AT&T company officials are hailing the completion of mobile Internet access upgrades along Missouri interstates 70, 44 and 55 as "golden splices" in the mobile Web era.

The splice metaphor is a reference to the famed golden spike that cemented the completion of the transcontinental railroads, which officials see as a parallel to the advances in mobile Internet service that are helping connect people and foster economic growth across the country.

"I applaud AT&T's continued investment in its wireless network to ensure Missouri residents and businesses can communicate and perform at optimal levels," said Dan Mehan, president of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in a news release. "More than ever, we use wireless communications to stay connected with family, friends and business colleagues. Mobile Internet is important to farmers, businesses, health care providers, educators and even tourists."

The Missouri corridors expansion project has been ongoing since 2008. During that time, AT&T has invested more than $2.3 billion in its wireless and wireline networks along more than 740 miles of interstate corridors in Missouri, the release said. Upgrades included activating more than 20 new cell towers, upgrading nearly 300 towers to provide faster mobile Internet speeds, and installing fiber-optic connections to more than 625 towers.

Targeted corridors by AT&T included 290 miles of I-44 from St. Louis to Joplin.

"We're always looking for new opportunities to provide enhanced coverage as a way to help drive the entire state's economy," said John Sondag, president of AT&T Missouri, in the release. "Today, it's not enough to have access to highway infrastructure. You also need access to the information highway."