eastgate Ave. 65809; same; (660) 281-3971; special trades contractor.
McDonald’s; T-N-T Chestnut & 65 LLC; 620 W. Republic Road, Ste. 104 65807; 3250 E. Chestnut Expy.; (417) 886-6590; restaurant.
Metrohm USA Inc.; Brinkman Instruments Inc.; 6555 Pelican Creek Circle, Riverview, FL 33578; same; (813) 316-4700; service agent.
Salon 104; Amye Langston; 4121 S. Fremont Ave., Ste. 104 65804; same; (417) 848-0634; beauty shop.
Sasha Letner; same; 638 N. Elmwood Ave. 65802; same; (417) 895-0615; massage technician.
Scott’s Painting; Scott Carroll; 433 W. Grand St. 65807; same; (417) 988-0184; special trades contractor.
Speedy Sheds LLC; same; 2021 E. Lark St. 65804; 3151 W. Chestnut Expy., Ste. B; (417) 942-8441; special trades contractor.
Vincent Penka; same; 4841 S. Tanager, Battlefield 65619; same; (417) 631-5743; service agents.
West Construction LLC; same; 2452 E. Langston St. 65804; same; (417) 576-3608; special trades contractor.
The Whitestone Group Inc.; same; 4100 Regent St., Ste. C, Columbus, OH 43219; same; (614) 501-7007; service agent.
Will’s Remodeling; Carl Donica; 729 W. Cambridge St. 65807; same; (417) 268-5642; special trades contractor.

Springfield Building Permits
Listed here are city of Springfield building permits filed for public record in the Building Development Services Department. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description and address. SFR: single-family residence.

Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017
732. Richard Laughlin; RL Renovations; commercial renovation; 2009 E. Grand St.
730. Blue Property Holdings LLC; Branco Enterprises; commercial building; 1400 E. Sunshine St.
735. Mercy; Dewitt & Associates Inc.; commercial renovation; 2230 S. Glenstone Ave.
737. Kum & Go LC; Henning Cos. LLC; commercial building; 3416 S. National Ave.
738. Chen Fung Foal Inc.; same; restaurant renovation; 2501 S. Campbell Ave.
734. Waste Corporation of Missouri; Mid-South Steel Products Inc.; commercial building; 2211 W. Bennett St.
741. Cottonwood Grove LLC; same; commercial renovation; 2201 W. Sunshine St.
744. Scott Rhodes; Boulder Construction LLC; commercial building; 2811 S. Campbell Ave.
747. Sunshine and National LLC; Branco Enterprises; commercial building; 1231 E. Sunshine St., Ste. A.
749. Herman’s Storage; Springfield Contractors LLC; commercial building; 244 S. Kickapoo Ave.

