Brice Clark, CEO/founder of Spark Events

Each time we meet, there’s a different goal or a topic. Sometimes we work on tactics for organizational and structural development, and sometimes we strategize about the more personal side of business, like finding the right networking groups.

We have never set up a formal time/place. Sometimes we go on a run and start talking about business during the process. Sometimes we meet for coffee with more specific goals.

The continued growth of Brice’s business is the real measure of success. I have seen his business continue to grow and change internally. As it moves from a small startup to an established business, Brice has implemented processes and procedures to make Spark the most professional business it can be. Sometimes Brice presents me with a challenge in his business that I’ve never had to work through. I’ve learned a great deal from Brice as well. I think the most important thing about any mentorship program is that both sides come away having learned something.

One of the people I really respect and have learned a great deal from is Leah Hamilton. When I started at the ballet, I asked if she would sit down with me once a month and guide me. Other mentors are Bob Hammerschmidt and Brian Fogle. Both of these gentlemen have really been inspirational to me not only in terms of their community involvement, but also their keen business acumen.