The south end of Galloway Village, marked by character, charm and trailways

Address: 4064 S. Lone Pine
Owner: LowerDeck94 LLC
Tenants: Classy Llama Studios
Acreage: 4
Appraised Value: $381,100

Address: 4112 S. Lone Pine
Owner: BurkFish LLC
Tenants: None
Acreage: 0.54
Appraised Value: $247,800

Address: 4144 S. Lone Pine
Owner: David O’Neill
Tenants: Cowgirl Clad Co. and Rosie O’Neill Museum
Acreage: 0.06
Appraised Value: $25,000

Address: 4150 S. Lone Pine
Owner: FHProperties LLC
Tenants: Firehouse Pottery
Acreage: 0.17
Appraised Value: $172,100

Address: 4160 S. Lone Pine
Owner: JLM & JLM LLC
Tenants: Splatter Art Studio
Acreage: 0.05
Appraised Value: $49,700

Address: 4205 S. Lone Pine
Owner: Ron’s Properties LLC
Tenants: Galloway Station
Acreage: 0.38
Appraised Value: $123,200
Total Value: Roughly 6 acres with a combined 2012 appraised value of more than $1.8 million based on Greene County assessor records.

Source: Greene County Assessor