The following petitions were filed and relief was granted in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Kansas City for the Western District of Missouri, as a matter of public record. The bankruptcies were received at the federal clerk’s office in Springfield. The bankruptcies appear in order of case, chapter, petitioner and address. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017
B17-60941/Chap. 7. Mitchell Sterling and Carolyn Bernice Brockman; 1491 E. 380th Road, Bolivar 65613.
B17-60942/Chap. 7. Jeremiah David and Jessica Irene Jameson; 216 S. Particia Ave., Apt. 4, Nixa 65714.
B17-60943/Chap. 7. Stacy Renee Jordan; PO Box 712, Republic 65738.
B17-60944/Chap. 7. Ricky Alan Speaker; 156 E. Miller, Republic 65738.
B17-60945/Chap. 7. Marvine K. Dixon; 382 County Road 618, Isabella 65676.
B17-60946/Chap. 7. Melissa Gail Storms; 201 E. Montclair, Apt. 1A 65807.
B17-60947/Chap. 7. Brittany Nicole Staggs; 1184 N. Howell Ave., West Plains 65775.
B17-60948/Chap. 7. Vaughndena Marie Wheeler; 1600 Windmill Way, Apt. B107, Republic,  65738.
B17-60949/Chap. 7. Iakopo and Lusia Lealiiee; 1520 Acacia Road, Hollister 65672.
B17-60950/Chap. 7. Lyle Edward and Kathryn Louise Woods; 699 N. Franklin Ave., Republic,  65738.
B17-60951/Chap. 13. Randy Lee Burks; 1500 Martins Branch Road, Fordland 65652.
B17-30447/Chap. 13. Finley J. and Alica A. Jennings; 2755 Lane Branch Road, Crane 65633.
B17-60952/Chap. 7. Lisa Mae Henderson; 1154 Oak Park, Unit A 65802.
B17-60953/Chap. 13. Richard Dale and Desiree Rachele Warren; 1112 Glenridge St., Lebanon 65536.
B17-60954/Chap. 7. Steven Michael and Samantha Dawn Wellman; 1133 Glenridge St., Lebanon 65536.
B17-60955/Chap. 7. Jaci Autumn Hebert; 3316 S. Fairway, Apt. 203 65804.
B17-60956/Chap. 7. Sandra Charlene Moore; 1117 E. Locust St. 65803.
B17-60957/Chap. 7. Jarrett Lloyd and Laci Nichole Miller; 6607 County Road 3850, Peace Valley 65788.
B17-60958/Chap. 7. Kevin John Stertz; 212 W. South St., Mountain Grove 65711.
B17-60959/Chap. 7. Rosa Sharon Overath; 6125 State Hwy. T, Branson 65616.
B17-60960/Chap. 13. Eric D. and Andrea L. Smith; 870 S. Hickory, Nixa 65714.
B17-60961/Chap. 7. Cherylin Elvina Halvorsen; 288 South Adams, Lebanon 65536.
B17-60962/Chap. 7. Lonnie Lewis Garroutte; 320 N. Washington, Apt. 11, Lebanon 65536.
B17-60963/Chap. 13. Randy Dale Weaver Jr.; 208 Spruce Ave., Clever 65631.
B17-60964/Chap. 7. Dana S. Carr; 739 S. Nettleton Ave. 65806.
B17-60965/Chap. 7. Benjamin Brown; 5808 N. 11th Ave., Ozark 65721.
B17-60966/Chap. 13. Donald Scott Sharpensteen; 3036 E. Belmont 65802.
B17-60967/Chap. 7. Kenneth Thompson; 215 S. Sixth St., Thayer 65791.
B17-60968/Chap. 13. Heather D. Sample; 2304 E. Timber Oak, Republic 65738.
B17-60969/Chap. 13. Charles Wayne McCullough; Rural Route 1, Box 1284M, Thayer 65791.

Greene County Business Licenses
Listed here are newly licensed businesses in Greene County filed for public record. Included in the listings are the name of the company, owner(s), mailing address, street address, phone number and description of the business. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017
MC Designs; Honey + Hive Salon; 2744 S. Gelnstone Ave.; same; (417) 889-8889; partnership-retail, service.
Grove Professional Pharmacy Inc.; Grove Pharmacy; 1921 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; 1636 S. Glenstone Ave., Ste. 108; n/a; corporation-retail.
Ross Dress for Less Inc.; same; 5130 Hacienda Drive, Dublin, CA 94568; 3800 W. Washita St.; (417) 882-2743; corporation-retail.
Zeus Room Barbershop LLC; same; 324 W. Plainview Ave. 65810; same; (417) 761-0364; sole proprietor-retail, service.
DigitMint Inc.; same; 431 W. Bryant; same; (800) 813-5359; corporation-retail, wholesale, service.
J&J Convenience LLC; Ash Grove Eagle Stop; 1900 S. Ventura Ave. 65804; 707 E. Boone St., Ash Grove; (417) 882-2632; partnership-retail.

Greene County Building Permits
Listed here are Greene County building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant, contractor, project description, address and approximate cost. SFR: single-family residence. Addresses are in the city of Springfield unless otherwise noted.

Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017
1911. Christopher Richards; Curran Construction; residential remodel; 1251 E. River Road 65804; 7,959.
1934. Jeffrey B. Fielder Trust; Doug Pitts Construction; accessory building; 5362 E. Foxgrove Lane 65803; 20,000.
1935. Wicks Construction LLC; same; SFR; 3272 S. Ashely Ave. 65809; 390,000.
1929. Billy and Melody Russell; same; residential remodel; 1309 W. State Hwy. WW 65803; 20,000.
1928. Billy and Melody Russell; same; residential addition; 1309 W. State Hwy. WW  65803; 10,000.
1937. Sean Jackson; same; accessory building; 8064 N. FR 189, Fair Grove 65648; 25,000.
1760. Twin Oaks Country Club; Varsity Contractors Inc.; commercial building; 1020 E. Republic Road 65810; 600,000.
1945. Micahel L. Morris; Cherry Tree Homes; SFR; 6630 N. FR 105, Willard 65781; 123,400.
1952. Jason Speer et al.; First Choice Construction LLC; SFR; 5670 S. FR 99, Republic 65738; 250,000.
1953. Maynard R. Rippe; Russell Pierce; SFR; 4677 S. FR 29, Billings 65610; 300,000.
1950. Jeffrey P. McConville et al.; Elite Homes; SFR; 8550 N. FR 141 65803; 900,000.
1931. Oscar Cross; Robert Day; accessory building; 3307 N. State Hwy. F, Ash Grove 65604; 20,000.
1947. Jason Mullins; Mike Deken; SFR; 905 N. Revolution Ave., Republic 65738; 215,000.

Federal Tax Liens
Listed here are federal tax liens filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.
Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017

34647. IVANRX4U Inc.; 3851 S. Parklane Ave. 65807; business; 47,177.
34641. Carly Walton; 3554 E. Eastwood Blvd. 65809; individual; 45,783.

Federal Tax Lien Releases
Listed here are federal tax lien releases filed for public record in Greene County by the Missouri Department of Revenue by record number, name, address, type of tax and estimated amount.

Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017
34648. Carolyn M. Nies; 834 E. Walnut Lawn St. 65807; individual; 8,751.
34649. Glenstone Enterprises LLC; 3333 S. Glenstone Ave. 65804; business; 21,872.
34650. Carolyn M. Nies; 2821 W. Chestnut Expy., Ste. C 65802; individual; 23,557.
34653. Carolyn M. Nies; 834 E. Walnut Lawn St. 65807; individual; 20,679.
34654. Pamlyn Enterprises; 2821 W. Chestnut Expy., Ste. C 65802; business; 7,246.
34658. Marilyn Tracy; 1624 E. Dale St. 65803; individual; 8,028.

Deeds of Trust and Mortgages
Listed here are deeds of trust and mortgages, in amounts of $100,000 or more, filed for public record in Greene County by grantor, grantee, note amount and legal description of the property involved in the transaction.

