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Letter to the Editor: The liberals are losing, and it’s not Russia’s fault

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Dear editor,

You ran a misleading cartoon in your June 19-25 issue. It depicted a bear (Russia) in a U.S. voting booth with an eagle coming against it. You should realize by now the “Trump-Russian collusion” allegation was false. The liberals lost, fair and square. When they tried to prove that Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote and started a recount, they found she had received so many millions of fraudulent votes from deceased people, illegal aliens and felons that the popular-vote meme was working against them; hence they quietly halted the recount.

It was not Russia that swung the presidential election to Donald Trump. It is also not Russia that is continuing to paint the U.S. conservative with continued Republican wins. It is the blatantly immoral and un-American liberal platform that is causing Democrats losses. See their stances on abortion, gender-preference legislation, border patrol, and the role of God and country.

Democrats are experiencing a massive defection and, boy, are they sore losers. Their continued violent demonstrations say it all. I was raised a Democrat and never considered voting Republican until years ago when I took a hard look at how liberals were hijacking the Democratic Party. There is no way on Earth I could vote on their platform.

—Debra A. Herzog, Branson


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