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In numbers: Who is the most successful James Bond?

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Despite his earlier claims of being finished with the franchise, earlier this week Daniel Craig signed up to play the iconic spy James Bond for a fifth time.

How does the Brit compare to the men who came before him? BBC News ran down the numbers.

Roger Moore has starred in the most films, but Sean Connery’s initial portrayal of the spy brought in more money to U.S box offices, with $2.2 billion over six films.

Over the same number of films – four – Craig overtakes the franchise's previous modern Bond, Pierce Brosnan, with $975 million compared with $922 million.

At 47 years old, Craig isn’t the oldest man to play Bond. According to the BBC, that goes to Moore, who was 57 during his last performance. The youngest Bond also was the most short lived. George Lazenby shot just one movie at age 30.

Read more from BBC.


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