Aug. 28–Sept. 3, 2017
America’s Credit Union to Douglas Cline; 192,000; L19, Southern Hills of Springfield.
Arvest Bank to James S. Baumlin; 219,000; sec. 20, twp. 28, range 21, NE.
Arvest Bank to Rachel Marie Dockery and Gwendolyn Elizabeth Kearns; 171,830; L24, Pickwick Place.
Assemblies of God Credit Union to Teri Moore; 103,500; L19, 20, Lakeside.
BancorpSouth Bank to RJL Properties LLC; 1,509,050; sec. 4, twp. 28, range 21, SE.
Bank of America to Philip R. Quinn; 200,250; L30, Southern Hills of Springfield.
Bear State Bank to Gail Noggle; 172,500; L3, Southern Hills of Springfield.
Broker Solutions Inc. to Kisha Murrell; 156,655; sec. 27, twp. 31, range 24, SE.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Larry Roy; 199,575; L3, Castlewood Crest.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Angee B. Cazzell; 196,868; sec. 13, twp. 30, range 22, SW.
DAS Acquisition Co. LLC to Ann Shantelle Posten and Sammie Jo Barclay; 117,335; L19, Brentwood Terrace, second amended.
FCS Financial to Samuel Levi Dishman; 132,500; sec. 13, twp. 30, range 20, SW.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to Jason Seymour; 254,308; sec. 15, twp. 31, range 23, NW.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to John L. Guyll; 117,472; L19, Highland Terrace.
Flat Branch Mortgage Inc. to John C. Procter; 136,000; sec. 17, twp. 31, range 22, SW.
Homepride Bank to Carjam Properties LLC; 118,000; L5, Eastland addition.
Mid-Missouri Bank to David W. Cameron; 248,000; sec. 17, twp. 28, range 23, NE.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Taber Farms LLC; 223,380; sec. 16, twp. 30, range 23, NW.
Mid-Missouri Bank to Bruce W. Button; 124,000; sec. 20, range 30, twp. 23, NE.
PrimeLending to Melissa Trapp; 126,170; L13, Tom Smith.
OakStar Bank to Jennifer Leonard and Curtis Marshall; 224,640; L23, 24, Chamberlains addition.
OakStar Bank to Martin R. Trehal; 131,920; L15, Wilomere Terrrace.
Rural Missouri Inc. to Jay P. Anderson; 107,100; L54, 55, Glenwood Village.
Simmons Bank to Jordan M. Dunlop; 154,400; L16, 17, Southern Hills of Springfield.
Springfield First Community Bank to Luke M. Fraser; 575,000; sec. 27, twp. 28, range 20, NE.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to 3234 LLC; 130,000; L6, Brentwood Terrace, second amended.
State Bank of Southwest Missouri to Kathy Price Trust; 100,000; L4, Southern Hills of Springfield.
Triumph Mortgage to Michael O’Connor; 285,600; sec. 3, twp. 31, range 24, NE.
Wells Fargo Bank to Ronald E. Todd; 237,500; sec. 26, twp. 31, range 24, SE.

Nixa Building Permits
Listed here are city of Nixa building permits filed for public record. Included in the listing are permit number, name of the applicant/contractor, project description, address and approximate square footage. SFR: single-family residence.

August 2017
863. Turner Building LLC; 712 N. Rockingham; SFR.
864. Turner Building LLC; 660 N. Rockingham; SFR.
865. Turner Building LLC; 657 N. Galileo; SFR.
873. The Guesthouse Event Design; 1075 W. Kathryn St., Ste. 16; commercial infill.
875. Mt. Zion Ministries; 123 W. Sherman Way St.; commercial infill.
892. Four Seasons Sunrooms; 502 Ozark Jubilee; residential remodel.
908. Turner Building LLC; 757 E. Diamond; SFR.
909. Turner Building LLC; 708 N. Rockingham; SFR.
910. Turner Building LLC; 676 N. Rockingham; SFR.
911. Turner Building LLC; 765 E. Diamond; SFR.
928. Turner Building LLC; 700 N. Rockingham; SFR.
929. Turner Building LLC; 662 N. Rockingham; SFR.
931. PA York LLC; 424 S. Patricia; commercial infill.
937. Bussell Building Inc.; 958 E. Daisy Fall Drive; SFR.
938. Lance Martin Construction; 848 E. Beechwood Road; SFR.
961. Hawthorne Creek Homes LLC; 572 E. Katella Circle; SFR.
978. Elite Homes LLC; 812 E. Kings Mead Circle; commercial business.
979. Elite Homes LLC; 855 Edenmore Court; SFR.
980. Elite Homes LLC; 857 Edenmore Court; SFR.
982. Martin Building & Development LLC; 1391 N. Rockingham; SFR.
983. Martin Building & Development LLC; 875 Edenmore Court; SFR.
984. Martin Building & Development LLC; 1383 N. Kempton Court; SFR.
991. Living Spring Christian Fellowship; 825 N. Kenneth St.; commercial infill.


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